Deep Frying Oil

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"Accurate and useful" - by JJ
Nice and large. Verified temp against a true temp gage and was spot on. Great for deep pans and woks...
"Great help when frying" - by L. McDurmon
I've only used this when frying fish/fries/hushpuppies, and it was a great help. I haven't tested the product for accuracy, but it worked perfectly for helping me to regulate the temperature of the oil. Last time I cooked, we were cooking for several people and hand two pots of oil and only one of these... the pot without the thermometer was much more of a hassle trying to regulate the oil temperate and resulted in some burned food.

Highly recommend this for frying!

One note, for best functionality, attach to the pot with the integrated clip and just leave on the pot. At first we tried to share between the two pots, but it takes approx 30 seconds for the reading to level off... so not very practical for more than one pot. At this great price, just buy two!
"It's all about NOT smoking up the kitchen." - by Toes (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
It's all about NOT smoking up the kitchen.
"Reasonably good frying oil" - by Girard Jergensen
I used to get this oil from Sam's club on a regular basis, but they don't have Sam's Clubs where I live now. It does a good job at frying and can be filtered and reused several times as long as you are not frying strongly flavored foods (onion rings, some fish/shrimp) or have concerns about food allergies transferring from one batch to another. It's oil. Shockingly it's 100% fat. per 14g serving: 14g of fat: 8g polyunsaturated, 4g monounsaturated and 2g saturated.
"Perfect for stir and deep frying" - by Big Blue Fan (Wellfleet, MA)
Perfect for stir and deep frying, tastes good with high boiling point, would purchase again for Asian stir and deep frying
"Good oil for frying a turkey" - by Ebert D. Kan
Good oil for frying a turkey. Didn't turn too dark after frying a turkey and was able to re-use the oil in my everyday cooking
"Works for Me" - by Sandra Marx (ELLICOTT CITY, MD, United States)
Works fine. Easy to read. Easy to use. Appears accurate (I compared it to another thermometer to check). Easy to insert. I hope it lasts. This is not an instant read thermometer although it does work quickly enough for me. I find it quite useful.
"Only needs 2" of liquid to read accurately" - by Bluebird (Cincinnati, OH)
This review is for the CDN IRL500 InstaRead Long Stem Deep Fry Turkey Thermometer.
I purchased this for a Fry Daddy electric deep fryer. Didn't read the description carefully enough. The front of the packaging says "for large deep fry containers" It would have been nice if they had been a bit more descriptive, The stem on this thermometer is 12" LONG!. On the back of the package It tells you how to deep fry a turkey which I though was very interesting but would never do.

The good news is it seems to need a minimum 2" of oil to work. (there is an indentation on the stem exactly 2" from it's pointed end. The Fry Daddy has a suggested 2" fill line. The Fry Daddy also is said to " maintain a perfect frying temperature" so, not allowing the thermometer ... full review
"Turkey Grill" - by OlyNomad
I wish I had this the last two years for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are remodeling our home and only had a small counter oven for making the turkey so we were limited to a small turkey. This can handle up to a 16 pound turkey.
So far we've done practice runs on a roast, a fryer chicken and a turkey breast. The turkey breast turned out the best because we'd started to figure more out. Neither of us had cooked a bird like this before so we watched some online videos first for tips on even cooking, not burning the outside, knowing when it was done etc. The fryer came with a small FAQ section in the grilling guide, but I think they could have expanded that a little with more tips and better before first use instructions.
Clean up is similar to a grill and there ... full review
"The Fryer for those who hate to FRY!" - by Trey
This fryer will solve basically every problem you have with frying. I hated frying because of the huge mess. This fryer is so easy to clean just use it and then put it all in the dishwasher. It doesn't get grease all over the counter either. The only piece that can't go in the dishwasher is the heating element part which cleans off easily in the sink. The features work as described the oil filtration works well and creates no mess. The fryer it self performs flawlessly I have fried frozen foods straight from the freezer, doughnuts, chicken etc.

Update 6/1/15
Fryer gets used at least once a week and is still going strong no complaints!
"I would bayou this pot but I don't know you" - by M. Avita
I don't live in a bayou so I wasn't sure if this was the right product for me. I live in an urban coastal environment. We don't have gators or crawfish or hurricanes. So you can imagine my extreme concern when making this purchase. Will it be a cultural fit? Will people judge me because I'm not bayou enough to use this? It had a lot of nerves about this.

In the end, it worked out very well. I used this pot to deep fry my Thanksgiving turkey. The little turkey stand was very useful as was the thermometer. The hook was okay but I accidentally dropped it into the oil about five minutes after submerging the bird. This is not a recommended action. I had to borrow a neighbor's hook. Yes, I have a neighbor who has a hook. And to my delight, he did not judge the bayou-ness of ... full review