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"Some tips for setup, works great for us!" - by Change
I was hesitate to purchase this due to poor reviews but for the price I had to try it. It works great.
I have a 3200 square foot home, I am using a 7 year old router with no booster. I have had no dropped cameras, motion detection is as expected.
I would suggest you use a TV/monitor and mouse. The only negative is the horrible apps that are to be used with the system.
First, before setting the cameras up, plug in every camera into power right near your router. Follow the Zmodo prompts on the app. If you don't have them ALL plugged in at the same time when you set it up you will have trouble.
Make sure your WiFi is set to 2.4 GHz, the wifi name can not have spaces, make sure your phone is connected to the 2.4 GHz wifi not the 5Ghz.
The app is horrible but it ... full review

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"A review from a Nest and Dropcam user" - by THATCHMAN1 (USA)
Over the years I've had a variety of security cameras, starting from the old style Foscam style, to Dropcams, on to Nest Cam HD. I've been pleased with all of those at their time.

This brand really caught my eye because it is battery operated. If you live in a place you don't own, the desire to install minimal power infrastructure can make some places nearly unreachable unless you have a battery operated device. Even if you do own the house, still, sometimes you don't want to run power cables to/on the outside of your house.

I did a lot of research and was surprised at how positive most of the reviews were.

Long story short, I was able to get it installed where I wanted it, outside of a 2nd story window pointing at a narrow walkway path alley between buildings, and it functions as I want it to and as I ... full review

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"Decent cameras, but require cloud storage" - by Charlie
The camera feels very solid. I feel confident that it is weather proof, although I have not tested it in the rain yet. The base mount is not long enough to allow direct 90 degree angle as shown by another customer image. However, it works perfectly if angled at a slight turn. I installed mine on the corners of my house and used a 1/2" drill bit to run the wire through the soffit into the attic.

My only complaint is that these cameras do not have a micro USB storage to store images. Therefore you must use the cloud storage provided by Zmodo. The picture quality is very good in the daytime. At night, the infrared allows for night vision, although any additional light such as a headlights washes out the image.

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"Awesome easy cameras!" - by ShantAli
Love love love these!!!! We needed to find out who's been walking in our back yard.... lol we got'm! unfortunately you can see that he turned and saw the camera... but at least we can see who's been walking back there and now he knowwwws we knowww😂😂😂
So easy to set up.. turned them on in 5-10 min just cuz I was taking my time and exploring all the info. They work amazing for so cheap!

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"NVR is easy to setup" - by RS (Never Never land)
NVR is easy to setup, don't forget to buy a Hard drive when installing these. Only 3 Cameras worked fine. Spoke to Betty, she was very helpful and sent a replacement. Highly recommended!

by YI
"Great for the price. The subscription is a joke." - by For Realz
The quality is great for the price. The camera is removable from the white frame if you wanted to make a custom enclosure to make your camera more hidden. You could even use double sided industrial tape to mount it anywhere without an enclosure.

2 Cameras for $50 isn’t bad. I have a simple D-Link 930 model camera that is 480p resolution. It is old and at first I was looking for more of this model. They aren’t made anymore and the ones still out there cost about the same as these Yi home cameras. All my D-Link could do was detect motion and I can immediately log in for live view. It didn’t record. I also have a Ring doorbell camera and a Ring Backyard Floodlight camera. I really wanted to buy a Ring Spotlight camera since Ring is by far the easiest to use and is the best quality ... full review

by YI
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"Amazing Piece of Technology" - by KG (New Jersey)
I've never written a review on anything before, but after using these cameras the past few days I really feel like I needed to say just how great they are. Very easy to set up and they integrated with my iPhone quite well. We are using it to watch our dog when we are out of the house since he has gotten older and has medical issues now.

Only three of the four cameras worked out of the box, however the company shipped me a replacement which I got in a few days. No hassles.

