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"How well it works compared to others" - by Birdman
Ok, so if your like me you wonder what exactly does Fire Stick do? Well 1st. saves you a lot of money Compared to having say, a Genie with 5 tv's hooked up. 2nd. gives you the option of more, lots more to watch, may even be overwhelming in choices. 3rd. Less HDMI cables to purchase. So lets get to what it really does, gives you apps like Prime video, Netflix, Hulu, and too many channels to list here. That's I think why they don't. Get every channel including many local channels that you can think of, like TNT,SYFY, PBS and so on. HBO, Starz, and those channels like Netflix are at a cost but add it up and you will probably, more then likely save a lot over cable or satellite. Sports are a little different as far as some places have, local sports channels you can get included ... full review
"Love it" - by S. McDaniels
It fits the new Firestick 4k remote like a glove. The image is true color and size. It has that silicon slip resistant bevels on the back. I'm glad I order it in 3 colors!!!
"Super solution for adding a Fire Stick to older TV sets with limited HDMI inputs" - by Leon Gary Jr.
One of our TV sets is a 2006 model Sony Bravia located in a vacation cottage that has only two HDMI inputs. One is dedicated to a satellite box. The other will not throughput sound without disabling the set's speakers and adding external speakers connected through Audio in/ out inputs. I attempted to connect a Roku 3 to the set getting a video image and sound through headphones connected to the Roku remote but no configuration I tried, or that others described online, worked including trying two types of Radio Shack HDMI splitters. I purchased an Amazon Fire Stick because I had previously run across an online ad for the HDMI converter. The instructions for connecting are a bit obtuse and would benefit from a photo showing everything connected. After attaching the Fire Stick to the converter and attaching the converter to the TV inputs ... full review
"Just Awesome" - by v.hen
Love the new remote, finally fire tv has a volume control, unit loads apps fast and downloading and installing is way faster than fire sticks by far, awesome streaming device, kodi works great, hard wired internet works great as well as Wi-Fi, I prefer the faster internet cable. not sure why other people in the reviews are have problems. Alex works great with my AV recover, just say Alexa tv on and reciver and tv turn on without issue. Best Fire TV box so far
"A much needed accessory for the fire stick." - by Amazon Customer
Earlier this year I purchased three fire sticks for my home TVs so I could give cable the boot. The fire sticks would pop up errors practically every day. Depending on what app I was using would dictate what error message would pop up. Long story short it was wireless congestion. This device was a God send. As soon as you connect the device to your fire stick it disables the wireless connection so no configuration required. (It will not work with first generation fire sticks so don't waste your time trying.) Since switching to a direct wired connection to my cable modem, I haven't seen so much as a hiccup from the fire sticks. To be honest, the fire stick needs to be redesigned. A direct wired connection should be part of the design period. Just like the design ... full review
"Vastly superior to Amazon devices" - by Andrew (Salt Lake City, Utah)
I purchased the Streaming Stick+ after having repeated difficulties and problems with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The difference in quality between these two products is astounding. While the Fire TV Stick required constant reboots and had consistently poor network performance, the Roku has been flawless and completely without problems. The addition of 4K support is a huge bonus. I'm especially impressed with the connectivity. My room, where I'm using the device, is on a different floor, on the other side of the house from our router, but I've never had an issue with connectivity or performance.
The menu/interface is a little outdated, but I'd gladly sacrifice a flashy menu for good performance. It's astounding to me what a bad product the Fire TV Stick was now that I've switched to Roku. I enjoy the wide selection of channels as well - every streaming service seems ... full review
"Cord cutters rejoice - a big fat nail in the coffin for cable TV" - by One for All (Austin, TX United States)
Amost two years ago I "took the plunge" and joined the cord-cutting ranks with a Playstation Vue subscription. I have been happy overall with Vue, but the local channels have always been the question mark. The networks that are available do not work the same as the other Vue channels (for example, in my area ABC and NBC has content that is delayed by anywhere from a day to a week; it is impossible to predict what will be on when, and has been completely frustrating). I am a big Olympics fan, so this last winter when the 2018 games were on NBC, I invested in a cheapie TV tuner and recorder that accepted an external USB drive to serve as a DVR. I had a 10-year old drive, plugged it in, and it sort of worked some of the time. The interface was ... full review
"Eliminates another Plug-in" - by Adam Cogswell
Work great. Reboots Roku upon tv start up.....eliminates another plug in....
"I get cable channels for 20 bucks a month with Sling!!!" - by overdrive
It cut my cable bill down to 20 bucks a month signing up qith the Sling TV app. I get everything from CNN to Comedy central. And it's in crystal clear HD. This was by far the best purchase I have ever made. Thanks ROKU and Amazon!!!
"Quick and snappy and overall a win! Also, important PSA in bottom of review!" - by ShareTheLove (New York City)
spent a ton of time reading the reviews comparing all the streaming devices. I have an older model apple tv and I wanted an additional streaming device for my bedroom TV. I got a relative the firestick and tried it out myself - didn't really love the interface so ultimately decided to give the Roku Express a shot. Initially I thought I was downgrading by getting the Roku Express since it's so much cheaper than an Apple TV. So not a downgrade!! This device is lightning fast. I like it so much better that I use it as my main device now and moved the other one to my bedroom. I didn't realize how fast a streaming player was capable of being till now. There are some other things I noticed compared to my other device. I'll break down the pros and cons into a list.
Pros: 1) So far (it's ... full review