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"Will not display the current temperature -- by design!" - by Richard Yanco (Worcester, MA USA)
** EDIT: I am happy to report that the Nest Thermostat now has a number of options for the Farsight feature, including to display the current room temperature, which I wanted, and to display the weather outside (downloaded from the internet), which is very cool indeed!

I am changing my rating to five stars, because with that problem fixed, the Nest thermostat is great!

[Original review follows]

I purchased two of the 3rd generation Nest thermostats yesterday and installed them. Generally speaking I like them, but I bumped into two problems that you'll read about in other reviews.

1. To charge its batteries, the Nest needs a C (common) wire hooked up; otherwise it tries to charge itself whenever the heating or cooling system is running -- the only time current is passing through it. When I hooked one of my Nests up, it said it needed to charge its batteries, ... full review

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"Fun to use and product you'd be proud to show to your friends." - by maj. easy
I love this thermostat. We're using it with a new modulated carrier HVAC. This thermostat has a very neat feature called 'fan circulate' that runs the fan about 30% of the time. Before the new HVAC home temps would vary 3 to 4 degrees from one room to another. The combo of this thermostat the new system are just plane awesome. the whole house now stays within 1 degree all night.... Carrier and the pro install guys all helped in my super satisfaction with this thermostat.
[[ASIN:B075BF6V58 Honeywell RTH9585WF1004/W Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat, V. 2.0,"C Wire Required]]
(About 6 weeks later from 1st review) I don't review most products we buy, but this thermostat has added so much satisfaction I had to report it. Also I wanted to share why our old system failed. We replaced the old system because the heating system was too large for size of ... full review

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"Ecobee >>> Nest" - by DLC
I purchased two of these to replace my Nest 2nd Generation and 3rd generation (I have upstairs and downstairs units). The original reason for the purchase was because nest did not offer a sensor and because of the open layout of my downstairs to my upstairs. Because of this the bedroom temperatures would be drastically different in the hallway than in the bedrooms. After one night with the ecobee and putting the sensor in the bedroom my daughters were able to tell a huge difference, the Ecobee kept their rooms at a 70 degree temp all night!

Another great feature, that I did not even think I would use, is the Alexa portion of the thermostat. I can be downstairs and tell alexa to change the upstairs temperature to whatever I decide. No walking upstairs, no getting out my phone and changing it on the app, just tell Alexa what I ... full review

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"Installation hiccups, otherwise great thermostat." - by Keith
I wanted to change my review to 4 from 1 because I figured out how to hook it up. Ecobee customer service finally got back with me about installation of this product but ultimately, the control board for my furnace didn't even have a C-wire connector. I finally hooked it up to a 24v power source coming off the transformer. Since I've installed this I've been really happy with it. It stays on constantly and stays connected to WiFi with no connectivity issues. It works well with my Echo Dot and Alexa is able to find my Ecobee every time I ask it to adjust the temperature. My only complaint about this thermostat is if you have it set to "Auto" mode instead of just "Cool" or "Heat" you are limited on how you can adjust the temperature because it has to stay within a certain range. I like being ... full review

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"Setup in under 10 minutes/Looks good" - by Bruce Glazier
My HVAC Details: Natural Gas Furnace/Forced Hot Air + Centeral A/C with NO C-Wire

I have a rental so I wasn't about to run a new wire from my furnace to the thermostat. I really wanted to replace the $20 Honeywell thermostat which I had proven was very inaccurate at reading the temperature. I decided to get a WiFi enabled thermostat for a couple reasons.

1) After getting a Google Home, I've been making a movement toward home automation and voice activated controls.

2) My gas company offered a $100 rebate toward a WiFi enabled thermostat so I paid almost nothing for it.

Super easy installation.
1) Throw breakers for Furnace/AC
2) Unscrew wire terminals and pull wires from old thermostat plate
3) Remove plate (pay attention to which wire colors go to which designations) and mount new plate
4) Re-insert wires into same color designations as old thermostat.
5) Plug new Thermostat onto new plate.
6) Download Sensi app.
7) ... full review

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"Honeywell kicked it out of the park with this unit...." - by Autumn Fawn (East Coast)
I opted to have a professional HVAC guy install this since my system can be buggy and did not want to worry.

When he saw it, he said Honeywell was the most installed wifi thermostats. I told him I thought it would be the company that rhymes with rest but he said they are not and not as great as Honeywell. He said Honeywell is more reliable. Removing the old system and installing the new one did not take long. You have to install the wires to the faceplate prior to mounting it. I watched him do it. The instructions could have been clearer but once it was clear, it was a breeze.

