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We are the original manufacturer of The Refined Feline products. The Refined Feline is a subsidiary of RefinedKind Pet Products based in New York City.
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Are your products sturdy?

Our products have been thoroughly tested for strength. The shelves of the Lotus and Little Lotus can hold over 50 pounds each. The curved design will give so the structure won't tip over, even with big cats. The base is weighted. We are confident our products are strong enough for your cats’ daily needs, but we do not recommend owners and children playing, sitting, or resting heavy objects on these designs



My pet furniture order arrived damaged

If you order was damaged
1) Repack all items with stryofoam packing
2) Contact your distributor to request pick up of the damaged piece
3) A damage claim tag will be issued to pick up item
4) A replacement will be sent



Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and outside of the U.S.?

We only ship to Continental US addresses and Canada at this time. For Canada shipping costs contact us directly. Outside of these areas, contact us and we'll put you on a contact list when we go international.


Are your products safe for cats?

Our products are made to be safe for cats. Materials are non toxic.

What is your sales tax rate?

Items shipped to New York State will be charged 8.875%.


How do I clean my cat furniture?

A light dilution of soap and water can be used to clean wood veneers. Berber carpet may be cleaned with handheld vacuums and carpet-safe cleaners. We do not recommend steam cleaning carpet that is attached to the units, nor do we recommend harsh chemical or oils to clean veneers.


How can I replace parts; which parts are replaceable?

Shelves and sisal pieces are replaced by simply screwing them off (keep your screws). Replacement kits can be purchase through our web site.
Please click here for Replacement Parts.

Are these products safe for kids?

Our products are built to withstand more stress than the average household cats can dish out. We consider our products as safe as other pieces of wooden furniture in your home, like chairs, stools, and shelving units. These products, like our own, are not meant to be played upon by children. We have home tested our products in households with toddlers who enjoyed exploring our designs. We are confident that, when assembled properly, our designs are sturdy and safe. Nonetheless, these are products for cats, not children.


Is the design of your cat furniture customizable?

While you can request a stain of your choice, the overall design of our cat furniture can not be modified as these mass produced.

Getting your cat comfortable with our furniture.

Often, cats are not as eager to enjoy the gifts we bring home to them as we might like. With our own cat, who enjoys high perches, we actually had to show him that the Lotus is easily accessed by jumping from shelf to shelf – he simply did not know this new piece of furniture was meant for him! Using favorite treats, we lured him from shelf to shelf till he reached the top. Other ideas for encouraging include spraying or sprinkling the unit with Catnip. Try placing the unit near a favorite window or other favorite spot in your house. If you have other suggestions, be sure to let us know!



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