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"Great, Fast & I Love It!" - by Pablo Valero (Texas, USA & Nuevo León, Mexico.)
I love getting Amazon Gift Cards. If someone's birthday is coming up and you are unsure on what to give them, this is a great option. I received Amazon's email in less than 10 minutes from the time I ordered it. This is great for situations when you are in a hurry.

Be aware that the person who will receive the email is the one you insert in "To". Sometimes the email may appear in your "Junk Email" box so be careful when cleaning that bad boy up!
I've bought several E-mail Delivery Gift Cards and I can say that this is great and very efficient. The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the way it may be delivered at times in your "Junk" box. If you want to surprise someone with a Gift Card and this person cleans up their junk ... full review
"Free Money - A $5 Gift Card for Reloading." - by Gene P. Louie (Seattle)
Here are the "good" and "bad" on this product.
1. Free money! The plan issues a $5 gift card on a $100 reload.
2. Usage on the Amazon website is "painless" and convenient.
1. Issuing incentives for buying this product is super infrequent. Since Amazon's emergence in e-commerce, the $5 incentive was offered only once.
"My nieces love Justice and I am glad that Amazon carries the ..." - by Queen Christina II (Northridge, CA USA)
My nieces love Justice and I am glad that Amazon carries the card. Perfect for birthday presents for ages 8 to 13 years old. Both my nieces ages 10 to 14 love this store.
"Gift" - by Ryleigh Roo (Wisconsin, USA)
A gift for my daughter's birthday. She was very happy. It arrived promptly.
"Road Grub" - by Bill LeDoux
I earned a $25 Amazon credit by doing surveys online and did not really have any idea what to spend it on, so when I saw this gift card listed I thought it would be a great idea as I'm traveling soon and it may come in handy. I ended up installing the Taco Bell app and applying the balance to it. The order arrived in the promised time and was accurate.
"Gift card" - by Howard Hamilton (Dallas, Texas USA)
This gift card was a Christmas gift for a nephew. I had never heard of the company before he asked for this and I am still not sure what they sell, but he was very happy with it.
"The Perfect Gift!" - by Sandra
These printable cards are the best last-minute gifts! It takes a second to choose, pay for, download, then print this card. There are many designs to choose from. You can even choose a design in which you can add your own photo! And, best of all, I have never had trouble with the application! With this card, the receiver can choose the best gift. This is a wonderful gift!
"Very disappointed.." - by Amazon Customer
Edit: I originally gave this product 1 star due to my below complaint; however, Amazon was quick to send me a replacement with expedited delivery so I adjusted the rating accordingly.

I bought the $100 gift card to use for the Black Friday sale. It came in today and the code didn't work and a message kept coming up saying the product wasn't activated. I can't find anywhere on Amazon's website to report the issue and will be missing out on the sales that end tomorrow. Very disappointed...