Sugar Candy

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"Delicious, smooth, & creamy!" - by Myst (Austin, TX)
These are exactly what I was craving!

Mansfield Maple does a fantastic job of delivering high quality maple sugar candy. It comes packaged wonderfully, in an absolutely beautiful black box with metallic lettering. The candy is packaged tightly together so it doesn’t shift as much during shipping. Each layer is protected by the cardboard candy box inserts. The candy box is held shut with two seals, and that whole box is wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and sealed inside of a fitted cardboard box. That, in turn, was packaged in the larger Amazon shipping box. Wow! These arrived absolutely perfect and intact. You never would have known they were shipped halfway across the country.

They taste PERFECT. The texture is just right - a slightly crunchy outer shell, filled with smooth, creamy, melt-in-your mouth maple centers. The 1lb box contains 48 individual maple leaves, which is just the right amount ... full review
"Fresh and tasty rock candy!" - by Stephanie
I purchased these for a party and they were a hit! The candy arrived in perfect condition and tasted nice and fresh. I purchased them in the blue raspberry and they had a nice flavor without being overpowering. Forewarning: they do make your mouth turn blue, but it easily washed off. They are individually wrapped which was nice as guests could take them home. These would be great for a candy bar!

I would highly recommend this product and the company for all your candy needs!
"Delicious Egg Flavor for Vegans" - by LittleDove
First time using this in a recipe from website Cooking with Plants. The omelette was totally delicious enhanced by the egg flavor lent by the Himalayan Black Salt. Will be using this in many more vegan recipes.
"A great purchase for yourself or as a gift" - by Amazon Customer
The exact texture and flavor I was craving. A great purchase for yourself or as a gift. They are very sweet because they are 100% maple sugar but that's why they are small so it's not over the top. If you're worried about this product melting don't order it in extreme heat to be safe but it was a hot day when mine was delivered and the candies were in tact. They insulate the package. Very happy with my purchase, highly reccomend.
"Cotton Candy for years." - by C
I wasn't wild about spending almost just as much on the cotton candy kit as I did on the cotton candy appliance, however the cotton candy tastes great and this kit comes with enough flavored sugar to last a very long time. The cones included are not re-usable, but are exactly as expected. We mixed flavors together and had a beautiful and delicious treat. Would be great for birthday parties if you already have a cotton candy maker.
"Yumm - Great cotton candy" - by Jeanette McD (WI)
Yumm - Works great. Sooo yummy
Included are (5) - 12 ounce containers of cotton candy floss sugar
Flavors include pink vanilla, grape, blue raspberry, orange, cherry
Great for most home cotton candy machines and all commercial cotton candy machines
Serves 24 - 30 servings per container, 120 - 150 servings per pack
Packed in sturdy 12 ounce resealable plastic jars
"Sweet, Crunchy, Sugary Goodness" - by Kat Girl
This Japanese treat tastes like rock candy. It is very yummy, sugary, and is a bit harder than rock-candy. You can let it dissolve in your mouth or bite right in like I do. If you have a healthy set of teeth and enjoy foods with unique textures, this is for you. This is also a perfect gift for Japanese culture enthusiasts.
"Great fennel taste" - by Marina (Houston, TX)
The pieces are small so you don't have to have a lot at a time if you don't want to. They are coated with sugar like all fennel candy, but the fennel flavor is stronger than the sugar flavor, and it's delicious. I like just having a few of these at a time when I want something sweet without over-indulging. A nice treat full of fennel flavor...I definitely recommend these over other similar fennel candies.
"Different but still very good." - by Dennis K Dawson
This was different to what I usually get but it is still fennel candy. This doesn't have all the woody bits that get in you teeth. It is a bit harder but it is still very good.
"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer (UT, USA)
Never would have guessed these are sugar free...
"Sugar Free Werther's Original Assorted Hard Candies," - by Ricky B (Long Beach, N Y USA)
They're really very good ... if I didn't know they were sugar free, I wouldn't know they were sugar free.... ;)
(Thanks for that inspiration, Yogi Berra. RIP)
I'd give them 5 stars, but I reserve that rating for the 'top dog' - the Originals made with sugar.
"Love them! They are small but because of that ..." - by Gloria
These are so incredibly cute!! Love them! They are small but because of that they seem so dainty and beautiful. The box was undamaged as were all the pieces. We are using them at a bridal shower for the candy bar & in lieu of sugar for coffee. They get "ohh" "ahh" "soo cute" whenever someone sees them.