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    "Love it - love it - love it. If you want ice in a non-kitchen setting, this ice maker will provide it." - By Texaswomyn (Texas)
    As I've only had this ice maker two weeks, I cannot attest to it's longevity, but I'll update this review if it doesn't last as long as I think it should.

    I first heard of these a few years ago and my skeptical button was immediately pushed. Countertop ice maker. Pshaw!. Then the prices began to come down, and I really wanted to have ice at work without having to haul it from home every day or two. My kids gave me Amazon gift cards for Christmas and my birthday and I just decided - after reading a hundred reviews of several models - to purchase this ice maker.

    Still skeptical, but hopeful, (and confident in Amazon if it didn't work) I unpacked the beautiful appliance and set it up. Really the set up consisted of removing the packing tape that held the basket in place and ... full review

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    "Sonic Ice! Sonic Ice! Sonic Ice!!!" - By Neville Aga
    Sonic Ice! Sonic Ice! Sonic Ice! Sonic Ice! Sonic Ice! Sonic Ice!

    Did I say Sonic Ice?!

    So these ice machines have no freezer, so as a result the ice in the bin is right at 32 degrees (not colder) - which makes the ice nice and soft. If your plumbing allows go for the floor drain. I have the pump drain and every 15 minutes you hear the thing come on for about 3 seconds and pump out the icemelt in the bottom of the bin. The operation is great, its just the noise that bothers me-- its in my media room and however unlikely it might be I think it is going to pump right at the scene in the movie where there is supposed to be dead silence.

    But lest I get sidetracked -- did I say -- Sonic Ice! Sonic ... full review

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    "The best unit for the price in the market" - By TEKZ1 (FLORIDA USA)
    I love this unit.
    I read reviews for 2 month and i decided on this one.And I Am glad I did.
    Fist it is so well built and great looking.
    1,2,3 set up.I did not even use the instruction guide.Take off the masking tapes holding it for shipping,wash and rinse the inside tray and water storage(take off any shipping dust)
    pour water to slightly under the ice tray then turn on.
    now it defaults on large cubes (recommend)
    or hit "small"for smaller cubes,that simple.
    Ice cubes are not solid they have round hole in center(due to cooling freezing rod system)
    it makes about 5-8 every 5 minutes (fast)
    comes with little plastic ice scoop.
    has a back drain plug for cleaning.
    it shows solid green light while on and making ice.
    it has two red light modes; one to let you know ice tray is full,other one is ... full review

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    "Had enough ice for a drink in 6 minutes!!!" - By Gary (Columbus, Ohio)
    [[VIDEOID:5298a3ba0d81730f3974fc6c248e0c04]] This thing makes ice fast!! I plugged it in from brand new and had enough ice for a drink in 6 minutes...crazy! It looks like it would hold about a gallon or two of water in the reserve and you can pour the water right in the bottom of the machine so a water line is not needed. I would imagine you could have the entire basket filled with ice (around 1.5 pounds in an hour). We purchased this as a way do reduce ice cost in the summer at our pool and we will probably get our money back in savings in the first month!

    Another great idea behind this is the ice is stored right over the water reserve in a perferated container so if the ice melts at all it just drips back in the water reserve to be turned back ... full review

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    "So far so good!!!" - By S. Whitfield
    Just got it in today and it came in way earlier than they estimated!!! Shipping was great and it came in with no damage to packaging! Everything was there and my husband had it installed within an hour or two! Produces ice SO fast! Can't wait to get the first good batch in!

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    "Best appliance in my whole house" - By SLD
    I will have had my Scotsman icemaker for three years in February. I do the regular cleaning with the scaler when the light comes on and vacuum the condenser screen so that it will stay maintained. It takes over an hour to do the whole process; but is worth it. I've never had any issues with it and would buy another in a heartbeat if need be. Best appliance in my whole house! We all love the ice. I purchased it from a local dealer. Suggestion would be to buy the warranty if you are concerned about having any issues. I haven't had any; but that doesn't mean it can't happen.

