Pacifiers for Babies

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"She enjoyed it and can also hold it on her own" - by Lauren Au
I bought this for my DD because she doesn't take solids. We chop up the grapes and oranges and stuff it in the pacifier. She enjoyed it and can also hold it on her own. I didn't like the mesh pacifiers because it was hard to clean. I just remove the left over fruit and wash it like any other pacifier. The silicone is removable and easy to clean. A happy baby equals a happy mommy.
"My 10 month old didn't like it as her normal binky because it was a ..." - by Alissa Dunloy
So cute. Worked well for Halloween costume. My 10 month old didn't like it as her normal binky because it was a little heavier/thicker than her normal light ones. But she used it well for the night!
"Five Stars" - by Maria T Hernandez (Los Angeles)
We had lots of fun with this fame on my daughters baby shower. :)
"Adorable" - by RC

I have purchased this for my granddaughter. She can always take and suck on the beads or gum them and they wont' come off. they are well strung and safe. I love these types of clips. No metals and harmful chemicals. They are easy to spot when you lay them down.
I didn't have these when my kids were growing up and would have loved to have had these beautifully crafted bead clips. Things have changed over the years and so much has been invented now. Wished I could go back and have them all over again at this time and age. My son had to have the pacifier when he was growing up so this would have saved so many that were lost. lol I highly recommend these bead clips. They are really pretty.
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
Loved them and they are just a shown!!
"Wubbanub Giraffe is too Cute!" - by Katiesings4u (Arkansas ,USA)
It is the cutest thing ever! My grandbaby gets so occupied with his giraffe, that he forgets why he was fussy to begin with, and he's only 7 weeks old!
"Worked great for what I needed them for" - by Darby
Worked great for what I needed them for! they look a wee bit lighter in person than they do in the product photo, but the color is still super cute!