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    "Strengthened the wifi signal and speed. On Windows 10 ..." - By Lewis Trupin
    Strengthened the wifi signal and speed. On Windows 10 there is no need for installation using the disc provided. It does it automatically.

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    "Best. Modem. Ever." - By Jordan Willaims
    If you are looking to ditch the monthly charge of renting a modem from your ISP, or simply to get higher performance, this Netgear modem is currently the best option out there. I'm a software engineer, gamer, and consume all my video content through the I live through the internet.

    Why this Netgear modem?
    A few months ago I picked up an Arris SURFboard SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem/ Wi-Fi N Router, after previously having success with Arris modems. I liked the idea of an all in one combo, and since the SBG6580 was dual-band I figured it should work great. It didn't. The short version of the story is I spent the next 6 weeks with terrible internet issues, which I thought was mostly Comcast's fault (after previous experiences)...disconnects, download speeds of around 1Mbps, upload speeds of .5Mbps (despite paying for 50Mbps down and 5Mbps up)...and then ... full review

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    "Great Cables!" - By Corticus (NYC)
    I upgraded the cables for my gaming PC and network devices. The cables maintain a high throughput and increased transfer rates a bit.

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    "IPv6-only issues solved!" - By Adrian G. Ramirez
    So far, working on Comcast just fine, but, word of warning: it took me 4 hours to get it running on their system.

    Long story short is that they provisioned it incorrectly in some way and it was set to only give me IPv6 signal and not IPv4. Comcast refused to push a firmware update stating that it was Motorola/ARRIS responsibility. After calling Comcast, then Motorola, then Comcast then Motorola and then Comcast again, Motorola informed me that the ISP is required whether you own or lease your modem) to provide service updates to your equipment. Simply stating this, located at helped immensely with knowing exactly what to say to the Comcast rep so I stopped getting the run around.

    Hopefully no one else has this same problem, but, if you do, hope this info helps you and the rep troubleshoot it.

    If anyone needs more ... full review

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    "Modem NOT defective - Comcast conspiracy?" - By Kendoso
    I felt compelled to write this to help those who will encounter the problems I faced (and mentioned here). I'm one of the many people who wanted to avoid renting a modem from Comcast and bought this modem based on the stellar reviews, only to find that on the day of installation/activation that it "didn't work". Didn't work meant experiencing the same symptoms that's been mentioned here several times - "modem connects but then resets/power cycles/disconnects itself within a few minutes." This happened to me on the day I activated my Comcast internet. The technician spent 1.5 hours trying to figure it out and ended up loaning me a Comcast modem (Motorola SB5120 DOCSIS2), which came up almost instantly and activated just as fast (go figure). He suggested I return this modem as it was defective, in his opinion. I didn't like this since ... full review

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    "Helps incrase 2 bars to 5 bars. -" - By Roland W. (Greenville, SC, USA)
    My router is in the basement and does reach every room of my house. BUT one tiny little corner only gets one bar. I installed the TP Link in the middle floor - wifi signal has to go through 2 walls and a thick floor with hardwoods. Dual Bands are on and I get 5 bar signal in that corner now.
    Distance wise - TP Link is about 20 ft from wifi router and i get very good signal now on 2nd floor and across the house.
    Set up is also quiet easy - just enter the IP address on your laptop and follow the simple set up instructions . You are live within 2-3 minutes.

    If my review helped you in any way, please hit the "YES" below where it asks, "Was this review helpful to you?"

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    "Works Great for Under $5" - By I Like Stuff
    I have bought a variety of Amazon basic cables before including, USB, USB 3, Micro USB, HDMI, and now HDMI 2/Highspeed/whatever you want to call it. I’m using this to connect my PS4 Pro to my Samsung 4k tv since I have no idea where the HDMI cable that came with my PS4 Pro went.

    I have purchased many Amazon Basics products in the past and they have all held up well. I had a brief issue with a portable battery but Amazon was quick to do an exchange and I haven’t had any issues with the replacement since. In short, I trust Amazon products and they have rarely let me down. This cable is no different. It looks pretty basic and generic but I don’t need my cable to glow, or have large branding, or to do anything besides work. It feels ... full review

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    "Thought to consider before purchase" - By Jerry Kellison (SANTA ANA, CA, US)
    Currently I have TWC and wanted to get rid of their modem and purchase this SB6183 for my internet. I'm getting 200mbps and this is a quality product. BUT, I did some digging and find that since I also have my phone connected to TWC and since the hookup goes thru the TWC supplied modem, I'm not able to get rid of the TWC modem. In other words, I could hook the internet portion up to the SB6183, but I would still have to retain the TWC modem in order for my phone to work. I just got off the phone with ARRIS tech support and the guy stated that there is no "work around" or other modem available that would handle the internet/phone combination. I thought it best to mention this to all of you in case you were thinking of you don't ... full review