So far I have no complaints at all. Easy to set up. Took only a few minutes per camera. All connected to my Wi-Fi easily. The live video feeds load very fast and look great once you press the HD button. The two way audio is just OK but not really needed for monitoring. The ... full review

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"Great Value..." - by Daintilus
After reading quite a bit of negative reviews on these cameras, I was really hesitant to purchase them. However, I decided to take my chances, and I am glad i did. For the price, you really cannot find many wifi 4 camera systems with NVR. After owning the system for about a month now, I am not sure why these cameras have so many negative reviews. I am just a regular full time working woman. I am a wife and mom of 2 young kids and I have no extraordinary technical skills. I found that the cameras were easy to setup, so easy that I really did not need the instructions. I downloaded the meshare app as recommended by other reviewers, I added the cameras and the NVR, and I was up and running in less than 30 minutes! I made sure that all the cameras were working before mounting ... full review

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"Reluctantly pleased!" - by Samsquanch
I have installed several different systems including Q-See, Swann, Defender and Foscam. All required some port forwarding and networking savvy. The only networking I had to complete with this system was plugging the NVR into my router. The app manages initial camera setup so all you need to know is the password to your 2.4Ghz band router and the SSID should have no spaces. If your router signal is named Get off my LAN it should be renamed to Get_off_my_LAN.

If you plan on using a 3rd party service like Tinycam or IPcamviewer this NVR/cameras will not work without some solid tinkering. I emailed zmodo for old firmware, went through the installation process and was able to get video through Tinycam, but it was only low def. I didn’t feel like setting up RTSP streams for HD viewing so I boxed everything up, printed the return label and there the package ... full review

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"You Can't Go Wrong!" - by King David (indianapols)
I bought the 4ch 720p HD NVR a little over 3 months ago. I waited to write a review because you really don't know the value of what you got until ample time has passed. Last May while sitting on my back deck enjoying the warm spring morning, movement within my neighbors brush pile shed caught my attention. It was 4 small kittens playing. I quietly sleeked over to get a closer look. Sure enough, they still had blue eyes so they were only a couple weeks old if that. 2 grey ones with black stripes and dots, a mostly black one with splaters of tan, white and orange and an adorable rambunctious blonde one. I watched for a while but knew momma probably would be back soon so not wanting to spook her and have her move them, I went back to my deck. I went inside and ... full review

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"Great security camera but be cautious putting your cameras online" - by Aris
Just bought and installed all cameras. It is working for now. However, I had problems during the setup as only 1 camera was able to pickup the signal. It took me a while to figure out how to manually add the other cameras.

Here is what I did:

1. Go to System Setup
2. Choose Channel Setup tab
3. Click Video Manage button
4. Connect the LAN cable to your camera and to NVR
5. Under Added Device table, remove all non working camera to free up the channel
6. Click Match Code - This would detect your camera and will automatically be added to Added device table
7. Detach the LAN cable from your camera and click Refresh so the Wired settings will be removed

That's it! Hope this helps other customers.

Be sure to add a password to your admin account. Also a word of advise, only connect your NVR online when you are leaving your house. Don't ... full review

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"The only thing that could be better is a wide angle camera" - by TROB
The only thing that could be better is a wide angle camera ! System works good and is easy to set up!

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"Excellent easy to set up and use system" - by Amazon Customer
Excellent easy to set up and use system. Great little cameras and clear pictures. Brilliant being able to check the cameras on my iPhone from anywhere. The customer service is first class, I had an issue contacted Fiona who responded very fast.

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"Purchased unit in the fall of last 2016. Worked ..." - by cj
Purchased unit in the fall of last 2016. Worked as advertised right out of the box. The smartphone app was not as user friendly as it should have been, figured it out. A month later, once it began to rain, one of the three cameras mounted outside on garage, under eve, and side of roofline to monitor the side of the house had water inside the lens. The other cam mounted unde the eve of the house began to show a snowy picture. Customer service response was quick. I returned the defective cams and they sent out replacements. Unfortunately, the instructions were vague and the replacement cams were a different model from the original two, so the power supply didn't work. They sent out replacement power supply's, but they too didn't work. I sent back the replacement cams and power cords. They sent me new cams and power cords ... full review

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"The Best Home Security Camera system Ever." - by Eman
This system is very cheaper that the $500-$600 Lorex systems that didn't work at all.

~ Prompt delivery with all the parts.
~ Easy to install and its plug and play right out of the box.
~ Picture quality is High definition and clear. I can see the car number plates when i zoom in.
~ Uses generic Hard Drive that is very easy to install and formatted.
~ Instruction manual is very easy to follow.
~ Cameras are easy to mount and connects to DVR immediately.
~ What i also like about it is the fact that it has it's own router/wifi and i do not need to add more workload on my wifi routers.
~ DVR interface or setup is very simple to use when configuring the cameras.
~ It also has a feature to pair the cameras if one section is not getting enough signals.
~ Signals are strong up to 1200 feet with or without walls.
~ ... full review