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"Loved by adults too" - by Amy
Purchased for a friend’s 5yo daughter. She loves books and is getting ready to read on her own, so this was a great find. She and her parents are loving it!
"These are fantastic" - by Fantastacy (NJ United States)
My daughter received a set of me-reader books when she was two, and she loved them. We got her this set and had to get her a little backpack because she loves to take them in the car with her wherever we go!
"He feels like a big boy curling up in his chair and ..." - by Alicia Endres
My son is 3 and loves these. We had the Thomas ones first and played with them a lot so we decided to get another set. He feels like a big boy curling up in his chair and "reading" all by himself. I think it states for 18 months and up, but at 18 months I was reading them to him and he would just randomly push buttons on the reader when he was bored.
"Good learning tool!" - by B_ballin95
So far, so good!
Haven't had it long but I think it's great for kids who are just starting out reading!
"Love it for my 2 and 4 year old!" - by Gina Erickson (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
My kids love this! My 2 and 4 year old both enjoy pushing the buttons and reading the books with their own “computer.” Haha! It reads all 8 books. Works great! Very clear sound. Happy with this purchase!
"Great Gift" - by Shadow
As described, I got this for my nephew's 5th birthday, he opened it and started reading immediately, he loves these Me Reader sets!
"love these me-readers" - by Heather Hildebrand
Bought this after a family member got my 2 year old the Thomas version for his birthday, and he saw this one advertised on the back of one of the Thomas books. (Isn't that always the way? We ended up with extra Little Golden Books that way too haha) He loves Jungle Book, Pooh and Nemo, so he was thrilled. He asks to read these books every day for his nap and bedtime. He's gotten very good at finding and pushing the right buttons.
"Buy them all!" - by KpfMay (NC)
My 3 year loves this reader. She is able to “read” these on her own. It’s easy to follow. There are beeps to tell her when to turn the page and corresponding markers on the page and reader to help her figure out what book she’s reading and what page she is on. I loved this one so much we bought a different themed one as well (Mickey Mouse). They’re great.
"Fun toys" - by Claudette
I love the mereader books! My 4 year old finds it easy to use and loves the stories
"Pleased" - by YaYa (Tacoma Wa)
My 7 year old grandson loves to read and he loves PJ Masks. Perfect!
"Great for a 2 year old" - by Alyssa
Super simple for my 2 year old to use! She loves matching up the shapes on the pages with the reader.
"A Great Start for a Late Starter" - by TahoeNina
This was a Christmas gift for my great-nephew, who lives in another state but was able to be with the whole family for Christmas. He opened it and immediately wanted to begin playing. He just turned 4 and has not had consistent reading to him by his parents. He was familiar with the book subjects and I believe this is a great beginning to helping him learn and hopefully develop a passion for reading. The quality of the materials is excellent. I think it will hold up well over time.
"My 3 year old daughter LOVES" - by MomWifeTeacher (Pennsylvania)
We love all the ereaders. My daughter takes a set to bed with her every night. She is 3 years old (she is reading some books independently) and loves audio books. These ereader sets are perfect because I don't have to worry about her handling cds.