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"Beats v.s Bose" - by Matt (LAS VEGAS, NV, US)
I initially bought Beats Studio wireless and I couldn't wait to try them out. I was debating between these Bose and the Beats studio for awhile. I feel the Beats look better than Bose, but in my opinion looks are the only thing Beats do better than Bose. Beats have quite a reputation of quality and performance, and when I first put them on and tried them out I thought "huh, well maybe something is wrong with this pair". Then I thought "maybe it really is only good for bass", so I played some bass heavy music, but was still very disappointed. The sound was muddy and weak. I returned them and bought the Bose. There is not even a comparison between the two, the Bose sound crystal clear, and the highs-mids- and lows are head and shoulders above the Beats. ... full review
"TUNE OUT THE WORLD, FOR $70" Noise cancelling that works at a very reasonable price! Give BOSE credit for a great idea but the "concept" is well out of the barn! These phones sound great, are very comfortable to wear, 30 hour play time and if you do manage to run down the batt. just plug them in to the wired input to connect the phones to the player and keep listening.
As I tried to quickly discuss in the video the fit and comfort of these phones will vary with different size and shape heads so you'll just have to try them on. (think shoes) As far as sound, I am a retired professional studio musician, trumpet player, and I've used headphones that would sell for around $5,000 at today's prices, so let's not go crazy comparing apples & oranges! At $70 these are a great deal and you ... full review
"Wowee! With Some Reservations" - by bvail (Denver CO)
I have been using the RS140 over ear and my wife the RS120 on ear headsets. The missus complained about ambient noise and wanted RS140s like mine, but they don't make them anymore. Even though the 140s keep out much ambient noise, mine were sounding quite muddy. I also wear hearing aids under the ear cushions which helps a bit, Even with that setup I have a hard time with the dialogue. Seems like they are always mumbling.

So I was hunting for some over ear headsets for the wife and came upon these. I would guess the RS170s are much the same, except they have no digital optical. I opted for these RS175s so I could go with digital sound vs. analogue. I received the phones yesterday (I purchased the extra phone for myself). Swapped the batteries from the old headsets as they were charged up and ready to ... full review
"Highly recommend this item. Superior quality and best $$-for-$$ bang for your buck" - by YADU P. SHAH
I was skeptical about the quality of mid-range priced wireless transmitter headphones. Have been using some cheap ones for 5+ years and was pretty used to the feedback that came with those headphones. After purchasing a 4K Tv recently (which I'm really pleased with...especially the up-scaling) the only downside was the headphone jack on this model would take over the audio output when the wireless headphones were plugged in. To solve this problem I ordered a digital-to-audio converter which prevented me from having to plug in the 3.5mm input to the side of the TV at night, in the dark, every time I wanted to watch TV before bed. This solved that issue but just created another frequency that causes the buzzing/feedback in cheaper wireless headphones. When looking for a better high-end option I considered the Sony but after looking further into those realized that they had a ... full review
"Very nice value for bluetooth headphones (foldable / wired AND wireless / good build quality)" - by J. Nastri (Maryland, MD United States)
Need a nice value bluetooth headphones with durability, good sound quality, & can be wireless OR wired? This MPOW headphone is it!

*Unit Operational Test*
This is a pretty simple unit to test. I started with testing fitment / adjustment to my head using the sliders (stainless steel sliders, nicely done!) while also testing the ability for folding the headphones (worked great, very solid feeling). The memory foam ear cushions and along the inside of the headphone band where the top of your head will touch feel very comfortable with good spring in the foam. It is an attractive set of headphones, good use of contrast red, silver, and black. The device is touted to NOT be active noise canceling so we'll test passive noise reduction with the over-the-ears cushions.

The device has user controls on one side (power, volume up, volume down, track forward, track reverse, play / pause) on the right-ear ... full review
"Good headphone with multi device connection problem..." - by Mehmet Yorulmaz
I was in between Sony WH 1000XM2 and Bose QC35 II. After spending hours on watching/reading all the reviews, comparisons, I chose Bose over Sony, although almost all professional reviewers rated Sony higher than Bose. Let me do a quick review and explain why I did so:

i) Sound Quality: 8/10. Very "clean" sound. Definitely high quality and pleasing. In fact, it can be described as "calming". Not very base heavy. But my main use for this headphone is to cut the background noise and listen to a relaxing music while I am working/studying in a cafe. Therefore, keeping my aim in mind, the sound quality is right on target.

