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"Not as useless as many say" - by Jarvi
I bought this skimmer to save some money, as many others have. I was prepared for the fact that I might have to modify it to get it to perform well but I haven't had to do so at all. I researched how a skimmer is supposed to perform, including watching videos of what skimmate should look like and this skimmer is perfoming adequately. I have to empty it pretty much every other day. The skimmate is dark and thick and some particulate matter is removed. The bubbles I get are tiny and plentiful and seem to be doing a good job.

Is it the best? No, it certainly isn't. Is it sufficient? Yes, absolutely. It is working very well in my tank. I use it in sump, for what its worth.

My tank is 36 gallons with a 10 gallon sump. I have 2 clowns, a coral beauty, yellow tail damsel ... full review

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"Reef Octopus... Its a Great Skimmer!" - by AFWxman
With a reputation like Reef Octopus skimmers have, my review really doesn't matter much. Using in a Eshopps sump and cannot ask for better results. Expect a break in period of 1-2 weeks before you get any real results of skimmate, so don't get discouraged wait for the setup to work. You will also need to find the perfect balance for your sump setup and air vs. flow mixture using the flow valve, which changed once it "broke in". When it did, it produces! My 90 gallon reef tank creates enough where I have to empty it about every 3-4 days+ and it is nasty green/brown stinky skimmate... better out than in right? if you are going on a vacation... it does have a drain plug on the collection cup to setup if desired.

Otherwise you get get a much better sump skimmer for the value and price than a ... full review

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"Works great" - by Morgan Miller
Works better than my much more expensive one. Much quieter, smaller, and more efficient. At first it put a lot of bubbles into my tank. After a few days it still put bubbles into my tank but not enough to not make that five star rating.

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"easy to setup and it works" - by iamme
This is the 3rd skimmer I've owned over the last 20 years. The last one I owned needed an air pump and stone/block to create tiny bubbles (great, now I have Don Ho in my head) and a separate water pump. It would work for about a week without being re-tuned as the air stone would gradually clog. I gave up on it a couple of years ago.

This one was a dream to set up compared to my last one. Instructions might have been clearer, but Google knows all, so that wasn't really a problem and there really aren't a ton of parts and configurations to figure out anyway. I did like the option that allowed me to reposition the intake: that saved my bacon on fitting it in a smallish sump. Dropped it in, started the dial in the middle and waited. ... full review

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"Solid build and easy to setup" - by RwREEF
Using on 105 gallon reef tank, pulling lots of gunk out of tank. Solid build and easy to setup. It is loud but this is not a problem for me since my tank is "in wall" and the noise is masked within my fish room.

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"Five Stars" - by Junichi K.
Good performance

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"Great value for the skimmer here on Amazon" - by Thomas Culp (Middleton, WI)
Great value for the skimmer here on Amazon. The skimmer works well and was easy to set up. It now comes with the microbubble donut that solves some of the issues others have had with the microbubbles. It took several days to "tune" in to the right settings. The instructions for operating and tweaking could be much better. Very pleased overall.

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"Awesome!" - by Zach A.
This thing is truly amazing for it's size. Running on a RSM250 and in an eshoppes sump. It currently sits in about 6-7" of water. At first I was worried about having sufficient depth in my sump for it, but it was the opposite for me. I had to raise it an inch or so to get it really going. Pulls out some really nasty thick sludge. Picture shows about 10 days of skimming. Water looks beautiful and corals couldn't be happier.

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"Pretty good skimmer for the past several months." - by Andrew S
I've been running this skimmer for several months now and it is doing a great job! I rated it 4 stars as it needs some improvement in key areas. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this, and am happy with my purchase.

*Collects thick skimmate in the neck, and some dark liquid in the bowl once dialed in.
*Quiet pump, air intake, and water flow
*Small footprint
*Optional skimmer drain hose

*Skimmer cup is a tight-fit which can be difficult to remove for emptying/cleaning
*Water level adjuster could be more user-friendly. I used a sharpie to add marks on mine to help dial it in consistently.
*Skimmer drain hose is uselessly short, and an unusual size that can't easily be found at a hardware store

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"No, it's not difficult or crap ..." - by Jason
Let's get one thing clear straight away ...
the instructions that come with it are not exceptionally clear but if you combine the instructions with the picture on the box and you're able to color inside the lines using crayons you should be able to operate this device .
I'm not trying to be mean I'm just saying it was that damn simple .
The thing has been working great and there hasn't been any microbubbles whatsoever and I'll tell you how I did it ....
I took some extra thick aquarium tubing and in all the gaps where the water flows through the filter back into the tank I took the extra tubing and used it to flush up the places where it didn't fit perfectly to make the basket perfectly level .
you have to keep the basket cleaned out regularly and by regularly I mean about every 5 days ....
This thing has ... full review

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"Worht every penny, Great product." - by Ashland01
Awesome skimmer for my 30gal reef tank. It does make a little gurgling type noise but nothing major, I have this unit running in my living room 24/7. It does produce micro bubbles at first but once you allow the bio film to build up within the skimmer, the bubbles will go away. Also, read the instructions, there's tips for how to adjust for micro bubbles. I DO NOT understand why all the people writing bad reviews. This is a great skimmer for the price and most of these negative reviews are from inexperienced aquarists.

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"Works perfectly. I don't use the sponges they provide ..." - by Derddy Dert (Newport News, VA)
Works perfectly. I don't use the sponges they provide for the return pipe. I just throw a 200 micron sock over the return and no bubbles. I change it twice daily though.

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"Worth Every Penny!" - by Ray Shappa
Worth every penny! I was hesitant to buy this pump after reading some of the other reviews on this page. I'm so glad I decided to give it a try because it's an awesome little skimmer! quality is top notch and after using it for a week I can honestly say so is the performance. One of my top concerns about this and other skimmers I researched was how horrible they seemed to skim at least judging from pictures and videos. However after using it myself and seeing how well it skims I now know that some users lack the knowledge and or experience to use the skimmer correctly. It's really a shame because it prevents a lot of people myself included from buying a good product because of a negative review's. I posted a YouTube review on this skimmer so you can see for yourself. I highly recommend this ... full review

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"Does a great job of cleaning the POOP" - by CrazyRoto (Great Lakes State)
Great skimmer, I used it on my 180 saltwater system and every 4 days I would dump the collection cup filled with dark green protein, the quality appears to be very nice. It will take you about 2-3 days for a break-in period before it's at optimal performance but that's to be expected as this is normal with all skimmers. It is also very quite, you won't even know it's there. It's a nice skimmer and will do a great job so I highly recommend this product.