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"Can't beat this for 50$" - by JonyQ
For 50 dollars you can't beat this keyboard. The RGB is very nice, you can setup the lights to scroll, to pulse, you can set how fast they scroll, you can set the colors in 3 different areas individually ( left, middle, and right) you can make it all one color, like all Red or all blue...
The keys are not mechanical so don't expect the sharp click of a mechanical keyboard but they don't feel cheap either, I like it better this way because a mechanical keyboard is very noisy and I find that anoying. Great value for your money it also comes with a detachable arm rest.

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"The keyboard of keyboards... The only keyboard you will ever want, for everything. Just have ear plugs :0" - by Adam White (Scottsdale, AZ, USA)
This keyboard is everything that they describe, and for gaming it is pretty amazing. But, anyone thinking of ordering it needs to really be aware of just how noisy it is. I am sitting here writing on it for this review, and the clicks for each key are the loudest of any keyboard that I have ever used. That said, it is also the fastest keyboard I have ever typed on, the best gaming keyboard I have ever used, and the coloring is just super cool.

I used the app and created a bunch of different color schemes. You can create as many schemes as you want, applying patterns and colors to individual keys, groups of key, or the entire keyboard. So, in a FPV shooter game I turn on the color for the movement keys, and a different color for the weapon selection keys, and ... full review

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"Perfect keyboard, might need more than one to get a perfect keyboard." - by Ryan Salinas
Alright guys, for those of you wondering about the gunmetal version of the keyboard, it looks great and in my opinion better than the black. It looks lighter, sort of a silver looking metal, and is really complimented by the anodized aluminum frame. Sturdy, feels like genuinely crafted metal while always cold to the touch for those that care!

Pros: Frame and build feels and looks top quality
RBG Lights are perfectly balanced at full brightness, can be adjusted
CUE2 software allows for amazing profiles that allow endless customization of lighting effects
Braided thick USB cable that has good length
Included keycaps are FPS/MOBA keycaps, easily switched out for the regular keycaps
Wrist rest is amazing quality, corsair overdid themselves here
Synchronization works well across multiple corsair products, lighting effects appear on all devices in regard to profile chosen

Cons: CUE2 software seems a bit buggy, but very user friendly interface
Price is very pricey for a high end ... full review

"A great keyboard with great value!" - by Benjamin
An awesome keyboard! This is my first Razer keyboard, and no words could and can express how excited and how happy I was and now am! This is also my first mechanical keyboard! I would've gotten the green switches, but since I'd prefer to not disturb the people around me, I opted for the orange switches instead. I would like a bit of heavier tactile feedback, but it's not a big deal.

Material is great. I almost mistook hard plastic for aluminum or metal!
The keyboard is overall very sturdy and should last me a couple years.

And the wrist-rest! Oh my!
It's so so comfy I could sleep with it. I need a Razer body pillow right now mate!
My only qualm with it is that it may be a tad too high. It makes the keys on the bottom row slightly harder to hit. Not too hard though. My hands should be average ... full review

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"Wow!" - by Meghan
I am in love with this keyboard. RGB lighting effects are awesome, and you can customize it so much. I've heard people complain about the learning curve of the software for the lighting, but honestly, there are so many helpful YouTube videos that make it really easy, and I didn't find it complicated at all. I was nervous that the keyboard would still be slightly loud, but it is even quieter than I imagined! I am beyond thrilled, since I am not a fan of the loud, mechanical key clicks. Very very impressed, and very satisfied. Also, this one was refurbished, but I couldn't tell at all. Arrived in perfect condition.

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"Affordable, Attractive, and Simple to Customize But Needs Illuminated Logo and Top Panel" - by David Goode
If you’re looking for a keyboard to take you deeper into gaming, this is the keyboard for you.

• It is affordable, comfortable, and easy to customize.
• The LED backlit keys look great in the dark.
• The wrist pad feels firm but comfy.
• Keystrokes feel solid despite not being mechanical.
• The quick Macro key takes a little time to learn. (However, in the Corsair Utility, it is easy to record new actions, and you’ll be changing keys in no time.)
• Lacks an illuminated logo and buttons (Volume, Brightness, MR, Win Lock Key) along the top panel.


Overall, it would be difficult to find a better deal under $50. Pick it up if you haven’t already.

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"if you use the standard wasd keys for movement and such in fps games you shouldn't have issues with certain key combinations not registering like with cheap USB membrane keyboards" - by Amazon Customer
First of all: gaming performance, The apex 150 will probably meet the needs of 90% or more of the gaming populace, if you use the standard wasd keys for movement and such in fps games you shouldn't have issues with certain key combinations not registering like with cheap USB membrane keyboards. All the most used gaming keys seem to be wired individually so personally I don't notice the difference between this and keyboards that have full N-key rollover. For those that use non-standard layouts in the middle of the board you may be stuck with something more like 6-key rollover. If keystroke feel is purely what you care about, I personally prefer tactile mechanical switches like cherry browns. These keys feel a lot like overgrown gamepad buttons, and all the keys feel consistent, no button is harder or looser than any other. Still, my fingers automatically want to button mash ... full review

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"Outstanding keyboard" - by Jerry
Was DoA. Refunded.

