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In stock on July 28, 2019.
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"You don't get good pictures from a camera you leave at home." - by mbsailor (Alameda, CA United States)
My trusty Nikon DSLR was stolen recently and instead of replacing a camera I increasingly left at home, I tried a Sony a6000 which is an excellent camera and I'd have kept it except it still requires more than the grab it and stick in my pocket style that I was seeking for a replacement camera.
This camera is exceptionally close in photo quality for the casual use my photo needs have: Online posts, printing online photo albums as family mementos and the occasional print for framing from my Canon Pixma pro 100 printer. The lens is adequate for printing to 13x19 unless you're looking for ultimate sharpness in which case you need lenses that cost 3x the entire price of this camera. As you'd expect, the extremes of the 30x zoom are where the weaknesses lie but hey, you can get superb, stabilized images at 30x from a camera you ... full review

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"Great Lightweight Camera" - by D. Clark
Took a couple pictures with it, seem to turn out good, we haven't downloaded them to the computer yet. I need to use it for a little bit before i would be able to give a fair review. Looks & size wise, the product was exactly what I ordered and came in a timely matter. So far it seems to be a great product. We will see..............

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"The most important thing is that Amazon never lets it's customers go away unsatisfied." - by Victorlewis (LOS ANGELES, CA)
Well I haven't got the chance to use it for working all the time, but it's looks like something I would enjoy onunce I get around to it

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"Good camera" - by kimberly
I don't use this for photos so I don't know how well it works with that, I actually have a nice camera for that. But I started on YouTube and needed a camera with a flip up screen so I could actually see if I was in focus and stuff like that. The screen is awesome and works in all directions. It films for 30 mins straight. And the quality is amazing! I got this one cuz it was cheap but it is perfect. Only problem was that it only came with the lens that you can't zoom in with so I had to buy another lens and they aren't cheap.

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"recommended" - by Tammy Range (CLARION, IOWA, US)
Work great holds a charge for a few days when not in use and last quite awhile when using, I believe 8 hours.

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"Fantastic for the price!" - by Blueskygal (Tucson, Arizona United States)
I bought this camera about one month ago from another site for a lot less money. It is a fantastic camera for the price. I had several requirements for a new digital camera and this met them all. Buyer beware: there are several people marketing this camera under different names for much higher prices. Read specs carefully. IT TAKES GREAT PICTURES!

Why I bought it
- low price - I am retired I did not want to spend a fortune on a new digital camera. This hit target price.
- lightweight but still has a little bit of gravitas to it
- anti-shake feature! my hands shake and this has allowed me to take sharp pix again! This was the most important feature to me.
- retro look - reminds me of my vintage canon ae camera bought in 1978
- the hand grip on the side
- has enough controls to be creative, but not ... full review

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"Great for beginners looking for a real camera - prosumers might be frustrated" - by Lon J. Seidman (CT)
There is a lot to like with this camera. Aspiring photographers who are ready to graduate beyond their smartphones or point and shoots will appreciate the help button feature that provides helpful tips based on shooting mode.

Video creators will also like its fast focusing, the 50 megabit recording mode, and its full frame 4:2:2 uncompressed HDMI output.

Image quality is excellent both for stills and video thanks to the large sensor that's packed inside the rather small camera body. It also incorporates plain english descriptions for each camera mode to explain exactly what it's about to do.

But there are a few compromises. Experienced photographers might find themselves frustrated by the lack of control surfaces. With only one dial on the camera, a few button pushes are required to switch between aperture, shutter, and ISO adjustments.

Video creators will be disappointed to learn that the camera cannot be operated off of external ... full review

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"nice camera" - by Sarah
i dont know a lot about cameras but ive been interested in video clipping my daily life. so this was perfect for me to look at myself if i wanted to record myself. it comes with 2 batteries and 2 more lenses which im not really sure what its used for... but i will learn. very easy to work with (even for ppl like me)

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"Great Value" - by TylerDyer
I loved the camera, it has phenomenal picture quality for the price and I would reccomend it for anyone looking to get into photography! I was able to snap a couple great pictures this past weekend. Thank you!

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"Canon EOS Rebel T6" - by Ann Marie
This camera is fabulous. I bought this for my husband who had never used a camera other than on his smartphone. The camera is very easy to use and he quickly learned how to shoot pictures and take video. The photos come out incredibly clear and very professional looking. The accessories that come with the package are somewhat cheap, the tripod broke after a few uses. But for the memory cards and Canon brand items inside the price is totally worth it!

"Amazing camera, love the Wifi transfer features" - by Nitin
Amazing camera, love the Wifi transfer features. Needs very stable hand with low light pictures. Excellent in good light or flash. You need to remove flash to take the selfie mode (don't take much with this camera anyways). Overall compared to DSLR's its lighter but not a replacement of compact cameras that fit in your pocket for dance parties.

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"... 3-inch version and it fits my Panasonic G7 very nicely. It seems to be well made and is ..." - by jrtiger (California)
I have the 3-inch version and it fits my Panasonic G7 very nicely. It seems to be well made and is simple to put on and off the LCD screen. Works in all position modes as long as the LCD screen is extended from the camera. Since it Velcros around the back of the LCD screen it can not be used with the screen flipped and placed on the back of the camera body. Overall a nice hood shade and I am happy with my purchase.

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"Great purchase! 5 stars" - by Morgan
So excited about this purchase that I couldn’t wait for my husband to open it at Christmas, I had to check it out first! The first thing I noticed was how well packaged it was. Everything was wrapped in protective plastic and even the lens was wrapped separately from the camera itself. I love that it came with an extra battery too. The instructions are clear and straightforward, I was able to navigate through the different settings very easily despite not having photography experience. The picture quality itself is great. I wasn’t sure if it was worth buying a camera when my husbands iPhone camera is so good, but it definitely was worth it! Pictures come out very clear, and that is saying something considering I was taking pictures of my son who wouldn’t stop moving. 10/10 would recommend this camera!

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"My new Video Camcorder!" - by Carl J Archie
Hi Amazon, While looking for a new video camera/camcorder/camera, I came across this camcorder from Rainbowday. There is a video along with this review that shows you about the camcorder and also some actual footage of the camcorder n use. The video shows what comes in the box, the camcorder and attachments, touch screen, microphone, macro and wide angle lens, remote and other things. I also demonstrate the video in it's highest resolution, macro video, wide angle and night vision along with sound test at various settings.

What I found is that this fairly priced camcorder/camera has many usable features just right for the amateur. You can easily adjust the video resolution on the touch-screen menu or on the camera or through the remote. The detachable microphone will offer good options when recording in various situations and you could probably use other 3.5mm microphones too. ... full review