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    "Very happy" - By LexRyan
    Really sharp. Very clean looking knives. impressed of the quality of the product. Considering how inexpensive they were. Get em

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    "Five Stars" - By Edward (Mississippi USA)
    Luv it only 1 problem the is not a bread knife or traditional chef knife

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    "They are weighted nicely and have the perfect balance" - By Jeffrey Whitaker
    I researched quite a few sets before deciding on this particular one. I ultimately decided to try this set because of the price and the fact that the knives are constructed as one forged piece of steel.

    Firstly, they arrived in 3 days. Lighting quick.

    I was even more impressed when I opened the box. Attractive packaging and the knives were gorgeous. They are weighted nicely and have the perfect balance. Super sharp.

    Caution when handling. The knives cut right through the elastic band just by sliding it out.

    I expect to use this set for years.

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    "Great knife set" - By T. Simons (United States)
    This is a great set of kitchen knives at the price. Forschner Fibrox knives have been top-rated by a lot of different groups, including Cook's Illustrated; I liked them even before I knew that, just because of the "Victorinox" stamp on the blades, just like my childhood Swiss Army Knives.

    These knives handle beautifully and cut amazingly well; I've bought five or six of the "paring' knife in this set over the years (my dog likes to chew the handles up, for some reason). When I wanted to upgrade to a full set of kitchen knives and get a honing steel, I got this set, and it was a perfect purchase: the boning knife made dismembering my first whole chicken an almost comically easy process (although the directions in the Joy of Cooking helped too).

    The knives are light and somewhat flexible, and they're made with stamped rather ... full review

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    "These are awesome" - By James Blythe
    Love these knives, excellent price and construction. I would seriously recommend these if you are in the industry. I look forward to using these everyday!

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    "I love these knives" - By Philip Vail
    I love these knives. I am not a beginner to cooking or using knives since I have work in kitchens before, but for my 1st professional knives these are great. They or everything I hoped they would be and more.

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    "Great set of starter knives" - By Peter M
    Great set of starter knives. They are all a little too small for some people, but the larger chef knife works great things like tomatoes. The smaller one I gave to the wife as it is too small for me to use. The price is worth it just for the first knife, the steel and the case.

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    "Elegant and Practical" - By Amazonlover3
    I bought this knife set in 2012 for $129. It's 2015 now and I still love them. I originally bought them because I was really drawn to the clean look of it. The idea of sticking knives that I use to cut food that I eat and that I feed to my family, into a wood block that I could not adequately clean, bothered me. This set of knives looks nice and takes up a minimal amount of space. I learned you can actually also take it apart to clean each part individually. There are two circles on top of each silver bar on the sides, that you just unscrew and then you can lift the glass up (after removing the knives). 3 years later, there is no rust and the whole set is still incredibly easy to keep clean.

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    "Surprising." - By hooray4beer (Nashville, TN)
    I work as a chef and bought these on a whim for myself after buying the same set as a cheap housewarming gift for a friend. I was pretty surprised by the quality of the construction, and the handle feels pretty great.

    The only reason this is a 4* review rather than 5 is that it claims to be "essential," yet lacks a bread knife or any other serrated blade (which would also be useful for dicing tomatoes). My only other complaint is that none of the blades are wide enough for my hands to be comfortable during extended periods of chopping or dicing. (Smaller hands should have no problem.)

    The blades are nice and sharp, and effortlessly fileted chicken and pork for hours straight out of the package, and seem easy to keep an edge on simply by running against a steel.

    I'm reserving the option ... full review

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    "Best stamped knives I have ever bought" - By Micah J (Pacific Northwest)
    Best stamped knives I have ever bought. I gave up on the full tang knives because i would have to sharpen them daily. Stamped steel knives stay sharper longer. There is limited room in the roll/bag so if you have a lot of knives, tools, etc. I'd suggest on buying a larger bag.

    Sous chef = 10 years
    Culinary industry = 24 years

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    Let me start off by saying that I am in no way an expert with kitchen cutlery and although I know my way around the kitchen, I am no Bobby Flay. With that being said, let me get right into this review. My husband and have been married a good 10 years, within those 10 years, we have owned nothing but crappy knifes that dull easily and sometimes are already dull before even using them. We recently bought home and with a new home comes the NEED or should I say WANT for new things, one of those new things are knifes....right?? Well for me it was. So I went searching for the perfect knife. I wanted knifes that were sharp, knifes that had a good grip, but more importantly knifes that are going to last. This lead me to the highly reviewed Chicago cutlery fusion forged 18 piece ... full review

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    "great knives for the price" - By john
    i have to say i wasn't really expecting a whole lot from these knives because of the price.
    i got these mainly "travel knives" (knives i dont mind if the get damaged to and from work).
    the only complaint i have with this set is the carrying case was ripped when i received them.(but since i got these as travel knives it really wasn't that big a deal). they are one solid piece of steel the handles are great for someone with medium to large hands. the knives were sharp right out of the box but i suggest sharpening them to your specifications. i have pitted these knives against my mercer knives and they preformed as well if not slightly better.

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    "Great Quality for a lesser pricetag !!!" - By Tazman7575
    I bought this item as a gift for my nephew/chef. I first had the item sent to me so I could look at it before giving it to him. I was impressed !!! I cooked for 20 yrs. and wished I had this set back when I was a cook. I do have a large knife from my cooking days and the one that comes in this set is the same size and quality. This is a nice complete set !!! It is nice to have a knife sharpener and the forks and steak knives all included as well as the larger knives. If you price some knives individually on here and other sites you will notice some of the larger knives alone range from $12.95 ea. to $150 ea. So this set with all the other accessories and the nice carrying case I think was a steal of ... full review

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    "If you're buying as a gift i recommend buying two, one for you too!" - By rebecca t
    My husband is a former chef ( lucky me, I know!) and so I bought this as a gift. It went on sale at a fantastic price and I had to pounce on it! I got this extremely quick! Immediately I was blown away by the weight of this set! This is some heavy duty stuff right here! The case is beautiful and well made. Small enough to easily tuck away in any cupboard or drawer. The knives are gorgeously crafted, well made, and perfectly sharp! This is going to make the best gift for anyone who loves to cook ( and make the job easier for anyone who doesn't like cooking as much!)

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    "Nice rotating cutlery set" - By Julienne
    nice looking cutlery set, looks good on the countertop. One of the knives needed quite a bit of sharpening though out of the box, otherwise they're fine.