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    "Nicely Done" - By Chaseman
    For those who are trying to figure out what a "Modem cable" is (I was confused & hesitant at first) this cable is a heavily shielded, telephone cord & was exactly what I needed to relocate my DSL Modem well away from the dedicated wall-jack. With a regular "Radio Shack" type phone extension cord the signal was not strong enough for my DSL modem to keep its link with my ISP. Since installing this "High Speed Internet Modem Cable" the connection has remained rock solid! Well worth the cost... since the cheaper kind simply did not work in my case. Very happy with it!

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    "So far so good" - By Brandon
    I immediately ran a speed test on wifi and came up with 90+ Mbps with just the one connected device. I reran today (2 days after installation) with 2 devices connected via wifi, and one device wired, and came back with similar speeds (attached screenshot).

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    "Working perfectly at 1080p" - By James A Harris (Broomfield, CO United States)
    Installed in-wall through conduit between home theater receiver and 1080p wall mounted TV. Experienced no issues pulling this cable through flexible conduit, though it is considerably thicker and a bit less flexible than most other HDMI cables I have come across (I'm guessing this is as a result of the CL3 rating). The connection at both ends clicked in solidly and makes me feel confident that it will not wiggle or droop loose in the future. At this time, I do not have any 4k devices and such, can not speak to its compatibility and performance at any resolution above 1080p. That said, this cable seems to be supplying a flawless signal at 1080p and I have absolutely no complaints with it.

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    "Pays for itself!" - By Tricia
    I have Comcast for wifi only, and I was trying to get rid of their modem so I could get out of the monthly modem rental fee. I don't have cable - all of my "tv" watching is from streaming or an antenna that I have to pick up a couple local channels for the news. So good wifi is extremely important in my house.

    I plugged this in on Saturday, easily activated it with Comcast following only the directions in the box, and even changed the wifi name/password within 15 minutes. I have a 1200 square feet 2-story townhouse and the router sits at the very back left corner of the first floor. I have a smart tv upstairs in the front of the house, and after plugging this in I went upstairs to stream an episode of Friends on Netflix to test the power. I didn't have ... full review

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    "Stick with Flat" - By Jordan
    This is my first foray into flat Ethernet cables. I was a little worried at first that the lack of thickness might affect my speeds. My internet source is Google Fiber, so I'm running 1000GB fiber optic internet. The thickness has no negative affect on my up/down speed. I compared this cat6 cable to a thick cat5. There is a noticeable speed difference.

    The Google Fiber box is underneath my bedside night stand. My computer, desk, Xbox, and television are all across the room on the opposite wall. I obviously didn't want cords running up and down my floor. That would present a trip hazard as well as likely lead to damaged electronics. Take my foot before you take my Xbox. I ran this cord along the wall and utilized the mounting hardware that came with the package. It worked flawlessly. I would post photos but I'm at work. ... full review

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    "Better than advertised." - By SDNINKC (Overland Park, KS USA)
    OK, I'll jump on the band wagon! I received this yesterday and installed the router and satellite in about 10 minutes. I am fortunate enough to have Google fiber, 1000 mbps up and down, and sure not taking advantage of the wireless side. Google had installed their router in the basement and I was receiving about 150 in the basement, maybe 30 mbps on the main floor and 10 mbps, if I was lucky, upstairs. I set the router up in the basement and the satellite unit on the main floor and what an amazing difference. I am not getting around 500 mbps in the basement, 350 on the first floor and still over 200 upstairs. The setup was a snap and so far working just fantastic, time will tell but so far so good. No more buffering for me.

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    "Saved me $230!" - By Raif M. Turner (Lubbock, Texas United States)
    Recently ordered a Surface Pro 3 from Amazon and went ahead and ordered the Plugable UD-3900 at the same time. I couldn't be happier with the way they work together. Already owned wireless keyboard and trackball that I used with a four year old Asus laptop, so I didn't need the Surface keyboard (nor did I want to spend another $130 for it). Wanted the ability to use external monitors, but didn't want to pay an additional $200 for the Surface dock. Thankfully, the UD-3900 solves all these difficulties AND provides additional connection ports for external drive, USB drives, and other attachments.
    One of the problems I had encountered with devices that sit vertically and have multiple connections is their tendency to move around on the desk due to the pulling of the connected cables. This device appears to have just enough mass to prevent that from happening.
    Reading Amazon ... full review