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    "The whole family loves this machine!" - By PKRobles (Orange, CA, United States)
    We do not have an ice maker built into our freezer so we either buy bags and keep it in the freezer in the garage or fill up the ice cube trays. I just wanted ice when I wanted ice and not get upset that no one tells me that they took the last of the ice in the freezer or when no one refills the ice trays. I mean, is that too much to ask?!?!? The answer is an ice maker. This little ice maker has been working for us. I bought this in March and have had it on (pretty much non stop) since then. We only use the large ice and, for a family of four, it is never empty. It sits on our counter next to the fridge. I cannot say enough good things about this work horse.

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    "Nice Unit" - By S Jones
    I'm happy with the quality of this unit for the price. I just installed the ice maker so I can't speak as the lifespan but it seems solid so I am optimistic.

    The ice maker is not quiet. If you're putting this in an area near entertainment center or somewhere you do not want background noise you will not be happy. Mine is under a counter and sink behind a bar in my pool room so the sound is not an issue.

    As to the comments regarding water line issues, first off you do not need a plumber for this. Anyone with basic home repair knowledge can hook this thing up if you have an existing water source to tie into. Do yourself a favor and do not attempt to use the water line that comes with the ice maker. Go to your local hardware store and purchase ... full review

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    "Love my new Della ice maker!" - By Red (Small town in Marylsnd on the Chesapeake Bay)
    Took my new ice maker out of the box, followed the instructions and had ice just as expected. Worked fast and had ice in less than 10 minutes after waiting the 30 minutes in standby mode. I did dump the first three baskets of ice although the directions don't say to do this I have always done it even with a new fridge. Will be using the Della ice maker on the RV and for parties and family gatherings since my very expensive refrigerator can't keep up with our demand for ice!

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    "Far beyond our expectations in everyway!!!!! Quiet and perfect ice!!!! Enjoy!!!!!" - By Marie (OK)
    We love it!!!!! Quiet, great gourmet ice and quickly installed. The only issue that came up was it is smaller than the one we have had for 19 years. Our old one was very loud and this makes a soft, chewable ice which chills drinks quickly. I know it is pellet ice, but we call it "Sonic" ice as we were going there to pick up bag of this great ice. We did purchase ours locally for close to the same price since it is a costly item we wanted local supply and service.

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    "It sounds like a fridge" - By Paulo De Barros (Franklin, MA, USA)
    Pros: The ice maker is really efficient. And it gets more efficient after the first couple of batches. For my family purposes it is therefore more than enough. I did not find the ice to melt fast when kept in the bucket, but I have only used it inside my house during the fall so far.
    Cons: I found it to be more noisy than what I expected from reading other reviews. It sounds like a fridge, though a small one. The other thing with which I was a little bit disappointed was the size of the ice. The small size is really small. The large one is acceptable though. A picture of a piece of ice that comes out when the large ice mode is selected is attached. And yes, it melts pretty fast, but I don't mind. It gets the drink cold, and I always put a lot ... full review

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    "Portable Ice Maker" - By debby (California)
    I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift and I got a great deal on it. My husband has been wanting one for sometime now for the RV and he sure was happy when he opened this gift. It came on time and packaged nicely. The best part about it is this worked directly out of the box, nothing broken and extremely easy to use.

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    "One of the best purchases I've ever made!" - By msmugler (San Francisco, CA)
    Like the title of my review says, this ice maker is without a doubt one of the best purchases I've ever made!!! Living in downtown San Francisco you have to sacrifice some little luxuries, like having a refrigerator with an ice maker. Being from the South originally it's ingrained in me to use a TON of ice in my drinks and ice trays were taking up so much valuable real estate in my already too small freezer, so I decided to buy this little guy.

    It was really easy to set just run a self cleaning cycle with vinegar and water and then another with only water to rinse. Then you just fill the reservoir with water, select the cube size (it has 3) and hit the power button. To my amazement the first round of cubes emptied into the basket after only 7 minutes...and I selected the ... full review

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    "It makes as much ice as I need super fast. Smart compact design fits perfectly in my ..." - By Rebecca Russell
    This small appliance is a true gem. It makes as much ice as I need super fast. Smart compact design fits perfectly in my tiny apartment kitchen. My fridge has an automatic ice maker that I had to coax to make a halfway decent amount of ice but I purchased this to supplement the fridge and I am so glad I did. Now my drinks are filled to the brim with ice. Yea!