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"Best Compact Travel PnS Camera IMHO." - by Hche
Best compact travel camera I have ever owned.
No camera is perfect. It's just the matter of where you are willing to make compromise. In term of light traveling camera, this is as good as you can get. The camera is truly pocketable, decent focal range, grate image quality. Wifi is a big bonus since I travel without a laptop and can transfer photos over to my iPhone to edit and post on social media during the trip. The photos include in my review are shot in jpg (with neutral setting) and lightly touch-up/re-frame with iPhone Photoshop app.
I have used Sony RX-100 (v1-v3), Canon S90-S120, and G9 X mark1 in my traveling and so far this G9 X Mk2 is my favorite.
"fantastic camera to meet my specific demands" - by Becky (in NOLA) (Southern by the grace of U-Haul)
We did a lot of research before deciding to buy this camera. We have two very nice DSLR and a cybershot, a few little purse point and shoots, but I wanted a camera without the fuss of the dslr, but better than the purse cameras. The cybershot is an early one, it's okay but tends to wash out on really bright days.

If you're looking for a review that sounds like a technician from Cnet wrote it, don't read this. Honestly, Raw, change this, fix that, no.. I wanted something I can point, zoom, get up close, that takes a good picture or video.

Our needs- after analyzing our needs we realized about 75-80% of our shots are nature, beach, outside settings. Mostly daylight. We therefore weren't terribly worried about low light, we did want something that would do well inside, but outside was more important.

It had to be fast. I ... full review
"A Fantastic Still Camera with Pretty Good Video" - by Carl O'Day (Southern California)
I bought this camera as an alternative to my DSLR gear and to get some good video of my daughters. This camera does not disappoint. The photos are excellent, it is easy to use, and is really small and light.

The pros:
- The size! It is a little bigger than pocket size, but fits great in a purse and definitely in cargo short pockets
- Focus is quick and accurate (unless your subject is a 4yo that moves faster than a running back)
- Picture quality is excellent for the sensor size (or for any camera really)
- Battery life is reasonable (and they don't take forever to charge)
- The image stabilization saved my bacon a time or two. Not the 4 stops you see on a $2k lens, but still pretty good
- having a dial for exposure compensation at thumb level is great
- Having full manual mode as well as ... full review
"Great Camera!!" - by Paul (Michigan, USA)
I purchased the SX620 as a pocket camera for special events, traveling, and so forth. The camera is quite easy to use and provides decent photos with very little effort. For the novice photographer, it is a great camera. If you simply need a simple camera for weddings, museums, galleries, parties, insurance claims, and those sorts of things, this is a nice camera to have on hand. The camera is a decent size, not too small, but also not too large. You can easily carry this camera in a jacket pocket, but it might be bulky for trousers. I did purchase an extra battery and extra memory card, which both came in useful during a casual day of shooting photos. The camera is still new, but I have had Canon cameras for years and count on their reliability and craftsmanship. You do have to get used to the flash not ... full review
"Highly capable little camera" - by Richard Susanto
As a serious hobbyist photographer, I've been looking for a camera that can replace my DSLR when traveling. While DSLR will give you unrivaled photo quality, the biggest trade-off is the equipment size and weight that you have to carry with you. Initially, I used to carry 3 lenses with my DSLR all the time: 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200mm. After a few years of traveling, I reduced it to carrying only the 24-70 lens. I feel like this mid-range zoom provides me with the best photography coverage, from landscape to portrait. And that's the reason I decided to get the Sony RX100. I bought a used one from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and took it with me to Singapore on my recent business trip. What a joy. It was a great feeling to finally able to travel without carrying a big DSLR on my shoulder. I feel like ... full review
"Excellent Little Camera" - by Nicholas (New York )
This is a wonderful camera. If you’ve ever owned an ELPH camera, you know that they’re high-quality, ultra-portable cameras. Obviously you’re not going to get DSLR-quality images from a camera like this, but this is still a great camera, and if you use a tripod, you will be able to get excellent results. I use mine with an Amazon Basics tripod (which costs a little more than $20 and is really light and portable). Shooting with a tripod, even when using a little Point and Shoot camera, makes all the difference. But back to the camera. This is a great camera. It's also very affordable.
"Get it for the zoom" - by MrPuttyhead
First off I just want to illustrate the zoom on this camera.

