Upholstery Fabric Cleaner

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"Simply the Best!" - by Wade (Newburyport, MA)
This item was recommended by a salesman who sold me an oriental runner for my kitchen. I was hesitant to put a rug in an area where food is prepared, yet it's a small galley kitchen. To my wonderful surprise, not only does this get stains out of rugs, but also sensitive things like upholstery, my Amish quilt.....wine, blood, oil stains all come out. DO NOT be using Resolve or any of those other over the counter products because you could actually set the stain. (learned that the hard way on a very expensive chair). ForceField also has a Fabric Protector. Please make sure you are buying the correct product. The ForceField Fabric Protector is recommended to be applied to a carpet or upholstery, etc. Then use the FFFCleaner to spot clean. You will not be disappointed. Sometimes this item is ... full review
"Amazing!" - by Addie Ringo
This is the best cleaner on the market. I have a light blue chair that was stained and now it looks brand new.
"Best upholstery cleaner on the market" - by drucie
Best upholstery cleaner on the market. Have used for years. Not sticky, easy to work with and has a pleasant and not an over powering smell. The price is terrific!
"Good cleaner" - by Turning Point (New York, NY)
Works really great on removing stains from any fabric.
"Incredible!!" - by Jennifer Bimrose
This is the best cleaner!! My daughters car has white textured leather on the seats - through normal use they got all dingy. We've tried everything! I honestly thought the leather was cracked and nothing could be done, but I saw all the great reviews and figured for $15 I'd give it a shot. Truly AMAZING results with very little effort. Thank you!!
"Recommended for Stubborn Carpet Stains" - by Admiral Schmickover
I tried Meguiar's Carpet and Upholstery cleaner on a whim in order to get out some rust stains inside my truck. I tried Turtle, Resolve, and Scotchbrite with no luck. I sprayed the stuff on, let it sit for a few minutes, scrubbed it with a moderately stiff brush, and it looks like new. Great Product. I started keeping it handy and made it part of my normal car cleaning routine (I have kids, so there's always carpet to clean). It has a nice scent to it and doesn't smell like chemicals.
I highly recommend.
"Fantastic on microfiber" - by Kyle (Houston, TX United States)
I have a tan colored microfiber couch and a 7 month old puppy who found it awesome to pee on the cushions in random spots in a "I'm creating modern art, don't judge me" kind of way. This stuff shoots out of the bottle like a firehose but in a pretty even layer. After a good soak/brush and repeated wipe downs with a light colored cloth/paper towels the couch looks brand new. This is pretty much my new favorite cleaner for my couch. No color issues, no weird spots, works great.
"Great product! So glad I purchased." - by Mary-Christina
This fabric shaver is my new saving grace! I have so many LuLaRoe shirts that (even though I washed according to their instructions) are pilling terribly. A friend of mine showed me her fabric shaver, (which I didn't even know was a thing) and I knew I had to get one. My shirts are now (almost) just like new. I didn't even think about taking a before and after pic until I was already done, but I will definitely come back later to edit my review and and add them.

When using this product, I do strongly suggest putting cardboard or an ironing board, or anything that's flat and hard between the 2 layers of fabric so you don't have bunches or wrinkles to worry about.
"Totally works! (Full comparison to Rustoleum NeverWet Outdoor Fabric)" - by Marietta Moore
Brief summary: This stuff WORKS to keep outdoor sectional cushions dry. In a comparison of 303 Fabric Guard and [[ASIN:B00KRHF8E4 Rust-Oleum 278146 NeverWet 11-Ounce Outdoor Fabric Spray, Clear]], both are great but 303 is the winner on application, cost efficiency, drying time, look and feel.


- Rustoleum feels less greasy when wet than 303. The 303 bottle leaked more my hands.
- 303's compact spray setting wasted less product than the mist setting on either product. Compact spray still gave an even coating like the mist, and wasted less product.
- Both products made cushions appear damp when treated, so it was easy to see where the product was applied.
- 303 left less troublesome bubbles than Rustoleum.

SCENT: Rustoleum
- Both scents are very strong. Apply outdoors.
- Rustoleum is pleasantly scented rather than unmasked chemical smell.

- Both products covered less area than they promised. 303 was farther off ... full review
"Exceeded expectations" - by anavarr519
Great product, exceeded my expectations, I just did the seats for now. NY winter is here. I can't wait to do the rugs once it warms up. Definitely would recommend. Rag shows the filth that came off with minimal scrubbing.