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"IPS for under $200 and works!" - by S. Elrasoul (FL, USA)
So far I am very satisfied with the monitors. These are actually my first IPS and I can say I am simply amazed and the picture. Before I go on let me post my settings because out of the box settings are the WORST and will make you want to return the item.

Splendid: Theater
Sharpness: 45
Trace Free: 80
Brightness: 90
Contrast: 78
Saturation: 70
Color Temp: User Mode with all colors maxed
Skin Tone: Natural
Smart View: Off

With those settings everything should look great IMO. I actually bought 3 monitors because I am running SLI configuration for programming and for gaming. Because I have such a small desk, at the moment, I had to angle the monitors 75 degrees from the center monitor. So if you can picture that in your mind, I want to say I have NO problem seeing anything. The colors still look great and gaming is just as fun. Only problem ... full review
"Best monitor I have ever owned. No BLB / MINOR IPS glow at 100% brightness." - by falnano
I debated on buying the ASUS PG279Q (IPS version) monitor for the longest time due to the poor reviews. I finally made the plunge purchasing and I am glad I did. Let me start off by saying I am a very picky person. The BLB on this monitor was so minor (pretty much non-existent.) There is some minor IPS glow in the corners, but it is only visible in a pitch black room with brightness blasted at 100 percent and viewing the monitor at an angle. Why on earth would you ever game in a pitch black room at max brightness anyway? Every IPS monitor I have ever owned has IPS glow, including my TV. This one is no different. It actually has less IPS glow than my other monitors.

I play my games in a dark room, but usually have the brightness ... full review
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"Generally Neat and nifty and nice" - by Haywin
This is a small screen.

As such it can make things difficult to use. Normal font sizes require squinting to read clearly, and UI elements from many programs can consume large fractions of screen real estate very quickly if you are not careful.

NEVERTHELESS it is a nice screen so far. I can easily pop it in my bag (with a small handmade case) and go off about to use it as a small portable monitor, which happens to be exactly what I bought it for.

I don't have a raspberry pi, and cannot comment on its usefullness for those, but I imagine that it would work quite fine with those.

A few qualms. . .

It comes with a very short HDMI cable. This is probably planned with the assumption that the user is going to be using it for a computer screwed onto the back, which is not what I am doing, so ... full review
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"Great screen" - by Brad Hutchings (Mission Viejo, CA USA)
I have two of these on a pole stand hooked up to my Mac Mini (2012), as part of my stand up desk. I am in front of those screens 60+ hours a week. As displays, they are just perfect.

Now, if you think you're going to get decent audio out of these, I have a unicorn to sell you. The little speakers sound more tinny than a bad cell phone and the volume control embedded deep in the menu system is basically unusable.
"Solid, Photographer's eye full true, natural HD color with no bleed or cross-screen color variation" - by John J
Updated 10/11/18: I have bought two more of these since, for a multi-screen setup. I continue to rate these products 5-star! This came in well protected in a double box, the outer shipping box, wrapped inside with industrial paper and within the manufacturers box. The outer shipping box was a bit banged up but the interior box was fine. The monitor was intact and undamaged and packed well. (Hint save the box, wrap and foam for storage and if you move house). The monitor itself exceeds expectations, passing every online monitor test I could find. The default color is "warm" and it is slightly "less cool" than the Samsung 27" LED it replaced. Each monitor has it's own slightly different tone within brand and model as well as across them. Visually, the image is clear thus far, no lines, dark spots, light bleed or any thing else. This ... full review
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"Do not let other reviews scare you from this product, it really is as good as it sounds." - by C. Church (Ephrata, PA)
I write this review as a PACS Administrator whom deals with Diagnostic medical Grade Monitors on the daily.

Please keep in mind that the colors and vibrancy will chance the longer the monitor has been on. It will eventually reach its true potential once you let the monitor warm up. Give it 30 mins at the most to warm up before you began calibration.

This is an amazing monitor for the price! the display is crisp and really displays colors vibrantly. The settings on the monitor itself are perfect, you really do not need to set this to anything other than Standard settings. When using this on a computer you will in fact as many have complained about a lack of brightness. This is not the monitors problem, you must calibrate the monitor using either Windows monitor calibration (In Win10) or consult your Graphics card settings as there is color and brightness ... full review
by LG
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"Outstanding Value" - by G (United States)
PIXEL PERFECT !!! Great replacement monitor for the workstation. Uses about 30 watts, which is less than that of the 22 inch, lower resolution LED monitor it replaced. The "glass" is non-glare, but smooth, unlike many of the matte types. Very nice. It was delivered two days after the afternoon order was placed, and that was standard/free shipping! I'm happy.