I had already downloaded the app on my iPhone and setting it up was easy. I can set up my wake up temp and the temp when I go to bed. There is a vacation setting that you just ... full review

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"Excellent Thermostat." - by chikiBABY (Montville, NJ USA)
Excellent thermostat. The customer service and tech service is excellent. They will explain and walk you through everything if needed. The thermostat works with GH and Alexa. I used smart hub to connect it and signed on with the sister company wink to connect to GH.
I got it to work. This is how using ALEXA.
I selected FORGET device.
Quit out of Alexa app.
I went into Sensi app and named it whatever "SENSI MAIN FLOOR"
I went online to the sensi website using browser and opened my thermostat and made sure the new name was there...and it was.
Find the SKILL Sensi and ENABLE it, link it . CLOSE TAB (following the directions).
Then select the DISCOVER box . WAIT for new name to be discovered.
Then give command.
I knew it was working when Alexa stated that it was in AUTO mode.
I tested this method ... full review

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"Easy Install; good software; never going back to non-networked thermostats" - by Legolas
Installed five of these and had no significant issues. The setup went smoothly, both on the thermostats themselves, and on the Honeywell website. The iPhone app works great; have already used it to change temps a couple of times while away from home. Would never go back to non-networked thermostats after experiencing this convenience.

Some comments about the physical installation:
-the hole spacing matched that of my prior thermostats, so I didn't have to drill any holes. I just used the screws and anchors that were already there. I also already had all the required wires, including the "C" wire.
-the main issue I had to deal with was that the older thermostats were thicker, and had significant void space inside the thermostat around the hole in the wall where the wire came out, so that allowed prior installer to leave a couple of inches of thermostat wire ... full review

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"Great value for a full-featured Energy Star-certified smart thermostat!" - by JB in CT
Just installed 2 of these thermostats last night and I'm impressed already. I wanted to get a smart thermostat that was Energy Star-certified and these were very competitively priced, so I was a curious how good they'd be. Now that I got them I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by how nicely manufactured they are.

I'm a bit of smart home fan and have done a few thermostat installs before, but am by no stretch an HVAC pro or super technical. In comparison to the Honeywell Lyrics I've installed it was a great "simple" and smooth experience and I was actually surprised how comparable to Nest the process was. The box had everything I needed (except my handy screwdriver), and it was easy to follow the directions and setup guide on my iPhone.

The app is great too - very easy to set your schedule with plenty of options ... full review

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"Install & setup was a breeze - several useful features!" - by SkyBox (Ohio, USA)
Had it up and running for a week. Install was a breeze - had all the necessary wires fortunately. Set up was simple including Wi-Fi and have had no drops yet. Connect to your network and then configure through your PC. Configuring is so easy with a mouse...

MUCH better than older non-LCD programmable thermostats due to pre-configured templates for temperature settings for 4 periods of the day. The times and temps are already set for a general weekday schedule and a separate weekend schedule. You just tweak it a bit for your schedule.

There is also a separate heat temperature and AC temperature degree setting for each time slot within your schedule. This means you don't have to re-adjust your temps in Summer vs. Winter. For example, you may prefer 71 degrees for you winter months (heat) and 69 for summer (AC). ... full review

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"and again this is probably better for my schedule" - by teeze (GA, USA)
It's exactly what I wanted- I can control my thermostat remotely, which is helpful with my ever-changing work schedule. It doesn't have the "learning" of Nest or the sensors of the Ecobee products, but I knew that going in, and again this is probably better for my schedule. Also- no c wire needed! I set up lots of different schedules on the app, and it's easy to switch from one to the other if I forget before leaving the house. I got the "pro" version because my local energy company has a rebate for it, and it was quite easy to install.
One thing I was disappointed by- I was going to try the (currently beta) geo-fencing, but you need to be 3mi away for it to trigger... and my job is closer than that

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"Me Likes" - by Gary H
When I went to install some baseboard heaters I decided to look at some smart thermostats. I looked carefully and various manufacturers, but the sleek design of the Mysa sold me. I installed the thermostat myself (although I also installed a subpanel and did all the wiring myself too) but it still seemed easy enough for most people. The app is simple to use and can be used without a subscription or hub, nothing else is required to control the thermostats over the internet. In fact, I just did for the first time the other day when I was coming home from a trip and I wanted to warm up my room a few hours before I got home. I hope to see more from smart devices from Mysa so I can build a Mysa smart home. This is my first smart device, so ... full review

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"Great stat" - by Mike (West Reading, PA)
This is the best combination of value and function on the market. The app works well and the programming is simple. If you want the outdoor temp to display you must connect to wifi. You can program/adjust it from a computer, mobile app, or the thermostat. One feature many overlook is the thermostats ability to switch from heating and cooling. Many thermostats cant do this. This one does that. Most customers will prefer this over learning thermostats like nest and lyric because the user sets their own program. This is the version sold for contractor install, so if you arent comfortable with hvac 24v wiring then you may want to have it installed. Works with just about all types if heating and cooling systems.

"Stunning design, software needs work" - by Brian Roediger (Columbia, MD USA)
Absolutely stunning design. If your thermostat is a prominent device in your home, at leat make it look good with this one.
While the functionality and Cortana integration are great, the UI can sometimes be laggy, with occasional issues getting back to the "home" screen.
However, this being a Microsoft software product, you can expect updates in the near future to hopefully make it more solid.
Out of the box, I would give it 3 stars, but the design is so stunning that I definitely had to bump it up one more star.
Will check back if it improves :-).