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on March 11, 2016
Does it work? You betcha, yes!

After beginning only the first chapter, I decided to follow suit on one of the anecdotes the author shares --as an example to the methodology at work here as a means to manifestation. Several pages in she references a time when during one of her daily travels she happened to be walking somewhere and stopped and found herself gazing at a lovely rose tree displayed inside the window of a florist. She wished to receive one, and stated and intended it so, exactly as she teaches in the book, and went about her merry way. A few days later, she was hosting Easter, when she received a pre gathering delivery from one of her guests...the rose tree...turns out the guest actually had requested that Easter lilies be sent, but the florist ~mixed~ the order up, and the author ended up with exactly what she had intended.

Well..having read that, I decided to put that exact suggestion into use, intending that I would receive flowers in the next few days-- figuring Start small, with no actual attachment to the outcome.

This afternoon, my husband called, saying he was hitting the grocery store on the way home, did I want anything? Between the time of the call and his arrival home, I remembered the flowers, and thought to myself, oh good, hopefully he will pick up the standard white roses we often grab to put on the table in our kitchen area, but without my prompting.. In he came with all the bags, and no flowers. I wasn't phased, figured, I'd maintain my intention, and that was that.

A minute or two later he went back out to close the garage door or whatever. I, at this point, was busy going through the mail, so had my back to him. When I happened to turn back around to say something, there in my line of sight were, yes, you already guessed it-- flowers! Not the white roses, but instead an exquisite arrangement of red and white roses mixed in with branches of cherry blossoms, and a lovely assortment of beautiful flowers. I was absolutely and utterly stunned, and still am. I don't know about you, but that was all the proof I could possibly need, and will be continuing my studies with Ms Florence Scovel Shinn, and this book!

I do want to add --- I have been avidly and actively reading quite a few of the prayers in Susan Shumsky's books as well--- they are profound in the depth of their power, and I cannot recommend them enough - Instant Healing and Miracle Prayers are my go to's; I have to give additional credit where it is unquestionably due. The prayers are truly healing in removing a multitude of blocks,fears, and other issues in my life, and I'm now a strict believer and dedicated to reading them aloud at least once daily. Some of those prayers deal with healing our mindsets of lack to not feeling we deserve the highest and best things that God/the Universe/our higher selves/whatever higher power you believe in has to offer. And will offer us if we remember to ask, work on our mindsets in thinking and speaking positively, and trusting that no matter what, the outcome will come about as good, if not better than we could ever have expected (white roses vs gorgeous bouquet), with focus, surrender, and persistence in following the steps ... Start simple, go from there, and you can count on seeing the results in the blink of an eye as I did...

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on February 16, 2017
I purchased the kindle version and the audible book. In my opinion, this book takes a very realistic approach. The references are also practical. In order, fully receive the message being conveyed you have to give it your undivided attention. This book is a great resource for those looking to see life from a different perspective. The wisdom is timeless. I can honestly say that it was encourage me to take different look at myself. This a GREAT read. Short and straight to the point.However, the audible version skips over some words and sentences. I guess that's why your shouldn't have it read to you.
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on July 31, 2017
I've read a number of books related to the topic of the God power we can all utilize, and I think this book was written in a clear and concise manner that doesn't go too far into religion or too far into philosophy. She is able to convey her points in a sweet spot that should be easy for most people to understand as well as easily to put to use. There are a number of spelling errors, but I think that might be a result of conversion from print to Kindle. I will read this book many times over.
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on January 17, 2017
I saw this book posted on someone's Instagram page and I decided to give it a try. I fell in love with the book and the author! After I read this book I went and purchased all the others she have. Such a great book and author!
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on August 14, 2017
I highly recommend this book!! Blending spiritual with the teachings of the Bible that I grew up with but never fully understood was impactful and gave me a new perspective on life and how I think about things. It's not easy to be positive and confident in ourselves, especially with all the negativity surrounding us. This book breaks it down and gives easy ways to build your positivity and faith in a meaningful way to you.
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on November 7, 2013
This is my third copy of Ms. Shinn's collective books. Truly this book is transformational, it changed my life and my outlook into how to change my environment by shifting my thinking. I have meet folks over the years that have read her books and feel the same way. I have also given this book to many folks and also the CD.. This woman was a genius at putting lessons into common day daily incidents that everyone can relate to. Blessings and enjoy.
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on May 12, 2017
Recommended by a friend. For someone seeking peace in turbulent times, this does provide assistance. It's not for anyone immediate turned off by what might be deemed super-Christian teachings; however, if you follow the moral teachings of Rebbe Jesus of Nazareth, you will have it all in perspective.
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on March 5, 2017
I can not praise this book enough!!! I have bought this book for two of my fiends. Since reading this book I have read all the other books by Ms Shinn and have been more than pleased. I have used her lessons and life has moved forward in very positive ways. I even got a surprise of an extra 9700.00 dollars.
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on October 19, 2014
If you grasp the ideas in this book, your life will be transformed for the better. The book expresses The Laws of Attraction and the Laws of the Universe. These laws are the key elements of success in finding the purpose of life, and living up to our highest potential, and the life that God intended for us to have. I was extremely inspired by the teachings in this book, and I am so happy with my life now. The book is a great start to learning who we are, and getting what we want. I recommend everyone in the world to read this book, and further explore similar teachings. And just to let you know, my life was a world of confusion, self doubt, and depression before reading this book. If you make the desision to read this book, it's because you are ready to grow.
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on August 29, 2013
So simple and straight forward. When I got this book I decided to allow its teachings to be tried on for size as my "truth" and found the universe proving every step of the way that it was so. My favorite principle in it is denying loss and claiming one's truth under grace, not under law, that all which belongs to them by divine right can never be lost and the highest good will manifest. Amazing things happen when one releases contrary thought to the wisdom taught in these short pages and "tests" the universe. The laws of the universe remain constant and our knowledge of them turns life into a game... a game we learn to play with increasing effectiveness once we learn the rules.

This is also the book I have given the most copies away to other people. It's just that good that it deserves sharing.
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