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"Nice feeling Cherrry Mx Reds" - by Dennis
Great keyboard; Actuation is super smooth- keys wobble a bit, but it ain't so bad.

Some of the bigger keys are a bit stiffer than the smaller keys. They're very silent keys- probably even more so if you get o-rings. I try not to bottom out when typing but that is unavoidable if you're trying to type somewhat fast.

My keyboard was also delivered in it's original box with no packaging- shipping label literally slapped on. Bit of a bummer if someone happened to walk by and knew what the item was.

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"Wanted to love it" - by Roger
I wanted to really like this keyboard, I found the sound soothing in video, but as a programmer, I type way too much and way too fast. The noise generated is really constant and really annoying. Compared to my standard Apple Magic Keyboard, I felt like I could glide across the keys and gently peck, but with this, I feel like I am having to jump onto narrow ledges and force down.

I don't understand why everyone is raving on about the "quality" of thing thing. This really doesn't feel all that different from a $50-60 Logitech you could pick up at your local electronics store.

Also, because the keyboard is so wide and much bigger compared to the "Magic" keyboard, I feel like I am putting much more effort in to reach for the mouse after I am done typing.

I'm going to use the keyboard for the week and hope ... full review

"A great keyboard with great value!" - by Benjamin
An awesome keyboard! This is my first Razer keyboard, and no words could and can express how excited and how happy I was and now am! This is also my first mechanical keyboard! I would've gotten the green switches, but since I'd prefer to not disturb the people around me, I opted for the orange switches instead. I would like a bit of heavier tactile feedback, but it's not a big deal.

Material is great. I almost mistook hard plastic for aluminum or metal!
The keyboard is overall very sturdy and should last me a couple years.

And the wrist-rest! Oh my!
It's so so comfy I could sleep with it. I need a Razer body pillow right now mate!
My only qualm with it is that it may be a tad too high. It makes the keys on the bottom row slightly harder to hit. Not too hard though. My hands should be average ... full review

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"A good starter for those wanting to try out a mechanichal keyboard." - by CTH
I just got this keyboard in and here a some of my impressions:

While the box wasn't anything special, the keyboard was nestled nicely inside covered in bubblewrap.

Construction seems to be pretty solid. The case is made of a tough seeming plastic, that doesn't flex or twist (despite my timid efforts; my desire to not break my new 'board overruled my desire to really test it roughly) or seem too terribly cheap. It reminds me of the plastic on my black swingline stapler at my desk.

The keyboard feels pretty hefty to me. My kitchen scale tells me it's 28.89oz (820g), or informally, a hell of a lot heavier than my old keyboard.

They keyboard came with a key puller (or, that's what I assume the red ringy thing that came with the keyboard is), and I can confirm that the keys are removable on purpose. The switches underneath are green, and have ... full review

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"Outstanding keyboard" - by Jerry
Was DoA. Refunded.

There is always someone who get's the bad one, but that might not represent the norm.

On the one hand, it was DoA. On the other, I have great respect for the way Redragon takes care of its customers. They have treated me very well with other products of theirs. As such, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

**** Edit 10/5/17 ****

Previously I had listed this keyboard as a neutral three stars. The prior review, above, should explain why. DoA, refunded, but understanding that I was just the guy who got the dud in the batch. No big deal, just a nuisance to be that guy. But I fully realize it doesn't represent the norm, so I gave it a neutral 3.

I'm updating my review to be an outstanding 5 as I now have a replacement keyboard thanks to Sain Store. Please read my comment section ... full review

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"Quality Keyboard - Amazing Value" - by Scott (Redding, CA, US)
This keyboard exceeded my expectations, maybe in part because I didn't read the entire product description since I was a few beers deep when I clicked "Purchase", but nonetheless, I have to say I'm impressed with how quiet this keyboard is. I've never owned a keyboard that was this quiet. It really helps when I'm playing games with friends, because then they don't hear my background noise of keys clicking and clacking over my microphone. The customization of colors on this keyboard is pretty cool, although, I'd still buy this keyboard without that feature. My inventory of SteelSeries products is growing more and more, this is a great brand making a quality product.

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"Great but not perfect" - by Frank Villasenor (IL)
I like this keyboard; I can't say I "love it". Would I buy another? Yes, most likely but I hope to not need too.. Note that I have the "Model S Ultimate Soft Tactile"; this has the Cherry MX Brown switches*

But why isn't it 5 star then? Well, I can't say it's perfect and everything I expected.