ii) Noise Cancellation: 8/10. It cuts out most of the outside noises. But, don't expect miracles as some people describe. For example, if somebody talks, you definitely hear them. There is also a slight pressure in my ears due to ANC, but ... full review
"You will be impressed." - by Kindle Customer (Philadelphia, PA)
**I am NOT getting any incentive for writing this review**
These headphones freak'n ROCK!! Crisp sound, deep bass, but not over-powering. You can hear the entire range of sound in your music, as if you are playing your music on a home stereo system. Comfortable...? YES! VERY light weight. The ear hooks are SOFT; like I was wearing nothing. I spent the entire day doing out side activities,( yard work, riding my bike, hiking), they did not fall out, and again like wearing nothing at all. For the comfort level, high quality sound and the price you will NOT be disappointed.
"Best bluetooth in ear headphones that you can get for a reasonable price!" - by Mark Myers
As far as the reasonable priced, in ear bluetooth headphones go, these are absolutely the best. Apart from looking a bit bulky with the large cases just outside the ear, I cannot find any fault with these headphones. I had a pair of 35-40 dollar ones from Anker and, while they work well enough, there is no comparison to these Sonys. The Sonys are more comfortable, surprisingly lightweight, sound better, and the battery life is unbelievable. The battery life is where the tradeoff for the larger cases comes in, but it is absolutely worth it. I can use them for an entire 8 hour workday, as well as an hour on the train each way for my commute, and still have enough battery to last through a run or gym workout without ever having them die on me, or even start to lose signal (and ... full review
"I absolutely love. Sound is awesome and they stay in place" - by Gypsy
I absolutely love. Sound is awesome and they stay in place. So comfortable I forget they are there except for the awesome sound.

Well, here I am again after using this product for a week. Still loving them. I am enjoying the sound of music so much I don't want to take them off. A great product with great sound at a great price. If you are considering purchasing these don't hesitate any longer. Go ahead and make that purchase and start enjoying them.
"Couldn't be happier!" - by WC (New York)
These are fantastic. They hold a charge for several days of partial use. They are loud enough without distortion. So far, no damage from sweat or rain. They are very comfortable for everyday use and also feel good while exercising. In terms of BT connection, they are easy to pair and allow me to connect to multiple devices at the same time. The included case allows you to toss them into your bag without worry of them breaking or getting tangled, or just getting gross. For this price, I see no reason to go with the similar styled named brand version.
"Super sound for a great price" - by Moriarty
Swapped my Koss for the Skullcandy Crusher headset. No comparison. Skullcandy Crusher is even better than my Bose external speakers I have hooked up to my Mac. This headset picks up subtle sounds and still delivers great bass, which is adjustable. The adjustment feature and folding capabilities are awesome. I can store the headset and connectors in my Headcase Audio hard case I got from Everything, and I do mean everything, fits in the case. I travel all across the USA. You don't always have access to charge your devices. I charged fully before leaving home. I still haven't recharged after five weeks of periodic use which is several hours at a time. They are a full over the ear. That helps reduce the noise when in a noisy environment. I have not tried using during a phone call, however I am confident in their performance based on everything ... full review
"Crystal clear 3 d sound, extreme comfort, and very durable, Blue tooth freedom." - by Maximus Aurelius
I searched hi and low for these type of headphones. I am a musician/recording artist and have used many different types of headphones. I hadnt heard of the brand Cowin so I was skeptical of their performance. I got this pair specifically to wear during working out at the gym, to tune out the crowds in public. Sound quality, Comfort and durability were atop my requirements. After wearing them for several months in and out of the gym I must say I am extremely impressed with every single feature! Excellent sound with deep bass and crystal clear mid ranges and high end trebles! The comfort is spectacular, as the ear pieces are oval shaped and fit perfectly over my ears without pinching anywhere. there is even a pad all along the top piece which goes over my head very comfy... These headphones have been traveling nicely in my gym bag ... full review
"Great headphones overall for the price." - by Steven S Tuimoala
I was looking for a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones that kept a consistent signal, had good range and were plenty loud. I also wanted a pair with this design as the wired pair with the controls mid-wire were a pain to operate on the go and I'm always nervous that tugging on this portion will eventually cause a short in the wire- something a WIRELESS headphone user shouldn't ever have to deal with. With that, I'm pretty happy with these except for one area, but I'll break that down below:

(Tested on an iPhone 6)

-comfortable fit
-intuitive, Bluetooth headset inspired controls
-good button functionality/ capability
-high quality mic for hands-free phone calls/phone commands
-keeps exterior sound at bay quite well
-higher volume range nice & loud
-great range
-good battery life/short charge time
-nice extras with package

So keep in mind, these things are good for the PRICE. chances are, you can find better options listed if you pay ... full review
"Love them much more than prior in ear beats headphones" - by Edward A Wansor
I go to the gym a lot and have been looking for a great sounding pair of wireless in ear headphones. I have tried several, from the original beats to the powerbeats and most recently the beats x. These blow them all away......big time. They fit in my ear very well (with the medium ear tips that come on the headphones) and had a small and a large size as well. From the moment you power them on they are (in my opinion) much better than beats. When turned on they tell you what device they are connected to and how much battery is left. Another great feature is the call feature. When you receive a call it tells you who is calling (if you have them as a contact) this way you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket to check who is calling before answering. ... full review