Zulay Kitchen was founded in the beginning of 2015. We strive to make cooking in family homes easier and more enjoyable. My mother raised me as a single mom, she always worked overtime to provide for me and my brother. But she always found time to make wholesome and nutrituous food for my brother and I.

Zulay Kitchen is dedicated to making the time in the kitchen be shorter and the time at the table eating be longer.

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How to Get The Best Froth

To get the best froth, you need to froth your milk in a separate cup or a frothing pitcher, get the milk or milk alternative VERY frothy and then pour that froth into your cup of coffee.

Frothing the milk after it is in the coffee results in a kind of a lame-ish froth, and is still better than nothing, but the frothing of milk first generally never lets you down.

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