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"Candy Crush!!" - by Lisa Renee Sanders
Candy was delivered quickly and exactly what I expected. This is candy will be perfect for the party I'm hosting!!
"I would recommend not ordering this when it is over 100 degrees ..." - by John Wilson (SLC, Utah USA)
I would recommend not ordering this when it is over 100 degrees outside. I ordered 2 boxes, and they were pretty melted upon arrival. No fault of the shipper, the delivery truck was just really hot inside and the delivery guy looked like he was about to pass out after a very long day in the sun. I put them in the refrigerator and they were fine a few hours later. I'll probably order them again in October.
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"Small box, but fun to try UK candy" - by Lindaiam
Small box with little samples. However, it was fun. My children and I did a taste test. A few of the candies were gross and a few were good with the remainder being okay. It was fun to learn of UK candy. It was interesting to taste violet candy and cola candy and to learn that artificial colors aren't used much in UK candy.
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"Taffy Trouble?" - by Cindy Sanders
This is a huge amount of candy at an amazing price! I purchased 3 bags for 3 kids who will be riding in a parade this coming up weekend. This is a taffy mix of candy and therefore ONLY contains taffy. This is always great for parades as it is easy to throw and pick up. There are all kinds included. I compared many prices before purchasing this and can say it is comparably priced to others. I will repurchase this again should we have some event such as this.
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"Glad it's over, but I had a great time." - by Jordan Barr (Wausau, WI USA)
Sometimes, the only way to satisfy a craving is to purchase 90 airheads. I decided to do so and was not disappointed. I was relieved when they ran out, knowing that my craving was satisfied.
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"Great Candy Assortment" - by James J. Clegg
Candy arrived for my Mothers 91st Birthday in good shape and on time. I always worry about shipping to warm climates like Florida but the Candy arrived in good shape and she has enjoyed every piece of it.
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"Delicious and fun!" - by G. Buffaloe
Such a fun and tasty collection of Japanese candy! So enjoyable!
In stock on June 8, 2020.
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"had all her fav candy in it she loved" - by Vickie Brown
I bought this for one of my girls . had all her fav candy in it she loved it
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"but I would have liked to seen more products that are currently unavailable" - by Alicia (Texas)
Definitely had a lot of candy, but I would have liked to seen more products that are currently unavailable. I woudl still recommend this for a quick gift idea, everyone in the house loved it.
"Great for a former Mars Bar fan" - by J. Baldwin (Florida, United States)
I never thought I'd get this excited over a candy bar, but when I found out that Snickers Almond Bars are very similar to the old Mars Bar (which is no longer available)... well, I bought a 24 pack. After just a month, I ordered another box! This is a great product and much cheaper than buying at the grocery store check-out line.

March Update: Good news! While it's true that the Mars Bar *was* discontinued, it was relaunched in January 2010 and is initially being sold on an exclusive basis through Walmart. I just bought one today for the first time in nearly 10 years! Even so, I am now quite used to Snicker's Almond and I like them both!
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"Christmas chocolates are a win!" - by Rebecca Butler
Great selection of chocolates that are great for the entire family!
Tasty, and they fit perfectly in the Christmas stockings!
"Office Candies" - by Richard A. (Seattle, WA USA)
Our office eats Peanut M&Ms SO quickly that I wish they offered an all Peanut M&M bag that had 100s of bags in it. :)