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on October 25, 2007
It's a bad cd and that's being nice about it. Most of the songs are old songs redone with lyrics changed. Search around for his other songs and discover worst songs that he could have put on this cd.
There is maybe one or two decent songs on this cd.

He just did what others (Mims, T-Pain, Rich Boy and Bow Wow) have done make a song that gets turned into ring tones, gets played at sporting events and a dance that gets banned at schools. He took the hype and rushed this cd out.

And to those that said Tupac and other rappers from the 90s were worst than Soulja Boy. Sorry most of those guys had messages behind their lyrics. I don't remember Tupac telling girls to smell his behind like Soulja Boy does in a song left off this cd. He didn't encourage beating teachers up for a grade.

Just another cd making real hip hop and rap look bad since the real artists (Common, Lupe, Nas Mos Def and others) can't get their music played since they are bragging about crap.
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on October 2, 2007
Wow, another rap album with catchy beats, garbage rhyming skills and stupid lyrics. Yes, we know your name and that you have neat jewelry and stuff. Woo hoo. I'm so glad I got to grow up in an era where I listened to rap artists like Rakim, BDP, Paris, Kool G Rap and NWA. They actually had things to say and rhymed with a beat. The previous reviewer nailed it, subtract two members, knock off a few years and change Crank that to Laffy Taffy and you have D4L all over again. This guy has the staying power of Joeski Love, congrats. Nice glasses, tool.

I was so disturbed at how average this disc was when my boy T played it that I formed a rap group to bring the old school back. We're called Thank your mom for breakfast and we are hardcore old school G's. We cover some classic, but we are not afraid to drop new stuff on you. I wrote a rap about our fishing trip to Arkansas called, "Bite my hook stupid trout" that is an emotional roller coaster. We even have a dumb dance like the one soulja toy has. We do three pushups, then a hurdler stretch followed by a mock lay up drill without a basketball. We then yell "more Jif peanut butter Mom!!!". That is an awesome dance. Soulja boy might reach average when he turns 21, but I doubt it.
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on November 3, 2007
So yesterday, my neighbor was blasting this album so loud, I literally had to call the cops complaining about the noise, I dont have a problem with people playing loud music, but when its 1A.M and he was playing this trash. I am so sick and tired of snap, crunk and southern rap, face it, crunk is not destined to be a classic genre within rap. This is the snap formula

a. Cheesy beats
b. A dumb phrase
c. a horrible dance

There is a reason I don't bother listening to the radio or watching music videos, its just trendy music that will be forgotten in a month.

How much do I miss NWA, 2pac, Biggie, and old school rap, now I would be ashamed getting caught listening to this.
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on December 21, 2007
Can't crank no book Yuuuu - ahhh
Can't crank no school Yuuu - ahh
Can't read n rite Yuu- ahhh
Can't crank spellin' Yuu-ahh!
Can't crank my IQ over 70 Yuu-ahhh!
It's either this or a career in fast food! Yuuu-ahh!
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on November 27, 2007
Plain and simple, dont buy this album. I mean, his music is straight and all that buts its all the SAME, OLD, and REPETITIVE. And when i say old, i mean OLD. If you been listening to Soulja Boy before his fame, some of the tracks are those same tracks released down south and all that years ago! All he talkes about is bapes, YOU, and superman. I mean, damn, im not hatin or nothing for real but this album is trash!
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on October 20, 2007
lol... i don't even know where to begin.

This CD was a gift from a coworker, and believe me on this, it was seriously meant to be a joke. I hardly listen to hip-hop, but even i know what's worth listening to, what actually took a lot of time and focus, yada yada yada.

i put the CD in. the moment i heard "youuu!" it came back out. after a while of headshaking in dismay, i put it in again and flipped to another song. that sidekick song? my god.

put it this way. i think he wrote these songs while he was sitting around doing nothing. he just grabbed whatever was in his pocket and attempted some mother goose rhyme. my guess is, it was outside the principal's office.

worst part is... some genius (and i use the word as sarcastic as possible) actually signed him. Now i understand if it was some low-budget rinky dink label that produces vanity CD's, but Interscope? this was a fatal blow to the company. worse, the artists under it are definitely taking a sales blow.