There is always someone who get's the bad one, but that might not represent the norm.

On the one hand, it was DoA. On the other, I have great respect for the way Redragon takes care of its customers. They have treated me very well with other products of theirs. As such, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

**** Edit 10/5/17 ****

Previously I had listed this keyboard as a neutral three stars. The prior review, above, should explain why. DoA, refunded, but understanding that I was just the guy who got the dud in the batch. No big deal, just a nuisance to be that guy. But I fully realize it doesn't represent the norm, so I gave it a neutral 3.

I'm updating my review to be an outstanding 5 as I now have a replacement keyboard thanks to Sain Store. Please read my comment section ... full review

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"Takes some time to get used to" - by Joshie
I type this review after having this Romer-G Linear switch keyboard after having it for about 4 days.
At first it took me some time to get used to the typing feel but the more i type with it makes me want to type even more as it feels great now. Not too loud and the pressure needed to type or actuation point is quite fluid and short so makes your typing feeling smooth and quick. I have not tried the MX Speed switches but I can safely say this is a really fast typing keyboard for someone like an average typist like me. Awesome feel and build quality, if you want the most premium look and feel on a keyboard then this is it!

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"everything else was in great condition. My younger brother loved it and uses ..." - by Payshunce
Although the package itself was a bit scratched up, everything else was in great condition. My younger brother loved it and uses each piece everyday.

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"Razer BlackWidow Perfected!" - by Amazon Customer
Great Keyboard. For some reason I've always liked the Razer green switches because they feel clicky like the cherry mx blues. But with this keyboard, I am able to type a lot faster and more accurate. Note I am coming from a CM storm quickfire with cherry mx blues and a Corsair Strafe RGB with cherry mx browns. Only thing that swayed me away from Razer was the green backlight and the poor placement of the macro keys(never had any use for the macro keys). With this they have fixed both of my issues and I couldn't be more happier. Only downside is no wrist rest. Other than that. It's a solid keyboard. Well done Razer, well done.

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"Fantastic Build Quality and Feel" - by MikeBNj
So after owning a Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB keyboard for my gaming, I fell in love with the feel of the keyboard. At work I had brought in the keyboard I replaced, a Logitech G710. The problem with the G710 is that the keys were so darn loud because it had the cherry blue's and they don't only bottom out producing a sound like every mechanical keyboard, but they actually click within the actuator of the key press. This causes quite some annoyance that will irritate over time. Thus, I had it in my office but not only did I get annoyed at work but some of my co-workers complaint.

Low and behold I figure why not purchase a similar, slightly cheaper version of what I love at home for work? I didn't need all the fancy lighting effects for work so the Corsair Strafe cherry red with Red ... full review

"... negative reviews on Reddit and people saying it feels like a membrane keyboard" - by Amazon Customer
Coming from a Cherry MX Red keyboard I was hesitant to buy this because of the negative reviews on Reddit and people saying it feels like a membrane keyboard. Well, firstly the Cherry Reds are kind of wobbly and these aren't. These are sturdy, shorter to press, has a very slight feedback that doesn't make any clicking noise, and they bounce back a little quicker. There is a slight noise but it seems muffled, and I actually like it. Honestly I wish I bought these sooner as they feel perfect for me. The volume rocker is quite big and rubbery for an easy slide, the media buttons give a nice click, gaming mode turns off keys like the Windows key so you can't trigger it accidentally while gaming, and the RGB itself looks like the best RGB of any keyboard since it doesn't bleed out from under the keys, it ... full review

"Undeniable quality, phenomenal software. Every key can be reprogrammed - function, color, effects. Fast response." - by Richard C. Drew (Oak Lawn, IL USA)
I've used a lot of keyboards and prefer gaming keyboards - they are made better, last longer, and the backlighting is ideal for working in darker rooms and specialized tasks. I'll color code the keys depending on my software - video editing, gaming, etc.

The keyboard is heavy - 2.5 lbs and solid. There's a pair of flip up legs in the rear that tilts the keyboard forward, and another pair in the front. If you use both sets, the keyboard is raised up. One problem - the front legs don't have any rubber pads - just plastic. So if you use the front legs, the keyboard slides around.

If you are used to a "clicky" keyboard, this one will feel a little "mushy" at first. It also responds much faster - less than 1/8" press is all it takes. For some that's great, but it takes some getting used ... full review

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"I Love This Keyboard" - by Bill Lundgren
I bought this particular gaming keyboard not because I'm a gamer, but because you can control the color and intensity of EVERY SINGLE BACKLIT KEY INDIVIDUALLY! Plus, I WANTED the tactile, loud, key clicks - I plan to be using this on stage, in the near dark, so seeing the exact key I need to hit and knowing I hit it was critical. Yes, it is loud for every day use as well, but I love this keyboard. It's built like a tank - perfect for stage use - and the backlighting is just fantastic. You will need two (2) high-power USB ports for power and connectivity. I use it with an OWC Thunderbolt interface, which has two 5A charging ports, which are perfect (It doesn't need that much, I just like the overkill). I would highly recommend this keyboard.