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"A great combination beathing + video baby monitor" - by Amazon Customer
I'd been reading about so-called 'smart' monitors that offer breathing detection, but my wife didn't like the idea of attaching some kind of electrode to our infant. A friend recommended that we try out the Cocoon Cam monitor since it's both a breathing monitor and video monitor and he said we wouldn't have to attach anything to our newborn. Setup wasn't as painful as I expected and once we synced it with the app, lo and behold, we saw the breathing graph! (I had to calibrate it by showing where the crib was in the camera, but that only took 2 seconds).

If I'm being honest, I don't use the video feature that often. I prefer to simply get the alerts if the baby is crying or has worken up and needs attention, rather than constantly watching the live video feed from work. But my wife lovs that feature. ... full review
"Literally saved my son's life!" - by Rebecca
So I bought this after doing tons of research about whether to get and owlet or a snouza. I decided on the snuza simply because it is a much cheaper option and it seems pretty straight forward. Just attach it to either the diaper or pants and turn it on.
Well a few weeks ago I put my son to bed and had turned on the monitor like I do every night. About 5 hours later I woke up to a very large beeping and rushed to his crib to see he wasn't breathing. Tried to rouse him and he didn't wake. So I picked him up and tried pinching his arm a little and it didn't work. So I blew hard into his faith and be gasped for breath and started crying. I really think my son just forgot to breathe. So relieved I bought this. Definitely worth the buy ... full review
"Love them!" - by Mikayla
Baby loved jamming with me with these! Just turn your phone on airplane mode and chill. ❤️
"Nice little device with a smart app" - by IS
PROS: High quality video, great night vision, monitors temp/humidity, easy to set up the app/quick to install the hardware, intelligent insights (worth signing up for), nice user experience

CONS: The summary wasn't captured at first because I didn't have it positioned to cover the entire crib in view (since fixed), no iPad app yet (customer support promises it's coming soon though)
"Baby Shower must-have!" - by B. Wood (Atlanta, GA USA)
What a clever, cool gift idea! It was the big hit of the baby shower. Cute design and nicely packaged. Very reasonably priced as well![[ASIN:B01FT2QASE PregEgg Personal 9-Month Countdown]]
"Just in CASE" - by Sandra M KImble (Gainesville, Florida, US)
Nice case for my Doppler
"saw this cute little guy and thought it would be a sweet gift for first time parents" - by J Martin
Had a gender party for my son and daughter in law, saw this cute little guy and thought it would be a sweet gift
for first time parents, They are so excited about becoming parents and loved the idea of always having the baby's heart beat.
Found out its a little girl!!
"Don't need the parent remote unit! But love the monitor." - by Amazon Customer
Our baby is a little over a month old, and I love having this movement monitor under his crib mattress! He is a good sleeper and has a couple times slept up to 9 hours overnight without waking hungry, but it's usually 6-7 hours. That is a long time, so having the monitor gives me peace of mind if I can't see or hear him breathing/moving obviously on the video monitor. The alarm has gone off a couple times when he was younger with him in there, but I wonder if it was just being overly sensitive because when I went in he was breathing softly. I prefer it be a little overly sensitive than the opposite. Also, any time we take him out of the crib without remembering to shut the monitor off, the alarm beeps. So it's a nice reminder that it works! I know that it's probably ... full review
"Great comfort for those with Autism or Sensory Processing/Special Needs too!" - by C Young
I loooooove this Fox!!! I bought mine at Burlington as well and I will likely buy a back up from Amazon. I still cope with meltdowns and sensory processing issues and the Fox (who I named Roxy) is an amazing comfort for me.
It keeps me calm and brings me back down when I’m home alone or when I sleep too.
This would be an amazing tool to help those with Autism, even those that are highly functioning like myself to bring them back down and calm them when they’re overwhelmed.
"so many sounds" - by lovsie
Small, rechargable and porable to take anywhere. I put this in a gift bag and gave to a friend at baby shower... she loved it, it's a gift others don't think about so it was a win. Portable and has a hook on end so it can be attached to any baby item or just sit on any surface.