"LG 32MA70HY-P 32-Inch Full HD IPS Monitor with..."
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"This Monitor is Super Sharp, Modern and Well Designed" - by Handy (Arkansas)
This monitoring is PERFECT. It's super big and every is super sharp and well defined from every angle. I am so happy with this monitor, I bought a second one for work.

Like on most of these new style monitors, the stand is a little too basic to get the monitor to the right position and height. Plus, I wanted to keep one of my old Dell monitors as a second monitor. So I bought a Mount-It! MI-2781 dual monitor VESA desk stand. To use this new monitor with the VESA mounts, I had to remove the little plastic factory stand it comes with. This involved popping off a plastic cover on the back of the monitor (see photo). Then there were four screws to remove. After that, I popped the cover back on. As you can see the photos, this AOC monitoring comes with ... full review
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"I bought this frame a week ago" - by Igscpru Dizhr (NORTHRIDGE, CA)
I bought this frame a week ago, received on time and well packed. It comes along with user manual, quick start guide, adaptor, a rack for stand, and even a small screw, I figured it was for the wall-mounting. After I turned on the frame, on the screen it guides me to select language, connect to wifi, set frame name, location and time zone, just few steps I made it setup very easily, the touch screen is very intuitive, seems the user manual is not even needed. Oh when wifi connected there was a message popped out, asked me to update to the latest version and I did it. Then I downloaded the app from app store, paired the frame, send photos from my phone to the frame, without signing up with any email or account. I told my daughter and my son to download the app and send photos ... full review
"Little Tractor" - by Amazon Customer (Managua, Nicaragua)
Powerful little machine. Have used it for Ac origins in very high settings and it flows like a breeze. Keep it on all day to play YouTube videos while downloading, and there's not an overheating problem, or a problem with the speakers. I vouch for this laptop.
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"I'm loving it! Price-wise, I don't think this monitor can be beat." - by Sylvia J Madden
I'm loving it! Price-wise, I don't think this monitor can be beat.

First of all, Yes it has FreeSync. For no apparent reason, no where does it say that Adaptive sync is FreeSync, but it is. The FreeSync range is 30-144 FPS, which is better than a lot of monitors. When looking at the OSD, it will actually show your Vertical refresh rate as "FreeSync" if you have it connected to a FreeSync compatible video card.

I upgraded from a pair of 20" 4:3 monitors (1600x1200 native resolution). So, while not giving me double the pixel width with this one monitor, it comes close, and I can easily display side-by-side windows. Thus, while losing a little bit of "real estate" it's not really noticeable and actually a lot nicer to just view everything on one screen.

Size-wise, I was worried about a 24" screen seeming too big, ... full review
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"A great laptop if you're willing to put in some work" - by Carol Frank
-Beefy hardware
-Thin and light
-Metal construction
-Huge battery capacity compared to similar laptops
-Lots of ports (including ethernet and a sd card reader)
-Stays fairly cool (more on this later)
-144hz calibrated screen

-Can get loud
-Webcam in weird position
-Requires a lot of work to make it really good

If you get this laptop, I highly reccommend doing the following:
-A fresh install of windows
-Installing all drivers from Gigabyte except for the Nvidia and Intel graphics drivers
-Undervolt the CPU (I'm stable at -.18V)
-(Optional) Slightly overclock the GPU (increase frequency but dont increase voltage)
-(Optional) Repaste the CPU and GPU

Doing all of these things is time consuming and can be frustrating, but it makes the laptop run so much better. This laptop can run anything I throw at it. The GPU stays cool and the CPU can get toasty, but after the undervolt, it rarely thermal throttles. When it does, the lowest it will throttle is down to about about to ... full review
by HP
In stock on June 19, 2020.
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"Beautiful Display" - by Colorado Jerry (Aurora, CO)
This monitor is the new wider format. The HDMI input provides a sharp display with beautiful colors. Very satisfied and the HP brand is a big plus, not to mention the very reasonable price. I highly recommend.
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"Powerful pc for good price" - by edip ufuk avun
This is a very powerful laptop. This being the 2018 version, they include the hard drive tray and screws which usually weren't included in recent versions. Upgraded it with a second 500gb 2.5" Sata SSD.

Owned an asus Rog Strix gl703vm before this one, but it had a sudden voltage problem and died; had to return it.

Thanks to Helios 300's Overclockable GPU, it can pull higher frame rates than the Rog Strix.

-Cooling is very good, it didn't exceed 80c under load and max fans.

-Silent (more silent than rog strix)

-144hz refresh rate is great and this version has a much better screen than the previous gen. Screen tearing didn't occur so far.

-8th gen i7 8750h does not bottleneck gpu as much as 7700hq

Some cons:
-No display port: won't project over 60fps on external monitor.
-No independent buttons to increase/decrease volume and access to PredatorSense.
-had bunch of junkware installed but easily removable.
-200gb available to go ... full review