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"Was pleasantly surprised to absolutely love this cereal" - by Julia Kerstetter
Was pleasantly surprised to absolutely love this cereal! Have been looking for a low-carb cereal alternative without sacrificing taste, and this product is defianely it! Nutty, sweet, (but not overly sweet), amazing crunch, and holds up well to cashew milk. Will definately be purchasing again.
"Yum and what the heck? Lol" - by Meri
Wish it was fuller😀. Ordered another jar! Love the taste it's just as good as Nutella but what happened here lol
"Tasty..." - by smr61754 (USA)
I wasn't sure how this pasta would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised. I am a type 2 diabetic and I can always use more options for pasta that helps keep my blood sugar under control. Only problem I had was that it took a lot longer than the 3 minutes the package stated to cook it. On the whole, I am satisfied. I include a photo of my Garlic Shrimp with Fettuccine I made with the pasta.
"Absolutely wonderful!" - by D Nelson (Dallas, TX)
This is a wonderful product. The muffins are very moist and taste fantastic. I made them into regular size muffins so that I could add them to soup. I have already purchased 2 more to have on hand. This made about 12 regular size muffins which comes out to be about 8 carbs/muffin. They are the best low carb bread product I have ever tried.
"I LOVE PIZZA! Been eating a ketosis diet for awhile ..." - by Nicolle A
I LOVE PIZZA! Been eating a ketosis diet for awhile and have missed eating pizza! Tried making a "cauliflower crust" and it was awful! Heard about Carbquik on a keto thread and figured I'd give it a shot. Made the pizza dough recipe on the box 3 times now. It in no way looks like the crust on the box, but it is firm and I can pick it up and eat it like real pizza. The crust tastes like a drop biscuit you make from standard baking mix. The mouth feel is a bit weird at first (mildly grainy/tough), but it's not bad. And gosh darn it! It's pizza on keto diet so I'm not complaining!! My concern was that it wasn't truly low carb as advertised and I would get knocked out of ketosis. So each time I've used it, I've checked myself with ketosis urine strips multiple ... full review
"Five Stars" - by Emily
These are surprisingly good!! They're really filling though. I cook mine in a metal muffin pan and take them out about two minutes early and it keeps them from getting too dry. Also keep in mind that this makes a ton of batter. If you double the recipe to make 12 muffins and portion it out that way, you'll have enormous muffins! I actually like to cut the batter in half to make smaller muffins. These muffins are such a treat and a great breakfast alternative when I'm tired of having the same thing all the time. As a bonus- the batter is delicious!
GREAT PROTEIN BAR AND LOW IN CALORIES!!!!! In my effort to loose weight, I researched protein bars for hours. This is the best bar for those trying to loose weight by watching calories. The bar taste great and keeps me full for hours. I personally like the taste and enjoy the texture compared to most protein bars. It works as a filling snack to keep me going while i'm on the run.
"Choc/PB Delight are the best..." - by Cyndi D (DFW, TX, United States)
These are a staple in our house of one diabetic and one trying to lose weight. We do the subscribe and save here on amazon, and chocolate peanut butter delight seems to be the flavor we like the best.

One unfortunate thing, as pointed out in another review, is that there isn't a mixed "sampler" box that could include 2 or so of each to try. We bought an entire box of the apple and they were really not good to us. If that was the only flavor someone ever tried, I could see a one star review.

We had tried the chocolate delight and the peanut delight from our local Walgreens after reading about them online...both were good, but much more expensive there and only 5 in a box...and they only had those two flavors. So we ordered a box of the choc pb delight and the apple...we have been ordering ... full review
"For weight loss and blood sugar control" - by Flowerwind (The United States of America)
I was diagnosed with type 2 six months back. Decided to lose weight and cut carbs (no sugar, potato, pasta, rice or bread 95% of the time, sometimes I cheat :) ) in order to get in control. Been using extend bars since. I have one for breakfast with coffee. Then for lunch I have another one, sometimes I have a salad instead, or with. The key is that they really seem to work well to suppress my appetite, probably because they stabilize my blood sugar. Anyway after six months I'm down 25 Ibs without really starving and my blood sugar level have improved significantly, my doctor was very happy and told me I will not need any Meds if I keep this up.
I plan to lose another 25 with the help of the extend bars.
So I recommend these. Just note that some bars have more sugar. I only use ... full review
"COSTS less at Costco" - by Albin
- am Diabetic and drink 2 - 3 per day between meals AND before I go to sleep ...( nothing worse than waking up with low blood suga) r!!
- Great product!
"A diabetic must" - by Rhonda Litt
These do what they say and are very tasty. I have stable blood sugars after I eat them and have bars hidden all over the place in case of a BS emergency. This is my favorite flavor and they don't melt in the car.