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"Popular Book at My House" - by Mamazabakaka (Los Angeles, CA United States)
My first-grader found other books on the solar system more interesting last year, but now that he can read, he really likes this one. He knows more about space than I do and has something new to tell me whenever he comes over and sits down with this book for half an hour. And that's exactly why I bought it. Nice illustrations, short, succinct text. Not every first-grader can read, but I'd recommend it to third graders for sure.
"Pout pout" - by Robin (Littleton colo)
My grankids LOVE this book and the other pout pout books I've bought
"Everything Old Is New Again - Or Never ever goes out of style!" - by Terri L. Cunningham
When our now 25 year old son, was but a toddler, he loved the I spy books we had for him. Though back then they were hardcover. Now, his daughter, age 6, sent a text to me "Nana, do you know what kind of Book I REALLY would love to have?" (yes, like her father she too has a very high IQ for a six year old) I asked her which book? She said the I Spy Books! I was thrilled. I've purchased several, and am very thankful they are all soft-covered so when we ship them to Nevada, where she lives with her mother, and younger siblings, it will not cost as much. I LOVE that this book is a Generational Favorite. As a child in the 60's I do not recall if they were called I Spy, but I do ... full review
"A children's book that makes you think" - by Musical Maven (Eugene, OR)
This is a marvelous children's book. I have always loved children's literature, so have read a lot of it, from many ages. Rarely have I come across one done in such a thoughtful manner as this one. When I finished it the first time, I really stopped to ponder what else in my world am I missing out on, just because I haven't taken the time to stop and think about one idea in different contexts.

I enjoyed [[ASIN:0547215673 The Quiet Book]] so much that I actually bought it and had it sent to my niece's daughter. Their whole family has enjoyed it very much.

It is a delightful book to read anytime, but with it's sweet pictorial style and few words, it will make a great book to alternate with Goodnight, Moon as a bedtime book.

It won't be long before your ... full review
"numbers 1-10" - by amythist (Washington state)
A fantastic 1st dot to dot book. This book only uses numbers 1-10.

My 3 1/2 year old can do these easily by himself. He likes it, but tends to prefer the dot to dots in the Kumon 1-70 number games book. Unlike Kumon, you can kind of tell what the picture is even before connecting the dots (reason I docked a star). He likes the greater mystery of the Kumon dot to dot.
"my kids liked that the Gruffalo's child was a girl" - by CaerRuthryis
We bought this book because my kid's adore The Gruffalo.
The story is charming, my kids liked that the Gruffalo's child was a girl. The story was very cute and told from the point of view of the Gruffalo this time.
It felt a little more forced and maybe didn't flow as well in some places as the original.
All in all it is a great book though. The illustrations are fabulous, like the original. The book itself is still holding up after 4 kids, 5 years and many reads.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the Gruffalo or looking for new stories to love.
"Great Starter Maze Book - Only for beginners" - by S. Keene-Gross
This is a great starter book for mazes. They are simple and quick for a toddler to do. If your toddler has skills beyond beginning mazes, move along to another book.
"5 year old loves Pete the Cat Books!" - by MissMGB (New Hampshire)
My 5 year old grandson loves Pete the Cat books. I bought this one and am saving it until the first snow this year. Pete the Cat books are simple to read and the pictures make him smile. So sweet!
"Great colorful book for cutting & pasting skills!" - by Deborah N. Childs (Atlanta, GA)
I am a homeschool mom of 4 kids and love this book! I have bought multiple copies and use it with my kindergartener, pre-k student and 2 year old (with assistance ). My four and six year old girls can do the activities independently and I have seen great improvement in their fine motor skills.
"Curious George book" - by G. Jelinek (Black River Falls, WI United States)
We love Curious George books in this Nana house! The 2 year old granddaughter was so excited when I opened the box and there was another George book.
"Great book my son loves it and I don't find ..." - by stephanie grant
Great book my son loves it and I don't find it as annoying as most of the Dr Seuss books.
"Great Book, Esepcially for Kiddos with Special Needs" - by Andy
I'm going to side with every other member of this book's fan club. I bought his because I have a beautiful little boy who has some very specialized challenges, and I loved the message this book sends...that you can be different, you can even not be good at certain things in other people's eyes, but there can still be something beautiful only you can contribute. And I want my son to know and to hear that message that just like Gerald the Giraffe, he's got a very special dance that he'll be able to do. And I want him to be able to see that it's possible too, because I know sometimes it can be hard, especially when you're in therapy all the time and therapy is all about what's not going well and what's not going like normal, so I truly think this book has great ... full review
"great for toddlers" - by AnnePlus2
This is a wonderful VERY FIRST activity book for toddlers. The activities are VERY simple, offering essential success when first starting activity books. There is a little basic learning, but it primarily fun and focused on completion of tasks. It is very good quality, thick paper, so no tearing from aggressive little hands. I got this for my second son when he was 22 months old, as he wanted a book to do while my older son (who was 3 1/2 at the time) was working on a workbook. Now, at 2 years and 3 months, he has finished the book. In my opinion, this is far too easy for a preschooler. I think the perfect age for it is during the year your child is 2. Other good activity books for 2 year olds are the Usborne first Sticker book series ... full review
"Follow Your Heart" - by Amazon Customer
I loved this sweet little book with a big message. For me the message whether you are a child or adult, is listening to your "inner voice" that always knows what's true for you. This little guy just intuitively knew green wasn't for him. It led him on a search for what truly made his heart sing. And being an only child, I was heartened that he found a friend to share his life and adventures when he went in search of the fabled "Yellow Gold" again following his heart. I like this little boy with his healthy rebelliousness, finding his own voice, not being afraid of being different. He had a very wise mother who "allowed" him to buck the leprechaun system of wearing green and wear what made him happy. In this story there are lots of things to learn for children and parents.