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Subscription Software for Business: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Software Subscriptions good for businesses?
Subscriptions help businesses convert fixed costs into variable costs, have the latest version of software, and pay for access only as long as they need it.

2. How do I buy subscription software for my business?
From the detail page, you can purchase up to 5 software licenses. After purchasing, view and manage all your licenses in Your Software Library.

3. How to I assign licenses to myself and others?
First, go to the Subscriptions -> Licenses section of Your Software Library. To assign to yourself, select “Assign to me". To assign to someone else, select “Add email to assign license” and enter the user's email address. The user will receive an invitation email to redeem this license along with instructions

4. Where can I find all my licenses?
1. You can see all your subscription licenses by navigating toYour Software Library. Select the Subscriptions tab and click Licenses. Here, you will find all licenses that you have purchased, as well as any licenses that have been assigned to you.

5. How do I use my license now that I've purchased it?
Once the license is assigned, you will be prompted to link your Amazon account with the software publisher's website. After this, your subscription will be active, and you can access your product at any time from the Subscriptions -> Licenses section of Your Software Library. by clicking “Access product.”

6. Can I reassign a license?
Yes, as long as a license hasn't been activated, you can reassign at any time.

7. Can I cancel a certain number of licenses from my purchase before the end of the contract?
No. You can either cancel all licenses or select which licenses to auto-renew for the next contract period.

8. Can I transfer license ownership if an assignee leaves my organization?
No. You can only reassign a license if it has not been activated. You may cancel the entire subscription purchase and re-purchase it with a different number of licenses, but early termination fees may apply and the new subscription may have different terms. Please see the detail page for product-specific terms and details.

9. When will I be billed?
The Amazon account that buys the licenses will be billed as soon as the purchase completes. Billing will continue, usually monthly, according to the billing frequency indicated on the plan you selected.

10. Where can I learn more about Software Subscriptions from
Our Subscriptions Storefront has even more FAQs.