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"Excellent Remote, A Few Quirks At Setup, But Worth The Investment" - by Hyoun Kim (Nashville, Tennessee)
I've known about the Harmony line since Logitech released them over a decade ago. I never invested in them because at the time, I was told they were junk. Of course, this was coming from a friend of mine who is a professional home automation/AV guru. The remotes he used were those $300+ remotes by a company called URC (Universal Remote Control) that controls 200+ devices. Of course, I would never pay over $100 for a remote and I don't have 200+ devices... let alone more than in a single room. I do admit, those remotes are wicked cool (Best Buy Magnolia sells them) but they were overkill for the general consumer (me).

Fast forward to today, I've read that the Logitech Harmony remotes have come a LONG way from their beginnings. Not only are they slick, but they are powerful and very functional. Off and on, I've seen the ... full review
"Android: Does not support 3rd party virtual keyboards - Keep this in mind" - by Paul Q (Phoenix, AZ USA)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Does not work with 3rd party keyboards on Android so when you are using this with your phone, your onscreen keyboard may be disabled. The Android device sees it as an external keyboard which wouldn't be a problem if all 3rd party keyboards respected the "show virtual keyboard when hardware keyboard is connected." Keyboards such as the uber-popular Swiftkey are not compatible.

Why four stars? Because it's well made, it does provide the base functions, it's easy to use (except the tiny keys to enter the Bluetooth pairing code).

Just don't expect to use anything but the Google keyboard when this remote is turned on. This was a killer for me.
"Better than Harmony on a bang-per-buck basis." - by GrokMan
I have fallen in love with this remote. I mean, to the extent you can fall in love with a remote. For me, it's the perfect balance of simplicity, extensibility, ergonomics, cost and quality. It's really impressive. Some of the Harmony remotes are nice, but none can compete on a bang-per-buck basis, IMHO.

I just completed an extensive 4-part video series review of this model and JP1 universal remote programming at
The series goes from doing the basic single-digit code programming, to using their site, and then on to using RMIR with JP1 and ultimately the Extender. And even with 4 parts totaling almost an hour, I still couldn't cover it all. If you want to see it all in action...check it out.

While you may be able to get it to work right off the bat with the short code programming or site, ... full review
by GE
"Works well with my devices. The only thing I ..." - by Kathryn L. Black (Michigan USA)
Works well with my devices. The only thing I wish it had was an "all on" button so it would turn on my TV and sound system at the same time.
"Not A Step Backward from the Harmony One" - by Michael in Seattle (Chicago, IL USA)
This remote lets you map any of the physical keys to any function -- I can't stress that enough -- so while I was initially a little hesitant after reading a couple of reviews how people didn't like it as much as the Harmony One or they missed the physical buttons, or had to crawl through a ton of menu options just to jump forward or backward -- well, let's just say this is all utterly incorrect, and a few moments learning about this remote would save all these people a lot of trouble. A few things are key to understanding this remote: First, it distinguishes between "short" and "long" presses, effectively doubling the use of the physical keys. Frankly, I use "jump" a lot more than "fast forward," so I switched the two for the sake of convenience. Second: it has an emitter on ... full review
"easy to setup on the computer (one time only) works ..." - by Lawrence Determan
easy to setup on the computer (one time only) works with tv-denon 7 speakers-dvr and dvd player
what took me so long to try it!!!!!