I've been the heir to MANY bad CD's, along the lines of Drama, MIMS, Lil' Flip... thankfully they were all gifts. The irony behind it was that they were all joke gifts as well. This DEFINITELY tops everything beyond the pinnacle of horrendous. Let's not be hasty and say "this is what's wrong with hip-hop" because first off, this ISN'T hip-hop. In fact, i don't think there's a subgenre of any kind to fit the nonsense audible on this CD.

If you even consider buying it, just know for every second you contemplate purchasing this waste of plastic and paper, your IQ will diminish to something well below this loser's age.

Oh, and that "Throw Some D's" song... change grades from an F to a D? try actually ATTENDING school you pitiful delinquent. the most you'll make from sales won't even be enough for a full course meal off the dollar menu at Burger King.

one more thing. to one of the recent reviewers who claims this poor excuse of an artist is from the south... Chicago is not the south. FYI. i hope the breed of rappers in Chicago aren't as remotely bad as this loser.
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on October 6, 2007
This album is literally comprised of 15 different remixes of "Crank dat"... It is horrible and feels like it was made last minute with no thought, originality, or inspiration.

You know how sometimes people say: "Dang, listening to this makes me dumber." I didn't believe this to actually be true until now...

Best of luck to anyone who can listen to any of his songs twice. One song is solely about a phone.. a phone.. . Save your money and please don't give him money. If ever there was a "one hit wonder", he is it.

Each of his songs smothers one phrase.. and repeats that phrase.. over and over and over and over and over.. for three minutes. That is not hip-hop, that is not talent, and that is not worth any of my money or your money.
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on December 11, 2007
Yes, this is an awful album. Everyone knows it except for the middle schoolers who buy it. A lot of reviewers have been missing the point though. You can't just say that crunk and snap music sucks, thought I know is sounds very, very right. By saying so, you discredit yourself and appear closed minded. Think about how many people in this country who automatically write off rap and even real hip-hip as not being a credible style of music because they simple don't like it. Those people are no better than all of us here when we diss on Soulja Boy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of snap music myself. What I am a fan of though is innovation. Creating something new and better out of something old. There is nothing innovative about this album. Infact, ever song sounds very much the same. The only people that respect this guy are 11 year olds because they don't yet understand how easy it is to do what he's doing.

On a second note, I like going to the club but I'm sorry, I can't dance to this song. For all the kids writing reviews out here, what really happens what Crank Dat comes on is that the girls move out the way and dudes get in big groups and start zooooming across the floor. I guess I just prefer dance with women, rather than myself or other guys. Honestly though, you don't hear a lot of songs like this at clubs. Why? Because they get overplayed to quick and because people like grindin music. I'm sure there very popular at middle school dances though. I could respect Soulja Boy and this album I guess, if I really thought they were taking hip-hop in a new direction in the way that Timbaland does with beats but really, he's just a one hit wonder. Just like mims, plies, yung joc, etc. Believe me. We won't remember them next year.
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on October 18, 2007
The album and especially the "Crank That" song from Soulja Boy is worst song and album ever hands down. If you listen closely, it's not even a song, just a bunch a BAD audio clips mashed together..

What a piece of garbage, who was the corporate clown that signed this idiot.

You can tell the whole record industry is fixed when this idiot makes to the top 10.
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on October 6, 2007
I'm not going to be one of the people who think's that Kanye, Common, and Talib are the only forms of hip hop. But honestly this CD is garbage. Just like Game says: "you better come up with a dance to get some airplay" is exacly what this wack kid from the south did, and good for him, but once you get past "crank dat" what is there? Nothing.
Not to mention the kid is an absolutely terrible lyracist with no creativity, who raps about things he has no clue about.
There are much better albums out right now, Kanye,, 50...damn near anything really.
Am I hater? Yes if that means I expect more than 1 song and more than 2 topics in the albums I buy.

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