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"Excellent phone, amazing price" - by Heidaly
I waited a week to write this review, so my opinion would be more informed. I use it with the T-mobile pay as go plan, with no data plan (so I just use wifi). My first smartphone was Windows 6.5, then I went to Android, so moving to Windows 8 was completely new. After a week, I can say that I love it. Yes, there are a few apps (Instagram, Charles Schwab, Safeway) that aren't available on this platform, but the ones that are offered all work with no problem. Unlike Android, where it was "the good, the bad, and the ugly."

Physically, it feels fantastic in your hand. What I like best, though, are the camera features. The shutter button is on the right lower side, perfectly placed to click if you are holding the camera in your right hand. Regarding the "lenses," I ... full review
"Decent phone" - by Bob Dawson (PA)
Decent phone. Last one lasted about a year. It was my ex-girlfriends and she was rough on phones. I feel like it would last at least a good 2-3 years or more if not abused. One thing about these is the batteries seem to swell and go bad after about 6-9 months. But again a rough user who wouldn't listen about not using it non-stop while it was charging, or using cheapy aftermarket car chargers that put out too many amps, so who knows.
by LG
"Absurdly Durable Phone" - by David J Antocci
I've had this phone for two years now. I rarely write reviews, but I had to on this great phone. First, it is EXTREMELY durable. I'm a runner, and fell while holding the phone, the week after I got it. The minor crack in the bottom corner of the phone has never expanded, in TWO YEARS! I've dropped the thing, hard, more times than I can count. I actually replaced this phone about 8 months ago with an HTC, that was a piece of junk, and the screen shattered after a minor fall. I dug this baby out of the drawer it had sat in for a couple of months, ran a factory reset to clean it up, and it's still going strong and working beautifully. I have a 32 gb card in it for pictures and music. I use the crap out of this phone, all day every day ... full review