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"A very refreshing take on the racing genre" - by Boujee B
UPDATE: It came in the mail today! Hype!

Very fun arcade racer, brings back nostalgia of racers like they used to be. It has the arcade feel mixed with the speed of F-Zero. It brings back the arcade feel with the crew voices and even the music. Fantastic graphics and music. 200+ tracks and track creator! PS4 needed a fun racer and we finally got it. And it's not $60! I rarely give 5/5's to games, but this is one of the most fun racers I've played in years and I think this will be a sleeper hit for the racing genre. For $40, you're getting a decent racer which this gen hasn't seen yet. I ordered from Amazon Prime and got the game cheaper so it's really a deal. If you want an arcade racer and you like going fast, you've got your fix. Did I mention 60fps 4-player splitscreen ... full review
"Awesome game!! Must buy!" - by Imjom
What more can I say? Graphics, gameplay and everything about this game is great. Buy it!!
"Great gift - Fun game!" - by Stjaxx (Washington DC)
I bought for my grandson for Christmas and he was thrilled! He loves playing it already!
"I love this game" - by Michele Halderman
I love this game. It is fun to play with my grand-daughtery and she loves it. Quick shipping. I got it for her for Christmas. Thanks for quick shipment and everything was in good shape.
"He was a bit skeptical about playing it at first but he loved it right away" - by Dawn B Anthony (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
I remember when my brother and I used to play Rayman when we were younger and so when I heard about this being available in PS4, I decided to introduce it to my husband. He was a bit skeptical about playing it at first but he loved it right away. Some levels are quite impossible, my husband would lose it trying to beat the stage. Almost to the point that he'd throw our controller away lol. But overall, the graphics, music and characters are awesome! 5 stars for this one :)
"Awesome Game" - by Calvin Luo
Extremely fun game. More heroes and lots of improvements comparing to the previous game. The new backyard battleground is a good place to test out every hero. You can also do quests there and earn in-game currency. Backyard battleground is definitely my favorite new feature.

This game is a multiplayer game and requires persistent Internet connection.
"Who’s hunting whom?" - by Leohlyon (Saint Louis, MO)
I’d definitely heard of the Monster Hunter series prior to playing this game, but it never really piqued my interest. A buddy of mine put this one on my radar, and the only reason I was initially interested was because they used Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) as a marketing tool, and I’m a big fan of that game and character. Once I started playing the game, Aloy was the furthest thing from my mind as this was one of the best games I’ve ever played. Sure, you’re made to feel like you’re a badass hunter that can take ANY monster down. However, as you progress further in the game, and the monsters get tougher and tougher, you’ll start asking yourself: “Wait a second; who’s hunting whom?” During my two and a half month long playthrough, here are the 8 things that jumped out at me.

[1] Time… As of writing this ... full review
"Fun - even if you don't typically play video games" - by M. Hieber (Chicago, IL USA)
I'm not really into video games at all, but I love this game! This is something for me to do in my downtime when my husband is not home (and occupying his ps4). I really only play Monopoly most of the time, since this is my favorite. I like that you can play different house rules in the game (cash if you land on free parking etc) and I also like that some of those rules actually speed up the game play. Monopoly can be a very long game if you play it without any house rules, so I like that I can make it go faster on days when I want to play but don't have as much time. The only issue I have is that I always have to play the computer because I can't seem to sign up for online play. ... full review
"Awesome Game!" - by Shoppa!
This game is Super Awesome!!!..I feel like a 14 yr old again playing video games!!
"An awesome addition to a beloved game series" - by Christina
This addition to the Uncharted franchise is not only true to the heart and soul of the series, but a beautiful new dynamic to a greatly loved concept. I've been playing Uncharted since I was in my early teens, and I've been madly in love with the series and it's protagonist, Nathan Drake, since the very first installment of this incredible game series. But like many others, I'm glad to have seen his story wrapped up in time to bring this one to life.

One of the most entertaining aspects of this story is the relationship between Nadine Ross, beloved complex villain of Uncharted 4, and Chloe Frazer, fan favourite reluctant hero and thief, which highlights a type of banter that even Nathan Drake and his companions could never reach. The clashing of these two character types is new to the series, dynamic, and easy to root for. From the very ... full review
"A ton of fun" - by Avid Amazonian
I got this game as I had one of those "I haven't played a golf game in a long time" itches that I needed to scratch... it didn't disappoint. This is as close to a perfect golf game as it comes in almost every way so I can't fault it for that. There's only a few minor qualms I have with it... Here's why I gave it 4 stars:

Character Creation: The faces are just a little flat, but besides that there are a ton of options to alter your character as you like. You can change their size, weight, eyes, mouth, hair, clothes, etc... but also their mannerisms, voice and golf swing. After picking your golf outfit and hitting the courses, you actually earn more options to continue to alter your character as you see fit (which you can do at any time... you're never completely locked in if you ... full review
"Gameplay is fun and addicting. Needs a ton of work in other areas." - by RL
Very fun to play. New system is cool and I like that 2v2 is back. Story mode I got nothing out of it other than some characters that show up should've been playable. Starting roster was not good but DLC characters adds more depth to the game. Some character models needs improvement and the art style does not bother me as much. Has the potential to improve dramatically but only time will tell.
"Good for couples to play together." - by Jonichi
Got this game for my girlfriend because she loves survival games. It's an absolute hit!! We love that it's split screen multiplayer and it actually keeps me interested as well. The graphics could be a bit better overall but definitely while in split screen. Kinda expected more on that front from an unreal engine.
"Fun to jump in and out of play" - by Santiago Guillen
Very fun to play and skill is definitely a factor. Overall solid game. It's fun and one of the better mmo games out there. Blizzard also keeps this game up to date with constant additions and tournaments