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Invivo - Progressive Sustainability

Invivo Design is a multidisciplinary sustainable design and consultancy studio. Invivo’s undertakings include sustainability and green building consultation, Passive House consultation, sustainable design and education project management, vertical gardening design, as well as workshops and courses of urban sustainability topics.

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How do I plant my Invivo Pocket?

After installation, it is recommended to partially fill the pouch with soil or potting mix, and push the soil downwards until it fills the bottom corners. Place a seedling in the pouch and add potting mix up to a height of about 2-3 cm below the edge of the pouch, and water generously. Growing from seeds is also recommended with the Invivo Pockets.

How many plants per pocket?

Each pocket can fit about 7-8 litres of growing substrate. This is sufficient for a single adult plant or 2-3 small plants.

When sowing in the Invivo Pocket, sow according to the recommended sowing spaces. Your seedings would love to grow in the Invivo Pocket!

How do I water my Invivo Pockets?

The pockets can be watered manually or by automatic drip irrigation.

The amount of water required varies greatly and depends on plants and climate. First watering after planting should be up to saturation - when water begins to drip through the drainage holes. Subsequent watering should try and reach a point where irrigation wets the bottom of the pocket but little or no water drips out of the drainage holes.

Why do I want a Root Box?

I want a root box because I have a spot in which I want to put a young tree where I can imagine that the branch will go through the box and root in the box. I want a root box because I want to create an auxiliary root system. This root system develops in the conditions that I  set  for it. I want a root box if I am interested in creating roots existing under very specific conditions and then attempt to co-nurture a relationship between the tree and a fungus.

How to Install Your Invivo Pockets:

The wall-mounted Invivo Pockets are hung from two fastening points at the top of the pouch (the black grommets in the photo on the right). Choose screws – and, if necessary, anchors – appropriate for the surface on which you are mounting your new garden. Pass the screws through the washers included with the pocket and keep screwing until the washer is pressed tight to the pouch's metal grommet. 

Tools required: screwdriver/drill, gloves, screws (#8 minimum size)

Get creative with Invivo Pockets! Instead of mounting directly to a wall, you can firmly attach the appropriate hooks and move your garden as the seasons change.

The Invivo Saddle simply hangs over a railing (or a fence if you want to plant on both sides). We recommend securing the saddle in place by passing a bolt through the embedded grommets on either side, and tightening them together. If the underlying structure is solid wall, it should be fastened to it using appropriate screws and anchors

The weight of each filled pocket is about 7 kg - Do not install on a wall/fence that cannot bear the load. Do not install at a height of over 2 meters. Do not install somewhere that compromises anyone's safety.

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