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"Great STEM gift for first time coders." - by Melanie Rothman (Philadelphia)
I was looking for a STEM gift for my 6-yr-old. She loved this! Some observations but not complaints: the board is unnecessary. The mouse will travel on any hard, flat surface. The board is difficult to snap together into different shapes for each coding project. It's easier to just leave the board in a square or move the mouse to a table top. The benefit of using the board provided is that there are grooves to place the purple walls. Using the purple walls helps my kid visualize in advance what path the mouse must take to get the cheese. Great STEM gift for first time coders.
"Great product. The kiddo (9yr old) was up and ..." - by KaDargo
Great product. The kiddo (9yr old) was up and running with it in no time. Easy to put together and the walk throughs were easy for him to pick up on. Only 2 knocks on it 1. Needs a power switch 2. Could use more learning apps. #2 is the only reason not to give 5 stars, but hopefully the community grows and contributes more.
"What a cool toy" - by M. Heltsley (Wisconsin)
My kids love COJI. My 5 year old plays with it nonstop for hours. Mostly on manual mode, but sometimes he programs him too, especially when he's showing it off. It's a wonderful toy and if the kids learn a few concepts about coding along the way that's even better.
"Awesome Logic Code Game! :)" - by Chrissy P
Great coding game for kids! I have spent the past couple of years teaching computer programming skills to my gifted students. They have a ball every time we are involved in activities and it's really fun to see them working and smiling at the same time. While we do tons of computer based coding thanks to, scratch, Lego Mindstorms, and more, this Code Master Programming and Logic game has brought in a new twist on coding. I especially like that there are coding activities that don't need to be done on the computers. Kids are on computers quite a bit and it's nice to take a break and do something a little more 'unplugged'. I whipped the game out today, and watched my students (grades 3-5) work together in pairs to complete the levels. I like that the game did not take terribly long ... full review
"Amazing way to introduce programming to kids" - by Amazon Customer
This game is awesome!! It is an amazing way to introduce simple programming steps to kids. Well why just kids. I never had a soft spot for computer programming, but this game helped me understand all the programming lingo and jargons in such an easy way. My 11 year old nephew is just loving it. He especially likes the robot place markers. They are really cute.
"A great addition to every classroom" - by Tracey H.
We bought Littlecodr about two weeks ago, and tried it in our classrooms with our students. This is a very good game that can be used to introduce young children to some of the fundamental concepts of coding. The game is made of 80 cards with your basic “forward, backward, left, and right” cards that teach directionality and sequencing. Add to the mix some of the game’s “wild cards”, and you can take teaching basic programming to the next level.
Littlecodr also comes with instructions on more than 15 different ways to play the game, but if you and your students try to be a bit creative, you will discover that you can invent your own rules and ways to play the game.

Either you are an educator, a parent, or just someone who loves coding, Littlecodr is a great and inexpensive option to make children ... full review
"Cool little toy. Maybe not for a kid under 2" - by T
Its hard to review as i got this for a 2 year old, and every kid loves different types of toys. I'm going to review the product as i see it, as my boy is still too young to really understand it. I think its a great toy with a great opportunity to learn what is essentially a basic programming lesson. You are programming this little guy by configuring his parts. It is a really cool idea, and the fact that you can get additional parts is even cooler. He makes great sounds and is lively. I recommend for a fun, programming oriented toy for a kid 3+.
"I have high expectations for this kit." - by bobert
Got this for my 10 year old. Due to his experience in Lego building (real and virtual Lego building) I thought I might unlock his interests in assembling a computer and exploring sensors in the all so consuming popularity of a Minecraft environment. Admittedly I deplore Minecraft as another time-wasting pursuit but as part of kit that includes assembling the handsome case, and plugging in sensors peeked my interest. He took a couple of days to complete the kit assembly. Believe me I wasn't looking over his shoulder but I did stress more than once to follow the blueprint they provide. He did all the work. What a pleasant surprise. I took the reins only to plug in the power supply which booted up the computer. On the third day he finished all the storyboard levels quickly and I had to plug in an ethernet connection to download the ... full review
"My 9-year old daughter loves her pink mBot" - by HeatfanJohn
"Tina" (my daughter's name of our mBot) met all of our expectations. It was fairly easy to assemble and my 9 year old did most of the work. The hardest part of the assembly was getting the very small nuts on the screw for the the wheel motor. I had a little difficulty finding a tablet to use to install the Makeblock applications on. Our iPad2 had Bluetooth issues. I was able to get the Makeblock apps running under Android running on a Galaxy Tab tablet.

Unfortunately, Makeblock doesn't publish their apps to the Amazon App Store so I wasn't able to use any of our Kindle Fire tablets.
"Both my 17 month old and 3 year old love this. My 3 year old immediately knew how ..." - by Edward G Martin III
Both my 17 month old and 3 year old love this. My 3 year old immediately knew how to make this toy work and loved the variety of sounds it made. Once she put it together she came up to me, proud of her accomplishment and also proceeded to use this toy in conjunction with her other toys. For her, I loved that she could incorporate it with the rest of her imaginary play. My 17 month old was intrigued by how this worked and once he figured it out he loved learning how to make the gallop faster. I love the cause and effect aspect of this toy for him. I also really liked the size - it fit perfectly into both of their hands. The quality and performance are great. Modern, simple design. Definitely recommend.