Ice Cream Topping

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"Buy it, you won’t regret it ! Wonderful taste, fresh and delicious !" - by Mountain gal
Oh man, this is the best ever! Our local ice cream shop puts it on there cones, but I would rather add it to my ice cream at home. I was thrilled to find this is the same stuff, and it’s so good ! Worth the price, and I will be ordering a lot more !
"Packaged and delivered perfectly, great product!" - by LJ (New York)
Arrived in excellent condition well packaged. When heated up make for great drizzle on ice cream. Delicious flavors, true to descriptions.
"Good nut Topping" - by Joanie B
I have been buying this brand of nut topping for years but I cannot find it in the stores here in NYC. Highly recommend and will buy again.
"Five Stars" - by Sam Holland
Just like the ice cream parlor just fabulous !!!!
"I've ordered these before and they are great. I don't use them on ice cream but ..." - by AnneB
I've ordered these before and they are great. I don't use them on ice cream but I'm sure they work well on it. I use them when I make chocolate covered pretzels. Just melt baking chocolate chips ( I like the dark chocolate ones) in the microwave on low heat. Dip the prezels in the warm chocolate and sprinkle the ice cream accents on top. sometimes I put the topping (accents) in a large bowl and roll the chocolate covered pretzels on the "accents". Put the completed pretzels on a wax paper covered plate (or standing up in a coffee mug) in the refrig for about 10 minutes so the chocolate re-hardens. Yum
"Amazing Product, use it every morning to give my coffee even more flavor!" - by Kollan K.
There isn't much to say about this product except, it was recommended when I was going to buy my Ninja Coffee Bar System. I ended up purchasing the coffee system somewhere else but ordered this product anyway. It came in great packaging and I use it every single morning. It was worth every single penny. If you like a little flavor or like to make specialty coffees at home, this is a must. They are also pretty big bottles so you get a lot for what you are paying. Hint: Make sure that you put this product in the bottom of the cup before brewing. It works much better that way!
"Yummm" - by Shadowwolf (Seattle, WA USA)
This stuff is great. Works on ice cream, dunking apples, making dirt cups, anything!
"Delicious!" - by Esha
I love adding peanut butter to my ice cream. And while warming up some peanut butter is fine, this works soon much better. Just great!
"Heavenly Topping" - by Kat E (Ventura, CA United States)
Best ice cream topping there is. Heating up them up and pouring over ice cream is my favorite dessert!!!! Making a cream puff, hollow it out, place ice cream on the bottom portion, place the top back on and cover with warm topping.....yum. Give them as gifts all the time
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer (Mission Hills, CA USA)
My husband loves this on his ice cream. Thank you
"soooooo+++***!!! much better than all the Hershey and other brands" - by Toes (CLERMONT, FLORIDA, US)
The Premium Chocolate is soooooo+++***!!! much better than all the Hershey and other brands...I have it on some kind of vanilla ice cream 3-4 times a week...
Now I'm gonna try the Caramel...