Typing on it is nice. The keys are a bit squishy compared to another mechanical keyboard I have. The DasKeyboard is significantly quieter though which is good. (more at the bottom)
The keyboard is quite plain (aside from the blank key-caps. It has the glossy top plate and the "daskeyboard" logo. Other than that, it's a keyboard without key inscriptions. This is a feature (hence this is in the "good' section)
There are no special drivers. Just plug the thing in.
The USB ports (FYI they are on the right side).
It has the menu key (I.E. ... full review

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"I Love This Keyboard" - by Bill Lundgren
I bought this particular gaming keyboard not because I'm a gamer, but because you can control the color and intensity of EVERY SINGLE BACKLIT KEY INDIVIDUALLY! Plus, I WANTED the tactile, loud, key clicks - I plan to be using this on stage, in the near dark, so seeing the exact key I need to hit and knowing I hit it was critical. Yes, it is loud for every day use as well, but I love this keyboard. It's built like a tank - perfect for stage use - and the backlighting is just fantastic. You will need two (2) high-power USB ports for power and connectivity. I use it with an OWC Thunderbolt interface, which has two 5A charging ports, which are perfect (It doesn't need that much, I just like the overkill). I would highly recommend this keyboard.

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"and the backlighting is perfect. My eyesight is" - by Ancient TV Showrunner
This keyboard does everything it says and does it well. It's unobtrusive, and the backlighting is perfect.

My eyesight is, in a word, failing, making it increasingly difficult for me to make out the keys when I'm working. I've tried other backlit keyboards, but this one has the smoothest action, surest touch, and the most effective light. I've always liked looking at other people's RBG lighting, but when I've tried them, well, the colors have always been a big distraction and literally headache causing when they start zipping around.

The Das Keyboard Prime's backlight is white. It doesn't blink or create cute designs, but it does have several different degrees of brightness. I can see what I'm doing and when you're thinking as you type that's a huge plus. I recommend this as highly as I can!

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"This keyboard is a great addition to my gaming PC" - by Taylor Lewis (Taylor, Alabama)
This keyboard is a great addition to my gaming PC. It's comfortable to use. The lights and color pattern is very eye-catching, making this keyboard one of the best I've used. The price was also very affordable. I am very impressed with this product and would highly recommend it to any other Amazon customer!

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"Wanted to just replace my Black Widow Ultimate but found something much better. (w/ 10 month update)" - by Jennifer N
I took a gamble picking this over just replacing my old Black Widow Ultimate that I used for the last 4 years.
It paid off.

The UtechSmart's keys are more responsive and require much less force. No drivers is a huge bonus. Razer synapsis 2.0 is really clunky and barely works. The keyboard itself is heavy and feels well-made. There is a thin metal (aluminum) plate on top of the housing with a clean finish, where as my razer was all plastic. It also doesn't have any of the superfluous buttons (like macro keys--use auto hotkey if you want reliable macros) that other keyboards include. Honestly it's just a really simple, well made, nice looking keyboard. I game with it every night and notice no wear on the keys, the colors are always vibrant, and you can turn the colors off with a simple fn page down.

I just want to emphasize ... full review

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"A keyboard blessed by Gaben himself." - by Leonardo Cuellar
It's a nice feeling to have the best keyboard on the planet. This keyboard is by no means a typing keyboard, however you shouldn't have a problem typing around 65 WPM, it's just a little hard to type any faster than that with this. However, there is a reason for this, the keys are specially designed to be made so that your fingers don't slide left or right when navigating yourself in game. The keyboard keys are all slightly vertically escalated as they go up, which again is great so that when you are pressing the "D" key, you don't accidentally push onto the "E" key. This is just a small example of Logitech thought of everything when designing this keyboard. Not only is the lighting amazing, but their software is fantastic as well. One can program individual lighting profiles for each game, while also being able to program custom ... full review

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"Such an amazing keyboard everything about it is awesome" - by Nate Salkoff
Such an amazing keyboard everything about it is awesome. The backplate of the keyboard is a really nice stainless steel that feels really premium and the leds are gorgeous. They go very well with my setup. I am completely satisfied and I highly highly recommend if you are considering purchasing this keyboard. Thanks