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Why do my coffee beans look dry? Are they stale?
Fresh coffee should not contain oil on the coffee beans unless it is a French Roast or over roasted. Oil on beans is generally a telling sign of the age of coffee. The longer they have sat in a bag the more oil seeps out of the bean on the surface. 

If you prefer to have oil on your beans place them in your cabinet for a few months and they will become oily. The less oil the fresher the coffee.

My coffee is not dark enough.....
Koffee Kult is an artisan coffee roaster that uses state of the art roasting equipment. Our roasters work differently than traditional coffee roasters. We use the newest hybrid technology that has uses closed system that reuses heat and reduces our carbon foot print. 

Our roasters are the most responsive on the market and enable us to roast entirely through the bean rather than just baking the outside. This process can make the coffee look lighter than a normal roast BUT actually the coffee will taste better since the entire bean is roasted evenly. The saying goes, do not judge a book by it's cover.

Why do I have to use more coffee than normal
Fresh coffee has more CO2 in the bean than a bag sitting on the shelf for a few months. CO2 in the bean enables more bloom (expanding) during the brew and is not the same as if it were stale (lack of CO2). 

Koffee Kult beans are fresh and will have a larger bloom do to the increased CO2 that will help extract more of the taste (minerals and fats) while brewing. For example fresh beans used for espresso will have more crema from having more CO2 and extracting all of the coffee. If you would like to use the same dosage as other coffees you may want to let your Koffee Kult beans sit for in the cabinet longer or adjust your grind.

Where is the roast date?
As an artisan coffee roaster we want you to have the freshest coffee and understand roast date is important to some customers. If you need the freshest coffee shipped the day it is roasted we suggest purchasing coffees from us that are listed as roaster direct. These items are shipped from our production facility within 24 hours of roasting and include the roast date on the side of the bag.

Why is my coffee not vacuum packed?
Freshness and supply chain is very important to us at Koffee Kult. We package coffee directly out of the cooling bin after roasting. By not loading the coffee into silos and resting it for weeks it is packaged and shipped to Amazon or customers.

Packaging our coffee so quickly means it is still in the off gassing stage from roasting. We place the coffee in our signature bag with a one way degassing valve. While we do nitrogen flush the coffee to remove oxygen this does not remove all the gas in the bag. The coffee will off gas CO2 for a few weeks which escapes the bag thru the one way valve. 

Coffee that is vacuum sealed and contains no gas in the bag is considered stale by our standards. 

How do I store my coffee?
The best place to store your fresh Koffee Kult is in the bag we ship it in. This bag is designed to keep your coffee fresh, moving into another container disrupts the CO2 in the bottom (even after opening) and allows air around the coffee. CO2 is a heaver gas which will displace oxygen. By moving the coffee into another container the CO2 is also moved. We grilled the scientist about this, he proved ot to us.

There is no scientific evidence that store coffee in the freezer keeps the coffee fresh. The best thing for fresh coffee is not allowing oxygen to come in contact with the beans.

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