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1.  How much movement will the system remove from my trailer?

When you are sitting in your trailer with the STEADYfast® Stabilizer locked and someone else is walking inside, it will feel like there is very little to no shaking movement. The feeling has been described by some users as “Rock Solid” or “Like on a Concrete Foundation”. However, there is some slight movement from frame flexing, floor flexing, and soft ground. The amount will depend on the trailer design and the firmness of the ground.

2.  Does the STEADYfast® Stabilizer stay on my trailer or do I have to install it when I set up camp and then remove and store it when I tear out camp?

The STEADYfast® Stabilizer is only installed on your trailer one time. It stays on the trailer and moves up and down with the jacks. The only action required when you set up or tear out camp is to lock or unlock the three locking clamps. This takes about 45 seconds.

3.  Will the STEADYfast® Stabilizer fit on my trailer?

It will fit on most fifth wheels and travel trailers without any modifications. Most important there needs to be clearance for the 3 braces to extend between the bottom of the jack in the raised position and the frame of the trailer. One brace goes along the length of the trailer and two (one near the front and one near the rear) go across the trailer. Only four leveling jacks (drop legs, scissor, telescoping or other standard equipment) are required for the system to be installed. However, for the best performance, scissor or heavy duty leveling jacks are recommended. If you have any questions please call us or send a picture via email.  We will be more than happy to assist with any special conditions.

4.  How much extra time does it take to setup with the STEADYfast® Stabilizer?

The only setup time required is to walk around the trailer and tighten the 3 locking clamps. This typically takes 25 to 45 seconds depending on the size of your trailer. If you are currently using a tripod and special wheel chocks, these are no longer needed. So you will save both time and storage space.

5.  Can I install the STEADYfast® Stabilizer myself.

If you are handy with a drill and can follow installation instructions, you should not have any problem installing the STEADYfast® Stabilizer. You will need to drill up to twelve 5/16 inch holes in the trailer frame and up to four 5/16 inch holes in your stabilizer jack base plates. The stabilizer is assembled with the provided bolts. First time installation takes about 2- 3 hours.

6.  Is there a local distributor or shop where I can purchase the STEADYfast® Stabilizer and have it installed?

We have several dealers established. If you would like your local dealer or shop to install the STEADYfast® Stabilizer please ask them to contact us or provide us their contact information and we will be more than happy to supply them with units. We find most dealers and RV repair facilities are willing to do this.

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