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"Love this Blend @ Taste" - by Richard W. Rust (Kissimmee Florida)
I'll have to Order some more .. Love it
Thanks !!
"40lbs lighter" - by Luke Farkas
I love this stuff. Started walking 3-5 miles a day. I drink this about 30min prior and find that I walk further and have more energy. since dieting and walking I have lost 40lbs and I attribute some of this to the energy I gain when using this product. No crashes like redbull or 5 hour energy drinks. Seems like it is better for you than the other energy drinks. Other review say they don't like the taste, I disagree. I put a bottle of water in the freezer for 20-30 min just enough so the water begins to freeze. The orange taste like a creamsicle. The colder the better.
"I know I am suppose to be drinking lots of fluids daily but like everyone else" - by K. Joseph (Singapore)
I was in Seattle recently and my buddy introduce this to me.

I know I am suppose to be drinking lots of fluids daily but like everyone else, water doesn't excite me unless I am very thirsty. I am not into soda drinks so I am actually just not consuming enough fluids. I do enjoy light juices but they can get rather costly and not available everywhere. I really love Crystal Light. Did not like the idea of the Caffeine infused versions but I cannot deny it helps. It's dosage isn't high enough to damage your health but thought I can do with out it sometimes. (Yes, I found non-caffeine infused ones recently)

The taste for all the four flavours here works for me ... I think they are great although like most people found it too concentrated if you follow the instructions. I mix one packet to about 1.8 to 2 ... full review
"Tasty and energy-producing" - by charzrevolution
My husband is trying to lose weight but needs a little "boost" in mid-afternoon to keep him going. He loves the taste of this strawberry flavor and the added caffeine is just what he needed to keep the hum-drum parts of his job from affecting his work. (He's also lost 10 pounds!!)
"Simple, Clean Energy Drink" - by Bea (New York, USA)
I love these energy drinks because the ingredients are simple---no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, just Stevia. I know that some are displeased it only has caffeine and not other forms of energy, but this is a plus for me, as I don't tolerate other energy drinks well. The mango and grapefruit flavors are best, IMO.
"Five Stars" - by STEAMy Learning
Tastes delicious but kind of annoyed I found them SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper at the local grocery store.
"Who knew it was't just for old ladies" - by Steven M. (Virginia)
I grew up remembering Crystal Light being advertised to older ladies. Nothing against older ladies, but I just kind of figured this stuff was bland or designed for a palette unlike my own. I was wrong.

I purchased this variety pack with the hope of trying the different flavors and then deciding which to buy more of in the future. After sampling this pack, I think I'll stick with this package to keep all the flavors coming in. I realize that these are designed for "on the go" people, but I use two little packs in my 2 liter bottle to great delight. The flavor isn't overpowering and yet enough to make it enjoyable. I think the recommended 3 packets for 2 liters would be a little too sweet for me. Flavor to your tastes and start off with less to see if it meets your needs.

I'm not quite sure why ... full review
"No more soda" - by Terry J. Nyenhuis (Hillsboro, OR USA)
Switched from soda to these. Now I'm always on the look out for Crystal Light Energy deals. This was a good one.
"Try it... You'll like it!" - by Juanita C. Collins
Truthfully, I ordered this product because the packaging was so CUTE! And that's true, but the product inside is delicious. My absolute favorite is the Pure Black, and I wish it came in a six pack all by itself. I'm not crazy about sweet coffees. The fact that it is organic is a big plus.
"Water Joe, caffeinated water" - by Jenna (Texas)
For those who like a bit of caffeine pick-up during the day, maybe don't like a lot of coffee, and perhaps are trying to avoid sugary sodas--this product is great! Each bottle has 70 mg of caffeine (I think they claim it's "natural" caffeine, whatever that is) which is probably about as much as you'd get from a small cup of coffee, and the stuff tastes just like plain water! Honestly, I am totally unable to taste any difference between this water and any common bottled water, the added caffeine does not alter the flavor. It encourages me to drink more water, too! Enjoy!
"Re-defines refreshing!" - by Raybot
This is an amazing refreshing drink that nobody seems to know about--yet. I am a big coffee drinker, and love espressos especially from my nearby friendly Peets. But coffee can upset your stomach. This gets me going just as well, cheaper, and with less risk of upsetting my stomach. I drink it cold and it tastes exactly like normal water (actually, a little better, perhaps because of how it immediately gets me going). This is the third time I have ordered it, and previously had to go to a far away Kmart to get it. I have made it an everyday pleasure, especially while exercising.
"Grape taste with a kick of caffeine" - by sluggirl (San Diego, CA)
My hubby will not drink the "knock off" brands, and he only likes grape. That said, this gives a little extra kick with the caffeine, tastes reasonably pleasant and is ultra low in calories. I use it to encourage better hydration when I bike, as it keeps me drinking more and riding longer with less fatigue. We usually use only half a packet per bottle, as the taste can be a bit overwhelming otherwise.
"Yum!" - by BriCyn (KENT, WA, United States)
My Husband HATES to drink just plain water, and it was becoming a real dehydration problem for him. I decided to try Crystal Light because it was low-calorie and came in many flavors. His favorite is Fruit Punch, so I started with that and got the "on the go" so he could pop it into his water bottle at work. It has worked like a charm! He is finally getting the water he needs every day, and he loves the Crystal Light! He says the Fruit Punch is the best! So if you aren't a big water drinker but need more water in your daily life, this is totally the way to go! (If you don't like Fruit punch, there are plenty of other flavors to choose from, so search away my friend!)
"My favorite wake-up drink!" - by Kimberly K Wisser
Hiball drinks are the perfect way to start my day and get through that mid-afternoon slump. Coffee bothers my stomach first thing in the morning and I'm trying to eat and drink more healthy. The Hiball Sparkling Water drinks have no sugar and no artificial sugar and they taste so good! What could be better! I can't stand the syrupy sweet flavor of most energy drinks. I can't believe the big energy drink companies aren't doing this. The only drawback is that none of the stores in my area carry them. I'd love to be able to just grab one off the shelf but at least I can order them through Amazon.