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"Great for portable gaming, but a bit on the delicate side." - by Sylvia
I bought this to play my PS4 in my college dorm back in 2015. It is extremely light, and the backpack easily holds my PS4, all of the wires associated with it, the monitor, a dualshock controller, and a few games.I bought the monitor with an anti-glare screen protector, and I have had no issues with angling the monitor or glare (obviously). The image quality is not amazing, but it was good enough for what it was. The low resolution was only glaringly obvious to me when I used it as a second monitor to my laptop every now and then.

I personally have not had any dead pixels during the two years that I used this monitor for, though many other reviews seem to state otherwise. I am of the opinion that this should not be an issue as long as you are careful while handling the monitor.

Turning the monitor ... full review
"NICE!!!! GET THIS!!!" - by T.J. (MEMPHIS, TN, United States)
Finally a gaming monitor for my consoles and PC. I could of went 144hz but I was on a budget so I got this! Freesync in effect, controls feels fluid with the responses, did some minor color adjusting, other than that I am very happy!!!!!!
"Great for travel" - by kyle tunnell (Las Vegas)
I travel often for work so I picked one of these before heading overseas for my last job. I was really worried that it would not survive flying all the way overseas through multiple stops but sure enough it did. Both the screen and my PS4 one made the trip without damage. As for the actual device. It has a very nice sleek look to it. It's really easy to lug around with the shoulder strap that comes with it. The sound is really surprising. Even at its default sound of only 50/100 it is more than loud enough for how close you will be sitting to play it and with good quality sound as well. The screen is a decent size for gaming as really in my opinion anything over mid 20's is too big for gaming. However the quality of the screen is only 720 and while not ... full review
"Excellent monitor for gamers" - by Dave (San Francisco, CA United States)
I decided to get this monitor after reading a lot of reviews and because I've played an enormous amount of Destiny on PlayStation 4 and felt I've hit my peak in my skill improvement. I had the money to spend and was willing to see if getting a gaming monitor with a 1ms response time would up my PVP game at all.

I had been using a 2011 26" Samsung LCD TV for the PS4 so I could game while still watching TV shows, movies, and sports on the big TV in my living room, so I opted for the 27" instead of 24" because I didn't want to go down in size even though some people seem to consider 24" perfect for gaming monitors. I figured that they're probably sitting at a desk up close to it, while I'm in my recliner, so the 27" would probably be a better ... full review
"Good monitor, came secured well in the box" - by Andrew Jauregui
Good monitor, came secured well in the box. struggled a bit to set it up but at the end its a good monitor. the 24 inch was bigger than I expected so beware for if you want a big or not so big monitor. i come from a dell monitor so i can really see differences fast. overall good monitor and worth its price. thank you benq !
"From "oh no!" to "oh wow!!" in 60 minutes...." - by Bob H. Grant
Received my ViewSonic VX2452MH 24-inch monitor today and after initially being disappointed and concerned, I have to say that I love the display. Few things to point out. 1- The stand feels a bit flimsy so be careful with it. 2- I purchased the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable to go with the monitor since my Dell Studio XPS PC had an HDMI output. This is where I was disappointed. Once I had everything plugged in, I couldn't get the screen resolution right. The text was not sharp. It was kinda fuzzy no matter what website I was on. The desktop would not fill the whole screen even after playing with the screen settings and installing the correct drivers from the CD that came with it. "Game Mode" setting did not help at all. It just adjusted the brightness, contrast and colorization. I was so bummed out that I nearly packed ... full review
"More than what I was expecting! I'm really happy!" - by Raúl A Morales
I have it for only 2 days, but so far it works like a charm. I'm in love with it, even my wife. It has a huge list of games and as for now all the titles I can think of that I used to play. I have the Xbox one with over 100 games and I haven't use it in two years now, with this I can see my self wasting my time lol, but bringing back my childhood memories and transfering them to my son as well. The design is very nice looking and sturdy with built-in lights(not bright enough to like it in the dark or to see the beautiful picture in it) , you will find a few repeated titles but who cares you will get over 2000 games and you will never play all of them anyways. It has the HDMI and VGA connection so ... full review
"great product" - by Amazon Customer
I had the vanguard and upgraded to the sentinal... the screen is much better ... overall a better design then the previous one ... but i think 350 bucks is a lil high...