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"Nice phone, Very good I live at Dominican Republic" - by tamy A Perez
Nice phone, Very good I live at Dominican Republic, just took the ship from my old cell phone and placed on this new one, worked at the moment, I am using this phone to keep it at my home so I can call my my with video chat using the whatsApp, she is 72 years old and it is very easy for her to use.

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"It works perfect, take good pics" - by Mona Lisa (Harrrisburg P.A USA)
It works perfect ,take good pics, phone came unlocked works in Jamaica and with ultra mobile in America. I recommend.

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Excellent product!! The only disadvantage is it does not have phone service with WI-FI.

"great phone only one problem" - by Amazon Customer
if you have metro or tmobile its not compattible with those carriers. so far only criket wireless is compattibble with this phone

"Great phone. This was Samsung's old model" - by JRodney (Illinois)
Great phone. This was Samsung's old model. However, what a great deal this was! This Samsung Android is Unlocked, and has all the functions I needed: Dual SIMM, GPS, Big long lasting battery, excellent APPs and screens, fast, and SD card slot. Works (Unlocked) on Consumer Cellular. This phone was an Excellent deal for $140...No contract. I have seen and used the S5/S6 models, purchased by others, and they are fantastic phones, but they are not chap. The Samsung Grand Prime DUOS is no "Punk" phone however. I am pleasantly surprised. Unlike the newer Samsungs, the Grand Prime only has 8G, but that is OK for us. I installed all Apps to SD card where possible, and stored all pictures, music, documents, and other media (Chess, etc) to SD card. Still have 3 Gig left on the phone. Bought a slim sturdy armor case to protect the phone: MP-Mall ... full review

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"Dual sim cards" - by jack
The main reason getting this phone because of its dual sim cards feature, we just traveled out the country the past July, the trip was nice, but the phone bill was so high due to roaming charging.
Getting this preparing for the on coming trip out of country again, we can use one sim card for U.S and the other sim card slot for the card we will purchase in the country we visit, for better and cheaper coverage.
This phone has 5.5 inches full HD screen same as the iPhone I am using right now, large battery with fast charging. it is a little bit heavier than my iPhone due to large battery.
Dual sim cards is optional, I just try with one sim card and leave the other slot empty, it works fine, especially the battery, I am not longer need to carry extra power bank.
we have T-mobil as our ... full review

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"Running out of memory constantly" - by S. Reid (Sherwood, OR)
It's a nice, fast phone, works just fine with my pay-as-you-go service with H2O Wireless. You won't have much room for apps that you can't put on an SD card you install, though. The factory-installed software takes 7.6 of the 8 gigabytes available with internal memory and I'm constantly getting a warning that some functions may not work properly. All functions seem to work properly so far, and I'm not a heavy app user so it's working for me.

UPDATE, one year later: The phone's software seems to be taking up more and more room as time goes on. And, you WILL run out of memory with this one if you want to download any apps that can't be moved to your SD card. I have uninstalled all I can and moved all I can to my SD card, but some can't be moved ... full review

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"Excellent for a Budget Phone!" - by AirHeadReviews (Finger Lakes, NY)
UPDATE: We discovered that one of ours transferred over with our Verizon acct flawlessly. We unknowingly tried to add a new line to our account and one of them, it would not allow unless prepaid for 6 months, then transfer to contract. Just an FYI for those, like us, who aren't up on all this phone tech stuff. Other than that issue we had, my phone still holds battery for close to 2 days with low usage and at least 24 hours with heavy usage. Can not complain about the battery life at all!

We bought 2 of these after a lot of researching on budget phones. Both of us are really impressed with it's capabilities. We are usually very faithful to Samsung, but we find these are almost equivalent. One thing to take note of, is there is no file folder included however, the APP store has a great Moto ... full review

"Great device for learning Android dev, or good starter Android phone." - by Customer X (Los Angeles, CA)
I bought this phone to learn Android application programming, and it works great for that. Screen is sharp and bright, and without a sim card, the standby battery life is outstanding. Can go a week without charging.

Limited resolution, and not as fast as a premium phone, but you get what you pay for. And, if you need to learn Lollipop, it's probably the only device of this quality at this price point. Additionally, it supports two sims, and you can improve the storage with a microSD card.

Build quality is pretty solid. All-in-all, feels like a well-made product.

"I am not missing my iPhone 6S so far" - by David (San Diego, CA)
I started as an iPhone user, but I have been frustrated over the degrading quality of Apple products ever since Steve Jobs died. Believe me, I never had to reboot my iPhone before, but now I have to do it once every month or so. My review will mostly focus on the migration from iPhone 6S to Huawei Honor 6X.

(1) Most apps I had on my iPhone, I can find them in Google Play Store. The migration of contact book is seamless. Once I signed into my Google account to my Honor 6X, all my contacts were imported automatically. I didn't have to anything. I spent some time researching an Email app that most resembled the iPhone email app, but eventually decided to use the default Huawei email app. Now I am gradually used to it. Maybe the one thing I miss ... full review

by LG
"Love the LG Leon! Please read review to see why..." - by Patrick
This phone (so far) as been awesome... better than expected. LG makes great products and this phone, despite the cheaper price, is no exception. The quality of the phones LG made about 10 years ago was second-to-none. They were like tanks, and just would not die or quit! Smartphones these days are not as rugged, however, due to the demand for sleek designs and ergonomics.

So why the LG Leon vs. more modern, expensive LGs? First of all, this model is still relevant—far from obsolete! Why spend $400-$500 more for a few more features, unless you just absolutely can't do without them? The Leon's slightly-smaller size isn't a compromise in quality or functionality at all (as one might think, in this "bigger is better" culture mindset these days). Actually, I've already received a lot of "wow" compliments on this phone by people who use bigger phones (even LG models). Battery life ... full review

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"They fixed the GPS !!!" - by Ronald A. Marino
GPS functionality is poor if not useless. I wanted to use this phone while I ran to track GPS and heart rate (Strava or Wahoo apps) while I listed to Spotify. It was purchased to replace my Samsung Galaxy SIII which was larger and had an older Android version (4.3). Also purchase the arm strap and wore like a watch - hardly noticed it while running and was able to observe app which was great. My old SIII worked excellent except for the fact I wanted something smaller with an updated Android version.

Unfortunately the GPS functionality of the Jelly Pro is unacceptable. Accuracy is terrible as can be seen in attachments. Shown are back and forth runs using the Jelly Pro and SIII - Good data should follow the road. The Jelly Pro appears to be off as much as a quarter mile. Its useless for ... full review