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"Who does't love cashews?" - by Little D (Kansas)
Oh, these are so good! I had these on my subscribe and save just to keep my hubby in a supply of cashews! Nice and salty and fresh and a great size, they come with not only the plastic lid but a vacuum seal you have to peal off which you know has sealed in freshness as well. We like to not only just sit and eat these but put them on salads, or a sundae, I've put them on chicken in the crockpot, etc. I can put cashews on anything!
"Excellent price for high quality nuts" - by Ginabobeeena (Santa Cruz, CA United States)
Excellent price for high quality nuts... very few broken, and the flavor is DELICIOUS! I bought these for my dad for father's day, he L-O-V-E-S cashews, and these received a HIGH approval rate from him. He's gone to the local market to get cashews a few times since father's day and he is disappointed with the cashews that are available locally. So... I hope these come back in stock soon so I can get him some more!
"Lots of cashews...yum" - by Shaun
They are quality cashews. I mean you like cashews or you don’t. I obviously do so I bought this big ass can. If you don’t like nuts or are allergic than why are you reading reviews on nut quality. But yah these were a great price and make a good snack with a little protein. Plus when you buy mixed nuts it’s like 90 percent peanuts so these are pretty awesome.
"I always buy nuts in the store but they never ..." - by Leonid Polivoda
I always buy nuts in the store but they never taste fresh. After looking online I found Jaybee's nuts and decided to give them a try. They exceeded my expectations! They taste so fresh, crunchy and delicious!
"Satisfied with this purchase. Would love to buy again." - by ChrmVI
I felt the salt content to be just right. Not too much not too less.

I figured that cashews were whole, and were not broken, as others reported. Taste is perfect and the expiration is far in future. I usually hoard this as and when I get a good deal on this one. I however would not prefer buying when at full price.

Overall, I liked this purchase and would again buy it from Amazon.
"Damned Fine Cashews" - by Thogar (Baton Rouge, LA)
They're cashews; the universe deems they automatically get 5 stars simply because they're cashews. Damned good cashews. I've already eaten them all.
"Great packages for snacks" - by Jennifer
I have always loved cashews and these packages are perfect size.
"Delicious cashews for snacking and other uses" - by Evie Fox
I love cashews and go through them faster than I can bat an eye. This was one of the best priced organic versions, and they were delicious. I personally enjoy roasted salted cashews for snacking, but use raw cashews for "baking" vegan and raw treats. These were delicious plain, in smoothies, or in desserts. Enjoy!
"I would still recommend this item" - by WaterDirtSnow
I buy these monthly. They are the freshest ones I have ever found. I use them to make vegan cheesecake, and to make my smoothies creamy. I wish they would rethink their packaging, because the strip is very hard to close so I have to immediately re-bag it to keep it fresh. I would still recommend this item. I buy it in 6lb bags. You can't beat the price or the quality.
"These are some GOOD nuts." - by Amazon Customer
My local stores sell nuts, but the new trend is to put salt on them (I dont care what kind of salt). So I have started buying my nuts from Sincerely Nuts on Amazon. Zero or close to zero salt makes me a happy person. I am happy with this purchase and the Sincerely Nuts company. I am a repeat customer and plan to continue buying from them.
"Great snack" - by Susan E. Zinner (USA)
Before a long trip to Europe, I ordered these and we took about ten of the deluxe mixed nuts with us. We know that we will often miss meals, get hungry at inconvenient times, etc. when travelling. You should note that these do contain 400 calories per bag (that's a lot for a small woman like me); however, they definitely saved us a couple of times when European restaurants did not open until 8 p.m. and we were hungry. The price is also very good ($1.40 each) and there is a good mix of nuts (cashew, pecans, etc.) in the mixed nuts. Highly recommend!
"Hello.... Good buy." - by ruby
I would say these are a good buy for the price even better if you do the subscription, A nice variety included, peanuts, cashews and honey roast.
The problem I have with them, and a few other grocery items from Amazon, is the absence of an expiration date on the box nor individual packets. Searched with a flashlight even for those pesky almost invisible expiration stamps, but found nothing, Not sure how Amazon who was the seller of this order, can get away with not having this important info on edible items. Though the box appears new and the nuts taste fresh as they should. I would like to know how long they can be shelved or stored after purchase.
"Nuts about Nuts" - by IMOforAmazon (huntington, West Virginia, United States)
These are amazing. I usually pay around the same price for a 33 oz tub of Cashews at Sams Club. I had a $3 coupon courtesy of Amazon to use on any Happy Belly product, so I figured why not. Im hooked. These are so much better than the ones at Sams. There are a few pieces, but most of them are whole, and just the right amount of salt. Delicious. Will definitely order these again.
"Best tasting cashews!!! Great quality!!!" - by Mother.of.toddlers (Nebraska)
These have to be the best tasting I've ever had. We always have cashews in hand since my thin five year old doesn't eat much, cashews are a sure fire way to get her to eat a little protein. I've had many different brands, and these are very delicious.