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"TV remote messed up the proper remote's light configuration. Help needed." - by Joe Lawler
I heard about this product from a couple of friends who have the lights up in their apartment. They looked great at the apartment and look amazing in my dorm. My only problem is my TV remote messes with the lights, so when i use the tv I have to turn off the lights. For example, pressing the power button on the TV's remote will make the lights white and on the brightest setting. Pressing input flashes white lights. Some other function buttons on the remote cause the lights to change to different colors. I wouldn't mind much (it's actually amusing to see which buttons do what) except for the fact that the IR blaster on the TV remote messed with the settings on the receiver for the lights. Now when I use the remote for the lights the colors are all wrong. Green is Red, Blue is ... full review
"LOVE THESE LIGHTS!!!" - by T.A.B4 (Arlington, Texas United States)
We put these lights in our kitchen above and below the cabinets. They look AWESOME! You can leave it white, change colors, brightness and/or even make it a strobe light! Everyone that comes over compliments us on them. We had a family member buy them and do the same in their kitchen and they've been very happy with them as well. I'm posting a couple of photos...
"Don't wait! Buy this now!" - by Davey
You have no idea what you're missing until you have the backlight from these LEDs; It changes everything! Movies are just much more enjoyable, annoying white light in rooms can be left turned off but you can see enough still to move around, plus it's just plain cool! The led strips were extremely easy to attach to the back of tv (several months now with no problems) and it uses your TVs usb port. There is an attached remote to turn on/off, change from 12 different colors, or strobe/fade/etc. Great item for the price and I now have these on all my televisions at home!
"High quality product" - by Tony
Bought this package for the kitchen under cabinet lighting. The package contains two rolls of led lights and you have two ways to control it: inline switch and a remote control. The remote control can not only control on/off, but also control color, flashing and so on. The installation is very easy following instruction. I will suggest to use couple of clips to secure the wire part so it will not get loose. Overall, it is a great package for the price and quality.
"So bright!" - by MSCP
We absolutely love these lights! They light up our long dark drive way. The only thing is, i wish it could stay lit all the time and not just on motion detection. Otherwise. I love these!
"Good bang for the buck and "cool factor"" - by JED
I really like this led light kit. I have no complaints with the quality or brightness of light. I will probably buy this kit for every tv I have. It illuminates the room (14' x 20' white paint 8' ceiling) enough that I don't have to turn my light on to walk around without hitting anything. My only complaint is that the remote control isn't very accurate. For instance yellow button is green (to my eyes anyway.) Also the flash and strobe buttons do the same thing. And the white button is more aqua color. Remote does have a good range/angle sensitivity (better than the my Vizio's factory remote.) I usually only use a static color or fade and love the cool factor. I purchased a different but very similar led light from my local walmart for slightly cheaper and it is garbage compared to this one. The sticky tape ... full review
"Works well as a TV bias light or hidden accent" - by Scott Decker
The lights themselves are well packaged and easy to set up with the included app. First time no problem, but I’m an IT guy so there’s no challenge here. 1). Attach light strip to WiFi dongle and power up. 2). Scan the included QR code to install the app and sign up for their web site. 3). Follow the on screen instructions and voila!

The quality of the lighting it provides is good. There is no pure white, nor do any of the competing strips provide that. The colors are pretty good, decent saturation and range unless you get into the yellows where they are particularly off. These remind me of the earliest generation of Hue bulbs which had the same problems and may in fact be the same exact LED’s.

They are not super bright like a 60 watt equivalent like you might use ... full review
"Excellent Bargain High Quality Product" - by Jordan D
I bought these cool strobes for an upcoming Halloween party and when I tested them out with my fog machine they AMAZING. These lights REALLY match whatever music you blare on your sound system. Great to dramatically enhance the ambience of any party. Product is durable, arrived as described, and I would purchase these types of gadgets in the future.
"Great Lights/Mediocre Remote/Great Customer Service" - by ufos8mycow
I posted a bad review for a defective remote and was contacted by the seller. My item was replaced and re-installed.

At first I had the exact same problem as the first one with the lights frozen on one color and the remote not working. After a couple of days the remote started working again and now the lights work great.

The problem with the remote freezing I believe is caused by pressing the buttons too fast. If you pause between button presses I think the remote will work fine. But it needs to be addressed by the seller.

As for the lights themselves, they are great. Bright and colorful. Makes watching TV much better I think.

I raised my review to 4 stars just because of the attention the seller gave me to resolve my issue.

Lights - 4 stars
Remote - 1 Star
Customer Service - 5 stars
"Excellent light, subpar audio" - by Big Dawg (California)
This Lithonia light is bright and the 4000k is very easy on the eye. This gives off plently of light and it works great in the garage or storage shed.

The speakers on the other hand is not very good, it sounds really cheap and cardboard like. I figure if it’s in the shed, it won’t be too bad. It is easy to sync the phone to, just open the Bluetooth app and it’s there, no pass code required.

Overall if you want a light, just go with a dedicated light and get a separate Bluetooth speaker to get better sounds. This light does leave a lot on the table due to the sound quality of the speakers, but the light quality is awesome!
"A Thorough Enhancement to My PC Gaming Setup!" - by Patrick W. (Buffalo, NY)
My best friend and I recently built a "Command Center" as we call it, that serves as his every day "Battlestation," as well as my "Battlestation" when I go to his house for a few days to hang out. This particular Command Center consists of two L-Shaped desks, and while it looks amazing, there was something missing; lighting! Command Center in this review refers to, for those who don't know, a PC Gaming Room.

I bought two of these kits; one for his desk (which he paid me back for), and one for my desk, so that the whole Command Center would be lit up. After installing and using them for nearly a week and a half now, I'm prepared to give a review on them.

First, I want to state that these are NOT capable of showing colors like white, orange, yellow, purple, pink, teal, cyan, etc. ... full review
"Light your life (or at least a room) - in oh, so many ways!" - by Chrissi Ramsey
This is a fantastically fun lamp! We bought it for our living room but it might not be most ideal lamp for a "normal" person's living room. I love that it is bright which makes it functional. If you're looking for just a plain ole', whatevs LR lamp you could probably find something else that would make you happier. BUT... if you're looking for a functional lamp that also gives you a ton of great options, this is exactly what you want. We love being able to change the color but the ability to sync it (very easily) to music is one of the best things I've ever experienced.
I'm not the most capable when it comes to putting stuff together but this was an absolute breeze. Honestly, the hardest part for me was finding the app. The instructions come with a QR code but those sketch me out for ... full review