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"Very nice value laptop" - by Soar
This is a nice setup for under $400. The laptop features the Intel i3-8130U 8th generation (latest generation for 4/2018, a 2 core processor), a 1TB drive and 6gb RAM. The battery is supposed to last for 12 hours (I tested this a bit but not a lot). The laptop has 6gb, a read/write DVD drive, and a lot of connections and a 1920 x 1080 display.

The laptop is responsive and snappy for an under $400 laptop. I’m a bit perplexed by some of the reviews claiming this to be slow. It is not. This value laptop has some chops. I loaded my desired suite of applications with Ninite dot com, that went quickly. In testing performance, I ran a Netflix movie and a show on YouTube at the same time with no performance degradation. I ran the 2+ hour movie twice ... full review
"Fantastic machine at an affordable price!" - by Pablo Garza
"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself. "
--Han Solo

I couldn’t have put my feelings about my new Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576G-5762 better. The 8th generation processor and SSD make for a very snappy computer, and the easy upgradablility is helpful now and will be useful in the future. Since the i5-8250U version comes with DDR3L RAM, I swapped out the 16GB from my old laptop for a free upgrade. It took all of 3 minutes. The hardest part was finding the 3 tiny screws that flew everywhere when I took the plastic compartment off. I foresee a time when I’ll need more storage, but when that time comes I’ll get another SSD and install it. Again, a 3 minute task.

Chassis: Plastic, with a painted aluminum surface for the ... full review
by HP
"I highly recommend this laptop!" - by Leslie Krieg
I have an HP desktop and I am very happy with it. Therefore, when I found I needed a laptop, I looked at the HP laptops and found that this was a great deal. I wanted a screen that wasn't too small. This laptop is light, the screen is large enough to have 2 windows open side by side while I work and the price is right! I recommend this HP laptop highly!
by HP
"GREAT CHEAP COMPUTER" - by Jim Sullivan
This is a very good computer for what I need, which is mostly business purposes and document storage. It is fast and easy.
by HP
"I had to downgrade from my disturbed 15.6" - by Bryant Allen (BALTIMORE, MD)
Thought I ordered an 14 inch
Instead it was a 11.1
I'm used to working with 15.6 or more
But the fact remains
I love this little laptop until once again I'll have to purchase another
Out of window- S mode
Probally 2 min license switch to windows 10 home
And honestly brought because it installed 4 gig ram
So now I can run my professional software and use at ease
Extremely satisfied
Even that it's connected to any thing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices around
Extra Micro SD card will do..
USB hub will be needed if other devicesir controls are needed simultaneously
by HP
"High value laptop" - by J. Meza
I'm really only using this laptop for three things
-Internet browsing
-word processing via (google docs)
*possibly light gaming such as hearthstone or solitaire/suduko

For it's three main uses it functions very well. I mainly use this laptop for school. The 8gb of ram are plenty for my needs and the hard is ok which I'll get into.

-2 usb ports (one of them is a 2.0 and one of them is 3.0) however when you at the side of the laptop you cant tell which one is which cause they both look the same and the small guide that come with the laptop does not show you which is which, but that's ok for me.
-1 headphone/mic combo jack
-1 HDMI port (this is particularly good if you plan to mirror you screen to a television)
-1 ethernet connection (RJ-45) this is the basic ethernet connector most people use
-1 power adaptor port
-1 usb C port
-1 card reader ... full review
"A hot laptop - literally and metaphorically." - by Steven S. (Durant, OK United States)
I was in the market for purchasing a laptop. I travel to conventions, LAN parties, and for work, so I'd like to have a really mobile gaming PC.

I was narrowing my scope to the following:
1. Playing games at higher than 60 FPS at medium to ultra settings, depending on the game and my preferences. This laptop does that.
2. Having a mobile VR machine, that way instead of hauling a beefy PC and all the VR equipment, I just have the laptop and go. This laptop does that very well (I have enjoyed Beat Saber with this laptop)
3. Being able to lightly content create via streaming and locally recording. I haven't tried streaming yet.

On paper, the laptop hits all 3. Having a hexa-core CPU and a full 1060 6GB, this hits all the bells. Now, to the problems I've had:

I'll share my ... full review
"Lightweight and very fast. What more could I ask for?" - by FortunaCat (California)
Having used HP laptops for years, through various operating systems, I decided to try a Chromebook because I simply can't stand Windows 10. It's slow, ponderous, and takes forever to update. The price of this computer was a definite plus. It's quick and agile, and I'm very comfortable with the Android OS. It took fewer than 5 minutes to set up this computer, from the time I plugged it in until I turned it off. For the big stuff I still have my desktop computer (also Acer), but I can see myself using this laptop gem for a lot more tasks. I feel this was a wise decision and purchase.
by HP
"Has more feature than MacBook Pro" - by Larry Ontiveros
Makes it possible to use software I have bought before. Plenty of memory. Touch screen is great.
"Research Windows 10s Operating System Before you Buy" - by Kelly (Murfreesboro, TN, United States)
I bought this just to keep handy in the kitchen when I need to pay bills or look things up quickly. I knew it wasn't going to be super quick and thought that I wouldn't mind it. However, I have found out that I do. Response time switching windows, apps or websites is slow. It is super light, which I love but the quality is really cheap. I'm being very careful with it because I feel like it could break easily. The hardest thing was converting the OS from 10s to 10. I didn't know that the S meant "security?" I think? Basically it means you can't download anything to the computer that is not found in the Microsoft Store. That was extremely frustrating because I am a Chrome Girl. I figured out how to upgrade it and now it's a normal computer.
by HP
"LOVE THIS THING" - by Lindsay Garinger
First one i got had a glitchy screen. I had no issues when i called customer service. They refunded me the money, I bought a new one, returned the glitchy one with a label they paid for, it was awesome! And the product is sooooo worth the price!