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Easy Home Renewals is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.  Please contact our customer service department through Amazon or call 404-228-6329. We want you to be completely satisfied wtih your purchase and are happy to assist you with FREE SAMPLES, custom sizes, and custom orders. 

We print and produce all of our products here in Atlanta. Since each order is custom cut and packaged, custom sizes are available.

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Thank you for your interest in our products!  You may always message us through Amazon or call us directly, 404-228-6329.

We have sold Instant Granite, Instant Stainless, and Appliance Art for almost 10 years.  Trust that you are purchasing a quality, durable product that will exceed your expectations!

We are currently enhancing our FAQs and will update this page shortly.

For questions about a charge that has been made to your credit card, please contact Amazon. Questions about how to place an order? Search Amazon Help.

Installation Instructions

Each of our products comes with Installations Instructions wrapped around the roll.  We have provided these below for your convenience.  


Tools: The Appliance Art Instant Granite adhesive films are easy to work with and a squeegee is included for ease of installation.  Feel free to use a credit card or driver’s license as well.  A household razor or box cutter will be needed for trimming.  A heat gun or hair dryer will also aid in manipulating the material.  

Application Surface: Instant Granite adheres to any smooth surface.  It is essential that the surface is dust-free. Clean the surface thoroughly with 409, Windex, or other household cleaners.  Make sure the surface is completely dry. Rough surfaces should be sanded smooth and cleaned prior to applying.  If there is a texture on the surface this may show through the film. (ie: orange peel texture, hair line scratches)  

Procedure: Cut the size of piece to the size you need.  It is easier to leave some extra material over the edges to come back and trim later.  When decorating larger surface areas, remove 6 inches of backing paper and line it up at the edge / end of the counter.  Make sure the material is pulled taught when you begin applying; otherwise, a crease may occur during the install.  Smooth down this initial section first.  Instant Granite’s adhesive has a No-Bubble pattern will allow air to escape through the channels.  While evenly slowly and evenly the backing paper with one hand, progressively smooth down the film with the other hand.  Always smooth from the center to the edges.  The goal is to push the air out from the center towards the edges/front.  For best results smooth with a soft cloth or plastic squeegee which allows you to flatten out any air bubbles or creases.  If an air bubble larger than a quarter occurs, carefully peel the material back and reapply.  If you pull the material UP, it may stretch the material.  Always try to pull the material back, along the surface of the counter.  If the material does stretch, warm it up with a hair-dryer on high, or a heat gun on low, this will return the material to its original shape.
Should air bubbles form nonetheless, just prick them with a pin and flatten out, or simply push them towards the edges.  And if the film has been applied crookedly, no problem: since full adhesion first occurs after several hours, the crooked film can be carefully removed without stretching and reapplied correctly.  

Applying at edges and corners: We recommend using a heat gun or hair dryer for this application to make it easier.  To apply Instant Granite cleanly and exactly on edges and corners, overlap the edges by ½ inch.  Then, using a sharp knife, cleanly cut along the edge and lightly rub the cut with a finger-nail.  If you prefer to apply around an edge, carefully wrap the film around pressing lightly while warming the material with a heat gun or hair dryer.  The heat releases the tension and the Instant Granite adheres firmly to the edge.  You can either trim along the bottom edge of the counter, or wrap it under the counter if the surface is smooth.  If the underside of the counter is rough (like particle board), you can use caulk or liquid nails to keep it in place.  

Installing the backsplash: You can attempt to install the counter and backsplash in one piece.  This is more difficult, but doable.  If you choose this method, you will want to use caulk / adhesive in the corner under the material to keep it tucked tightly inside the corner.  Otherwise, we recommend using the excess material from the counter to cover the backsplash.  If you use 2 pieces for the counter & backsplash, you will want to caulk on top of the material inside the corner to keep the pieces together and to hide any imperfections in your seam.  This also prevents water from seeping between the seam over time.

Finishing the install:

  • You will want to caulk around your sink.  This will prevent water from getting underneath as well as hiding any imperfections in your trimming around the sink.
  •  If you did not overlap seams but instead abutted them together, you will want to put some clear silicone chalk / adhesive under the seam to keep them together.  However, we do recommend overlapping the material.
  • If you pass over the material with the hair-dryer / heat-gun ON LOW, this will slightly shrink the material creating a tighter fit.  This will also discourage air-bubbles from forming and minimize any creases or imperfections.  Do not overheat the material at this point.  It may distort the material.
Removing: - Just pull it off!  It’s that simple.  


Instant Stainless Magnetic Dishwasher Cover – the simplest instruction to give is just to unroll it and place it on your dishwasher.  The product details on this item strongly suggest confirming that the dishwasher is magnetic prior to purchase, as this product is a large magnet that must be placed on a magnetic surface.  If your dishwasher cover was tightly rolled and seems to retain the curved shape, don’t be concerned.  It may take a few hours to straighten out, but the cover will lay flat on your dishwasher. If your dishwasher cover doesn’t stay on your dishwasher or slips off after a few minutes, please test the cover on the side if your fridge or another magnetic surface.  If the cover stays up on a magnetic surface, then the dishwasher is not magnetic.  We test all of our material before sending it out to confirm that it is magnetic before it leaves our office.   

Instant Stainless Peel and Stick Dishwasher Cover – this material is a self-adhesive vinyl, similar to Instant Granite.  Please follow the Instant Granite Installation Instructions above.  

Again, thank you for your interest in our products!  We look forward to exceeding your expectations, both in customer service and in the quality of our products.  

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