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    "Great first pedal or backup unit" - By JP Withers
    For the price this is an incredible unit. I also have a POD HD500X, a more expensive and capable multi-effects unit, and as far as just sound quality on the effects it has this is comparable. The graphic EQ on here actually has more band settings than the POD version.

    There are some serious downsides to this unit all of which come down to the fact that you can't connect it to a computer for anything but firmware updates. So you can't save your patchsets, develop custom patches, or set up groups of patches in order using anything but the little built in screen, which is a serious pain if you are used to units that allow you to do this using your laptop. Those units also cost hundreds of dollars more.

    There is no off switch on this, which makes it annoying for bedroom warriors. But ... full review

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    "Nice range of effects" - By Dermot
    This little box is a really money and space saver. It has pretty much every effect I've wanted for some time. I play only for my own amusement but I like to match the sounds the recording artists used. The box let's me do that. It has certainly more than met my expectations.

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    "So it's like I have about $10,000 worth of individual pedals in one concise unit for less than $200" - By Hobbyist
    I recently bought my first tube amp, the Marshall DSL40C, which has amazing sound for the money, but the reverb that came on it is virtually non-existent. So I started looking at reverb pedals.....who in their right mind would pay over $100 for an effects pedal that does one thing like a (Fender reverb or Hall of Fame or Holy Grail)? Then I cam across the Zoom Chorus/Delay/Reverb and almost bought it for $119 but then this popped up. With the nearly 5 star average review, I thought I would spend the extra $80 and try it out. WOW am I glad I did. Not only do I now have a great sounding reverb, but I have every other effect you can ever imagine (phaser, tremolo, chorus, delay, overdrive, distortion, filters, etc....the list goes on and on and on.

    I really just wanted to ... full review

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    "Music production" - By Kashu
    No matter where you are in your music career, recording or live performance, for any genre, this is a must have. Don't just take my word for it, find some one who has one and you too will be blown away by the reliable excellence of the Behringer FX2000 3D Multi-Engine Effects Processor.

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    "Five Stars" - By Highmember
    nice and perfect great sound great value!

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    "Great little POD" - By Captain Obvious (Wisconsin)
    I really love this little POD because it allows me to use my little amp and emulate sounds from larger, more expensive amps/effects that I'll never be able to afford (or allowed to own by wifey). You also have the ability to create your own sounds via your computer (free software from line 6) and you can also download already created sounds from online to the POD (also free).

    I also like the ability for me to listen via the headphones when I play so that I don't wake the baby.

    The POD that I received was used and had some issues but Amazon is always amazing with returns.

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    "So what its plastic." - By Kevin A. Teets
    I have many Behringer pedals.Used them gigging.Have had many people ( lots of musicians ) asking me what I am using to get my tone and effects .They are all surprised when I tell them Behringer pedals.And almost all say the same thing."aren't they made of plastic"? Yes they are made of plastic.But being someone who has worked in the plastics industr.for 25 + years I know Plastic can be very strong .I have done hundreds of gigs with these pedals and never had a problem.You would really have to jump ontop of these hard to damage them.And if you did that with the non plastic pedals I am sure you would also have a problem .That said.I have 5 fx600 pedals because I found a site selling them for $14.A super bargin for so much effect.As far as battery power nowadays batteries cost more than pedals so anyone ... full review

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    "The new tecnology is amazing!" - By Carlos J.
    I use the boss me-8 for 15 years, now with the boss me-25 i have the same kick ass sound plus some more effects and customisations, also it comes with a beutifull surprise that i don't even expect, this guiar pedal is also an audio interfase that suport digital audio via USB, is really amazing you will not regret, it doesn't come whit a power supply only batteries, buy one separatly.

    ohh yeaah it also includes the software Sonar LE 8.5

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    "Has tones of built ins with great accuracy and tone" - By Mangosurf
    FABULOUS!!! It does everything described and then some. Has tones of built ins with great accuracy and tone. Lots of fun and space saving in the home studio yet quality good enough for stage gigs and very portable. Love This Product. User friendly with very clear digital display.

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    "This is best multi effects pedal ever" - By Alexander Bautista
    This is a masterpiece. I don't know why people complain on this multi effects pedal. This is best multi effects pedal ever.

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    "Nice !!" - By CARREY (County of San Diego)
    this is a really cool product. at first i thought i was disappointed in the drum loop sounds becsuse i thought they sounded too cheesy and not real but when i recorded some music using them along with the songs ive been working on, it turned out sounding pretty good and im happy with it. Also, my bass that sounds to cheap and not so great recording in through my irig2 without any effects module , is drastically improved when i plug it into this NUX-MG20

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    "Vox did a good job and kept the price low." - By dennis caton
    Versatile and user friendly.The metal case is a plus as is that it is made in Japan. For short money you get lots of effects and a tuner in a small neat package.

    Changing the batteries is a bit ponderous, a gate access would make changing the batteries quick instead of removing four small screws and removing the bottom plate. It is a minor inconvenience.

    It works well for my needs.

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    "AWESOME Processer!" - By benjamin chandler
    This thing is awesome! For its price you can't find any other processor that can plug into your computer and easily navigate the pedals. To connect to your computer or laptop you will need a standard printer cable (I would pick up one of the amazon basic cables for cheap.) I bought a 10 foot one which is plenty to run from the pedal to my music stand. Also once you are connected to your laptop via the USBcable, all sounds from your laptop will run through your amp/headphones. That confused me the first time when my computer speakers sounded better, haha. If you are curious, It comes with a power supply.

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    "Versatile unit." - By Alexander N
    This is an awesome unit, versatile and very good quality. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a guitar processor for recording at a home studio, composing riffs and licks, playing at the rehearsal studios or performing a gig.

    If that is a satisfying bit of information for you, go and buy it. If not and you want more info on the unit, read on this rather lengthy review.

    I bought this unit as a replacement for my Line 6 which was loved dearly and finally died after 7 years of use and abuse. Rust in piece Line 6.

    BOSS GT 100 is very versatile processor. You can hear different tones that it can produce by searching "BOSS GT 100" on youtube a bit. However no matter what you hear on youtube or in BOSS GT 100 official ad it is not what you are going ... full review

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    "Very cool effects - all of th efun fooling around effects ..." - By Keyser Soze (Sebastopol CA)
    Very cool effects - all of th efun fooling around effects you could want - not bad construction, fun to fiddle with and goof around with, but probably not gig-worthy. That said though, I do use it a lot at home, and my daughters love it.