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"LOVE IT" - by Chawanda
I love my desk; it's really easy to put together. You don't need the wrench though, and I used a letter opener instead of the phillips screwdriver. Make sure you buy the mat also.
"Life changing for home office!" - by Pinkie
I love this sit/stand desk, and find it 100 times better than the one I have at work. I was issued a Ergotron sit/stand desk at work and loved standing because it has resolved my back, neck and shoulder issues totally. However,, that product is super heavy to lift with two full-sized monitors on it (I am a small woman with a rotator cuff injury), and takes up so much space - even with an executive desk, I have now have little space on my work desk. My work desk was $600 more than this desk, and the keyboard tray is under the top shelf & isn't wide enough for an ergo keyboard + mouse - boo! I wish I'd tried this desk first because we bought the other for the whole staff...what a waste!

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"A back saver!!" - by Mary (AZ)
I purchased this to help with lower back problems I am having. It is very difficult for me to sit for long periods of time. I took it to work and my office mates helped me set it up. (Ironically, I couldn't lift it because it was too heavy for me.) This has been a life saver, or should I say, "back" saver. When I can't sit anymore, I just stand. There is a lever on each side and I just press the levers and lift. When I get tired of standing, I press the levers and lower. The only downside for me is the weight. I understand it has to be sturdy, but I am small in stature and with a bad back, I needed assistance. (Note: the outside of the box WAS marked as "Team Lift".)
"Not perfect, but easy to adjust and the price is right" - by K. Johnson (Columbus, OH)
I like the ease of setting this up. It's already assembled and it's very easy to adjust up and down. This was the primary reason that I ordered this specific standing desk (that, and the price). However, there are some caveats:
- At the lowest setting, it's still 5 inches above desk height. This isn't ideal for sitting down. I had to make sure I had enough room in front of it to move my keyboard and mouse to my desk when I want to work sitting down.
- You can't apply a lot of pressure to it when you're standing up. In other words, don't type too hard. Don't rest your wrists/forearms on it. It will start to collapse if you do. I'm not a light touch, so I'm just going to have to be more careful until I get in the habit of not pounding away on the keyboard.
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"Excellent desk, well built with a good overall design ..." - by Paul H (Columbus, OH United States)
Excellent desk, well built with a good overall design and an excellent value in a sit/stand base. The only reason I am not rating it higher is once you put a desk top on it the lowest it will go is about 30" which is a little taller than a standard desk/table height. This is not a big deal if you are taller or long in the torso but for a better design would be to consider the fact that a desk top will be attached and set the lowest setting to about 27" which will put the desktop at 28.5". Since sit/stand desks are all about ergonomics this is something that should have been taken into consideration. All this said it's not a big deal for me at almost 6' tall and otherwise it's a fantastic product.

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"great stand and great price!" - by Shopper45
It is very stable and adjusts to any height. I'm 5'3, so it is not all the way up in my pic. When all the way down it is almost completely flat on the desk. This makes it much more user friendly when you need to spread out your work area. I tried to include a pic of this but it wouldn't let me, kept kicking me off my review. I would purchase this item again.
"Very sturdy!" - by Shiven
This stand up desk is very nice! Very strong and sturdy. My desk is about 28 inches tall and when I set this on top of it and raise it all the way up it feels very nice (I am 6ft tall). Even at the tallest point this doesnt even feel like it will tip over, I even have 2 monitors on it.
"Impressed !" - by Marcel
First of all, the workbench arrived very promptly despite the very low participation that was asked for the shipping.
It is recommended to have two people to move and assemble the workbench. This is not a luxury : the item is quite heavy.
The quality is impressive, and I am not easily impressed. The plain wood top is thick, sturdy and, again, heavy.
The miscellaneous components are well packed and each item is clearly labelled with a number. There is even a number printed on the plastic bags of hardware. Incidentally, should you lose one screw, do not panic. As you go, you only have the exact number needed but they have added a separate bag containing a spare of each size.
The assembly proceeds smoothly, with all the holes aligned where they belong. Don't do as I do, as I assembled it alone in about 3 hours. Get a friend to help.
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"Keyboard tray has been redesigned not to fall off" - by Christopher Thomas (Seattle, WA United States)
The manufacturer has addressed a common complain of many of the 1-star reviews, which were about the keyboard tray falling off. Apparently, in the old design, it was only secured with screws going directly into the particle board and having to directly support the full downward force, which of course, it couldn't. The one I received in late 2017 had a different design, in which the keyboard tray rests on top of the steel bracket, so all of the weight will be borne by the bracket, instead of the screw & wood. Likewise, the bracket connects to the desktop's steel frame, so there is virtually no way this is coming undone.
"Need a little modification" - by Wanda Stake
I really love this FlexiSpot Standing Desk. I purchased the 47" so I could have my laptop docking station on the table with my two monitors. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star review is because the leavers to lift and lower the desk are on the outside of the table top. Your arms have to reach out to outer edge of the table and with the key board shelf in the way you have to lean into it, making it hard to get the desk up to the height that I need when standing. If the key board table would have the option of sliding in and out it would less of a hindrance.
"I'm very happy with my purchase" - by Deanne
I'm very happy with my purchase. I did a lot of research on standing desks, and took forever deciding which one to buy. In the end I couldn't bring myself to pay for one of the more expensive brands. This desk is perfect height for me (I'm 5'7), and it goes up and down very easily (which I wasn't expecting since the price is lower). My first day with the desk I had a couple people walk into my office and tell me this desk looks sleek. I have a 15" macbook that I sit next to my monitor and it fits fine. I highly suggest this desk, though I think I now need a padded floor mat to stand on.
"Perfect Standing Desk" - by Brianna
I'm 5'9" and I loooove this standing desk. I have my monitors on a raising stand on top of the standing desk. I normally have an achy back at the end of the work day but not anymore.
"also saves space - like having 3 desks in one" - by Amazon Customer
does exactly what it's supposed to do. i'm cancelling my physical therapy appointment right now - no more back pain. wish i got it sooner. also saves space - like having 3 desks in one. love it. best purchase ever.