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"Great book, great pictures!" - by Karen (Tucson, Arizona)
We bought this book for my mother-in-law. My husband and I are going to visit Ireland next year and my 94 year old mother-in-law is an armchair traveler. While not a travel guide or trip planning book, we wanted to have her look at places in Ireland that she would visit if she was going with us, and to give us suggestions about interesting places she felt we should visit. She loved the book and is so happy we are including her suggestions in our travel plans. The book is full of interesting historical information as well as beautiful pictures of the Irish countryside.
"Best Ireland Travel Guide Available" - by Kent Moore
Rick Steves travel guides, including Ireland 2012, are all alike and uniformly excellent. My wife and I have used his guides for all 12 of our Europe trips and the information is invaluable. He describes and ranks all the best places to see and provides many practical and logistical suggestions. He recommends places to stay and eat, which makes it important that you have the most recent edition when you travel. We have stayed almost exclusively in places he describes (comfortable, but not luxurious) and have not been disappointed a single time. Rick Steves Ireland 2012 is highly recommended and at Amazon, the price is very reasonable.
"Interesting read" - by Mary J. George
Actually bought this as a gift, but did take time and read about places I had been in Ireland, think I will have to borrow it back after Christmas.
"A must for all of Irish Descent" - by Mrs.B
I've read my books of Irish History, both ancient and modern and this is by far the best. It provides all you need to know without hundreds of pages of details. It allows you to understand where the Irish came from and why they are who they are. I absolutley loved this book.
"This histonovel just amazed me" - by CJK
Some great novelists such as f Scott Fitzgerald chisel their narrative out of limestone word by word adjective by adverb to stand as a work of art relating one persons perspective. This novelist is like a vantriloquist who channels many individual persons selves, leaving the reader to feel having well met them all. The author uses an artists hand to scoop and swirl numerous media into a collage with tiny mirror shards reflecting historic facts. Being just a humble reader without degrees to hamper my experience, I will always consider this novel unique and absolutely one of my most cherished reads.
"This is a very good book about traveling around Ireland" - by Fanning
This is a very good book about traveling around Ireland. I will let you know after our adventure there about the items we used and what the book said. I will be taking this one with us.
"A Lively PhD in Irish History" - by Gary Griffiths (Los Altos Hills, CA United States)
At the risk of understatement, "The Rebels of Ireland" is an epic novel, a big and bold production akin to the film spectaculars of Cecil B. DeMille's in the 50's. That Rutherfurd's saga of Ireland is spun from a passion for the Emerald Isle is evident, as the sheer length and detail will limit commercial success. But you need not be an aficionado of Irish history to appreciate and enjoy this grand tale. Picking up where the 2004 "The Princes of Ireland" leaves off, Rutherfurd takes us through generations of bitter religious conflict, wars, treachery, and famine, starting in 1597 and closing in the early 20th century. But it is by no means necessary to read "Princes" before tackling this one - the stories stand alone - and the author provides a helpful 15 page introduction bridging the preceding ten or twelve centuries. But "Rebels" ... full review
"Just some nice reading to relax and learn at the same time" - by C.J. van der Vegte
If you want to go to Ireland, have been to Ireland or know someone for Ireland: this is a nice book with all kinds of anecdotes and funny facts about Ireland.

Can you live without it? Yes. Did I regret reading this? No!
"Good info on what to skip" - by ConnieC
Good info but the assumption that everyone can take 3 weeks to tour Ireland is a little impractical. Itinerary for 1 week or 10 days is better.
"enthralling & courageous story of exploration & discovery" - by rosie may
Having grown up with the story of St Brendan as told at school, I found Tim's book an exciting read and one you couldn't put down , what an amazing story of courage and perseverance, maybe he had the spirit of St Brendan tethered to his sail. This modern day re-enactment was such an epic undertaking and has been wonderfully narrated and documented in this book .For me "The Brendan Voyage" really raised all thoughts as to the myth ,mystery or truth of this determined six century Irish Monk St Brendan . This link [[ASIN:1491271094 The Voyage of Saint Brendan: The Navigator]] is the latest translation I could find done by Gerard McNamara which brings alive beautifully the magical and compelling story of St Brendan which is just great to read after Tim's story.
"The road less travelled for those of us more interested the people of Ireland than on tourist spots." - by Tom4Cats (FL, USA)
We prefer meeting the locals in the different countries we visit, this is the only way to truly learn about that country. We have visited pubs in England, Scotland and too our surprise in Budapest and were immediately welcomed. This guide covers both types visits, cities and rural, along with points of interests. It is clearly written, informative and an easy read. We are planning a trip to the Dingle Peninsula with a rental cottage to use as our home base. This guide made it easy to make our decision to definitely go.
"Have tried others but this is definitely the best, very informative" - by H. Flannagan
Can't go wrong with this travel book ever, Frommer's is always the go to book to buy when traveling anywhere. Have tried others but this
is definitely the best, very informative.
"Great Travel Guide!" - by kassy jane
I'm using this to plan a two-week trip to Ireland. It's my first Rick Steeves travel guide. I've really enjoyed the information and the humor in the personal accounts the author leaves. The recommendations so far have been awesome and have helped me pinpoint some key attractions and lodging that I can't miss on our trip. The book is so packed full of information I've been reading it front-to-back like a novel so I don't miss anything. One pro/con (in my opinion) is that while I really like the textbook-like black and white pages for adding notes, I do miss the glossy color pictures that I've found in other travel guides.
"Best insight into the soul of the music available" - by John L Murphy (Los Angeles)
A skilled and formidable poet and chronicler of his native Belfast, Carson here blends his power over words into an evocation of how Irish music makes the impact it does. Seemingly an impossible task to attain on the page, but his decades as a musician allow him to capture the spirit behind the music. As they say, it's not how you read the notes, but how you hear them.

His chapter headings refer to various titles of Irish songs, and I enjoyed his rendering of differing reasons (or lack of) for how various tunes get attached to specific names. A much better book than "Round Ireland with a Tin Whistle" by David Wilson for its ability to convey the feel of how music changes with every playing, and how fluid the communication between players can be in a seisuin.

Any book Carson writes deserves a read, whether his version of Dante's Inferno, ... full review
"Ireland" - by Marilynn
It’s book seems to be very interesting and covers a lot of Ireland .