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    Xentec, formerly known as Quickautohouse. headquarter is located in Los Angeles, CA. We manufacturer auto light since 2005. Our products are sold throughout America as well as around the world. To ensure our customers get the best value and quality possible, we’ve work with top supplier across the globe where our products can reach our customers.

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US Protectorates Street ETA 4 - 8 business days 2 - 4 business days
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  per Weight (lbs) $3.25 $3.25
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US Protectorates PO Box ETA 4 - 8 business days 2 - 4 business days
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  per Weight (lbs) $3.25 $3.25
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APO/FPO Street ETA 18 - 32 business days 8 - 16 business days
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APO/FPO PO Box ETA 18 - 32 business days 8 - 16 business days
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In many cases, especially for those cars that have Auto ""ON"" or Daytime Running Lights; one or both light cannot Ignite Initially, Discharge Bulb turns off after just start the car, or even sometimes, bulb just turns off when driving."
You MUST Disconnect the Daytime Running Light or Auto Switch ON function immediately before the actual HID Conversion. Due to the Steady levels of battery voltage is required at 12V or Plus before the initial Ignites of each HID Systems; you must prohibit the less voltage draw of car battery at HID s start time. Daytime Running Light is 7V or less power output, and auto switch on headlight is always turn on seconds right before the car to start the ignition to charge the battery, which means Battery is focus on charging the ignition and waiting for alternator to recharge it back to 12V. Therefore, in both situations, battery is drawing much less power than 12V to initially ignite the HID headlight. Please perform the following:
o if you have Daytime Running Light please follow your car s service manual; disconnect the fuse or wiring of Daytime Running lights only.
o If you have Auto Switch On Headlights, please switch the function to Manual Switch On headlights. To avoid further damages, always remember to start your engine before turn on the HID system! "
***** "Problem:
Just Installed the HID system a few weeks ago, everything works out fine with system. But lately, the one or both Discharge Bulbs are began to flickering when starts!?"
Disconnect all the connectors immediately. Clean every connector with alcohol. Wait more than 5 minutes (reset ballast Safety Stages Chip) then reconnect or reinstall every connector. Then check all the connection between ballast and factory harness (Power Source); check all the connection between igniters and bulbs (yellow silicone connectors); check your upgraded fuse, they must be 20amp minimum. Remember, every connector have to be 100% well connected to each other. Do not loss mating or mis-wiring any connections. "
***** "Problem:
Melted plastic burned onto the HID bulb, staining it. "
Do not touch the bulb at any time, especially when it is hot. "
***** "Problem:
Bubble created by melted glass from a high wattage (100W) bulb."
Do not use any bulb higher than 80 watts bulbs in your vehicle. "
***** "Problem:
Both HID bulbs keep flickering and making clicking noise."
1. See whether the HID bulbs have been connected to the ballasts correctly and tightly. 2. See whether the batteries of the car is too old or almost empty. 3. If your car's low beam has daytime running lights, make sure to disable that before installing the HID kit."
***** "Problem:
HID turns on then both sides go out."
Solution *****:
It means the fuses are blown. Please check your fuses box according to your vehicle's user manual and upgrade the stock 10mA or 15mA headlight fuse to 30mA. "
***** "Problem:
HID will shut down itself sometimes."
Solution *****:
Inside of the HID ballast, there is a micro chip which is used to detect whether there is any potential problem. Any potential problems such as sudden high impulse or shortage of power input from battery or extremely high heat will trigger the self-protect and shut the ballast off temporarily. It takes about 3 mins for the micro chip to reset itself and the ballast will be working again. Once this happens, please turn off the HID and wait about 3 to 5 mins.
Inspection Procedure: Please check the car battery. Check all connections between the bulb, ballast, & igniter. Check the vehicle battery terminal. "
***** "Problem:
Only one light works, although both lights are installed exactly the same."
1. The polarity of one side might not match with the stock harness. 2. Fuse might be blown on this side. 3. Malfunctioned parts.
Inspection Procedure: Check all connections between the bulb, ballast, & igniter. Check the bulb that does not work. Check the fuses. Use at least 30mA fuse if the stock 15mA fuse blows. Switch the failing bulb module to the working one to see if the problem remains. If the failing light now works, the bulb may be failed. If the problem still persists, the Ballast and/or Igniter may be malfunctioned. Check the Ballast and Igniter, switch it to the working side of the vehicle. If the problem still persists, the Ballast and/or Igniter is malfunctioned. If HID system works properly, your vehicle connections, battery, alternator, etc. may have problems. "
***** "Problem:
The ballasts make electric noise when first turn on."
This is very normal, the ballasts are absorbing powers from the battery to start up, that's why you hear electric noise."
***** "Problem:
HID will only work when the high beam is turn on."
This situation mostly happens H4 kit because it has three pong plug rather than just ""+"" and ""-"". Make sure you have plugged those three wires correctly to their positions. Usually the combination is Yellow, Black and Red."
***** "Problem:
HID works when the engine is off, but if turning on the engine the HID will turn off itself."
For some newer model cars such as 04 or UP BMW or 04 or UP Mercedes, the cars have onboard computers to restrict outsource components such as HID conversion kit or aftermarket MP3 Players. Therefore, the only way for such cars to install the HID kit is to directly plug the HID ballasts to the car's battery."
***** "Problem:
The HID bulbs changes color when first turn on."
This is totally normal. At the beginning, the ballasts are storing the power from the battery of the car. Since the power has not been stabilized yet, the bulbs will might have different colors or even flicker a little bit. However, as soon as the power is stabilized by the ballast, the bulbs will become normal. "
***** "Problem:
The colors or lighting effects of the two bulbs are different."
1. The level of the two sizes' headlight housings are not even, to adjust the headlight housings, please check here. 2. For new bulbs, there are chances that the colors are different for first couple hours of burning. The color will turn into normal once after that.
Inspection Procedure: Inspect for damage in the light housing. Clean the lens of the light. Inspect the positioning of lights to ensure both are at the same angle to the road."

For questions about a charge that has been made to your credit card, please contact Amazon. Questions about how to place an order? Search Amazon Help.

General Installation Instruction for HID conversion kit

1. turn off your engine, let the engine room cool off
2. assemble HID conversion kit
3. remove halogen bulb
4. replace with HID conversion kit
5. repeat step 3~4 for the other side.

Graphic Illustration P1 (02 Honda CRV, H4/9003 bulb)

Graphic Illustration P2 (02 Honda CRV, H4/9003 bulb)

Graphic Illustration P3 (02 Honda CRV, H4/9003 bulb)

Manual de usuario de traducción al español

Por favor use el siguiente enlace para descargar el manual de usuario en español

h13 high/low with halogen installation instruction video link

9007 high/low with halogen installation instruction video link

h4(9003) high/low with halogen installation instruction video link

9006 installation instruction video link


h11 installation instruction video link

h1 installation instruction video link


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