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"Great for a TV Dinner!" - by Rick Grimes (Atlanta, Georgia)
Why on Earth would a former chef rate a frozen dinner five stars? Because the chicken is tasty! It's frozen and precooked, not fresh (aka only refrigerated) from raw chickens, like that used in expensive restaurants and even some cheaper joints. If the chicken's still on the bone, it's probably fresh at the big chains - otherwise, it's frozen and precooked. Nonetheless, even "leftover", frozen chicken can be delicious if the recipe is good, as is the case with this Swanson product. The brownie is yummy as well, but you'll have to bury the taters and corn in butter to make them edible. Naturally, you'll want to purchase the most recently made product, so be sure to learn how to decipher Swanson's date-of-manufacture code. When buying from Amazon, freshness should not be an issue.
"... for his night shift security work - these are perfect." - by Karen (Kennesaw, Georgia, United States)
My son needs quick meals for his night shift security work - these are perfect.
"Best boxed macaroni and cheese" - by A. Hecht (Massachusetts)
No one would claim that boxed macaroni and cheese is even remotely gourmet or healthy, but it's become a staple for kids and adults seeking comfort food. However, no other company seems to be able to crack the boxed macaroni formula like Kraft has. Other brands are generally gross, either having the wrong texture, flavor, or both. Kraft's manages to be surprisingly cheesy and creamy without having a plastic or gummy texture -- a miracle when you realize that it all came from a powder. Even if you cut the amount of butter by 1/2 it still tastes great. The pasta cooks much faster than most pasta, and you can easily have dinner on the table in under 10 minutes. The only real downside of the Kraft macaroni and cheese is how dry and gross it tastes if you try to reheat leftovers the next day.

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"This Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo is quite good." - by Daniel M. Hart (Newton, MA USA)
Stouffer's SIGNATURE CLASSICS chicken fettuccini alfredo, NT WT 10 1/2 OZ (297 G).
This frozen dinner is not half bad, or half good either. For a frozen dinner, it is actually quite good, and it came out of the microwave tasting almost like a freshly made dinner. When I cook frozen dinners in a microwave, I poke a hole in the middle of the plastic cover and add about an ounce of water to keep them from drying out while cooking. The only complaint that I have with this dinner, is the same complaint that I have with most frozen dinners: -the amount of salt included. Why they add so much salt, I do not know. This meal contains about the same amount of salt as two hot dogs, and they are considered to be high in salt to begin with. This one contains 850 mg of sodium, which ... full review
"BEST OF COMPLEATS - Price keeps going up though" - by D. Vanhoose (Donna, TX)
Chicken Breast & Stuffing - This is really good, better than the chicken with mashed rocks (potatoes). I've tried most of these, and the beef ones really DO smell and rather taste like I think dog-food would, but this one is really delicious. A different gravy for the stuffing, and the stuffing (dressing) is very tasty. Chicken is real, not pressed like their turkey one, and quite a meaty little breast. Very satisfying, I usually add a biscuit and side salad or green beans, or just alone for a quick tasty easy lunch.

However, when I ordered it on Amazon in December 2012, I paid $13 including shipping for six of these. I tried to put it on subscription, but that does not guarantee price stays the same I noticed anyway. Now today, March 2013, it's over $24? Almost double.

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"Great tasting side dish or even as an entree" - by Jewvonne
For a little over $1.00 this pouch can provide me with a whole meal as it tastes that good. I live alone and find it difficult to cook for myself. Knorr/Lipton makes numerous flavors of these "side dishes" that are so easy to prepare. Just pour dry contents of pouch into 2 quart round bowl, add 2 1/4 cups water and 2 tablespoons salad oil, microwave on high 12-13 minutes and that's it! I enjoy these a couple of times each week and have a nice variety from which to select. Because the contents are dry the product is easy to store and they last a long time.