Picture one: zoomed all the way out.
Picture two: same location, optical zoom at the max, no digital zoom.

Now, this is a great little camera with only a few down sides.

Fantastic zoom (FAR better than most slr telephoto lenses)
Sharp images
Good battery life
Can charge through usb
Wireless picture transfer to cell phone
Articulating screen is great
Price is good for what you get

Video auto focus drifts
No 4k
No high frame rate video for slow motion capture
No external mic option

Took this camera to a concert and it did great. Both concert images in this review were taken from the same location, demonstrating the incredible range of zoom the camera has.
"Just returned from trip and the pictures are great. Even low light scenes and pictures from a ..." - by Neil Giconi
Just returned from trip and the pictures are great. Even low light scenes and pictures from a moving bus turned out great. In fact I didn't use the flash option on low light and they turned out better, only used flash for night time scenes. Battery lasted the whole 10 day trip took over 140 pictures.
"This is a really good camera for the price point" - by Amazon Customer
This is a really good camera for the price point. I am not a novice but needed a camera to just carry around. Everything about this camera is unexpectedly high quality.
"So far, so great!" - by nikki_marie05
I ordered this at Target online on Black Friday with free shipping and I am happy to say that I love it. I've only had it a couple of days, but I've been taking numerous types of pictures to try it out and I love it. I have searched and searched and searched for a camera that takes good pictures up close AND far away, for a decent price. I've went through many that were under $100 and they were crap. I paid right at $100 for this camera (before tax and warranty) and I think that is a steal for the quality of pictures that it takes. It's no professional camera, but when you go from an iPhone camera to this, it feels like you are a professional! I am 100% satisfied with the camera, the quality of pictures it takes, and how quickly the camera actually takes the ... full review
"Nikon COOLPIX b500" - by Michelle P
I got this at retail store because i wanted the plum colored one, which is what first attracted me to it. Then I read the reviews and all were mostly good. The one that got me the most was being able to take pictures of the moon. I was like no way. Way. I'm not a photographer by any means, just wanted a good camera for vacation and sports etc. This is above and beyond what I need and I love it. Got a great pic of my son's intense face from across the field, zoomed in on animals in the tops of trees or at the zoo. Still learning all the ins and outs but very impressed. It's made some fun Instagram pics lol. while i know im easily amused, i think its a great camera.
"Narrows Down the Selection Process....since there is so many on the market it is confusing." - by TheCatAgain (Bradenton, Florida)
Excellent purchase. But it should include a Memory Card, rather than make the purchaser wait and be surprised that they purchased a fabulous camera, easy to use and received Amazon Prime service.....but then have to scrounge up a ten dollar memory card...tsk tsk tsk.... But knowing all the above, I then purchased a second identical camera (and a card at the same time) for gifting to a friend.
"Great camera, had an issue but Amazon's great customer service solved it painlessly." - by Josh Ouellette (Maine, USA)
I wasn't expecting much from this, I only wanted a camera that was a) cheap and b) would provide a better quality image than the average smart phone camera. But the image quality is truly amazing. I will upload a few customer images of my hiking trip as an example. An SD card is absolutely necessary, the internal storage can only hold 3 maximum quality images.

I did have one problem with the camera, the battery that came with it refused to take a charge. Amazon made up for this by offering me a 40% refund to buy a new battery, and the battery was much cheaper than the $31 refund I got so this issue wasn't even reason enough to take a star off. Overall great camera and great customer service from Amazon.

I've only owned this for a month and only used it for 2 days for a hiking trip ... full review
"The Perfect Point and Shoot Digital" - by Melissa K.
Wonderful point and shoot camera - used it on my trip to Mexico and it was incredible! Convenient, easy to use, and took great shots!