Customer Reviews: Qwirkle Board Game
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on January 20, 2009
As a mom with 6 kids of different ages, I look for games that my younger ones can play but that don't make me crazy with boredom (ie CandyLand, Chutes and Ladders) My 4 year old can only make it through 1/2 a game, the end gets too complex for him, but my 7, 10, and 12 year old boys love it, as do my in-laws and everyone else who has played it with us. I like games that only take minute to explain and start playing but that have enough strategy to keep the mind occupied. Also at 30-45 minutes a round, it's enough of a distraction but doesn't take hours to play. The game consists of wooden tiles with 6 different shapes and colors and that's it. Very durable, my 4 year old loves to build Qwirkle castles. I recommend this game. My other favorites are Blokus, Othello and Rummikube, all the same genre, fun, easy to explain and play and yet a challenge.
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on November 26, 2009
I was trying to find a game to play with a client who has dementia and ran across this in an article. After I bought it I tested it out with my kids (25, 24, 19 and 11) and myself (47). We had so much fun!! It is one of those games that can be played at different levels. We started getting quite inventive on where and when to play to maximize our points and block our opponents.

I then played with my client. She and I did not keep score. We just made the chains with either shapes or colors and added wherever she first recognized a play. No trying to strategize where to build for future etc. We also played with both of our tiles up so we could talk about the best places to play. She likes this game and actually remembers having played before and wants to play again. The 'rules' have to be re-learned but the fun remains.

For one more note, we had a group of my daughters friends over and four of us played Quirkle. They were all 19 - 22. That got pretty cutthroat <lol> They all want to play again.

I HIGHLY recommend this game. I think I'm going to buy a 2nd one so more than 4 can play together (We played with 5 first night and it does work too).
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on December 9, 2007
I purchase this for a six year old nephew, and the whole family joined in to break in this game. It was easy to understand, but challenging. My nephew really enjoyed the game, but it was hard for the adults not to be competitive when playing. The game is fun, and it makes you want to out-think the opponents.

From what I hear, my brother's family has been playing the game almost daily since my nephew received it. What better reception could there be for a game?

This game is money well spent. I believe that it will help my nephew develop logical thinking skills and strategy development. The fact that he is smiling all the while, is icing on the cake.
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on January 11, 2014
A lot of people are talking about receiving the game with missing instructions & pouch. Mine was also missing the instructions & pouch. However, I contacted Amazon, and promptly received a replacement along with a free-shipping RMA. To my surprise, the new one was very different.

First, the box is much bigger. It also has different labeling on the front. Most importantly, it seems to be made by different companies. The original smaller box (missing instructions & pouch) is made by Smart Elephant, where the new larger one is made by MindWare. There are also a few other differences in the front. The backs are completely different. I won't detail each difference, but I will post pics showing the differences.

After seeing the pouch and instructions, I don't see how the Smart Elephant version *could* contain the pouch alone, not to mention the pouch *and* instructions. The tiles are such a snug fit in the box, it would have to bulge in order for the folded pouch -- and particularly the draw-strings -- to fit.

And this is even though the bottom-front cover of the Smart Elephant box clearly states "Instructions Included", and the back also lists "1 bag" and "1 instruction booklet" in the list of components. So I'm not sure if this is a counterfeit or if it's just poor production.

Regardless, if you don't get the MindWare version, you should probably contact Amazon for a replacement. If anyone has the Smart Elephant version and it contains the instructions and pouch, please post in the comments.

As for the game itself, I think it's great. It's sort of a mix between Scrabble and Uno, where you have 6 sets of shapes and 6 sets of colors (36 total unique tiles x 3 of each tile = 108 total tiles). When you place a tile, it has to match *either* the shape *or* the color of the set of all adjacent tiles.

You score a point for each tile in any set(s) you create/extend (similar to scoring in Scrabble), plus a bonus 6 tiles for any sets (of 6 colors or shapes) you complete. The set you're creating/extending cannot contain two of the same shape (for a color set) or two of the same color (for a shape set) -- each set has to be made up of 6 or less unique tiles of the same color or shape.

Regarding age, the game is rated for six and up, though it could probably be played by an even younger audience. Of course, younger players may not be able to use strategy to the same level older players can, but most will still be able to have a good time. Our six-year-old actually was able to pull off some pretty clever moves against us (beating the three of us in the end), but at other times, he struggles.

The other thing to take into account is the level of patience some younger players may need while everyone else is trying to figure out their move. It may make sense to play less strategically in the interest of speed to keep their interest. This may be the biggest issue for us, and depending on the mood, a more fast-paced game may be more appropriate.

Regarding quality, the tiles (in the edition as of this writing) are painted wood. We haven't played enough to determine if they will eventually wear, but they seem of good enough quality. The pouch (assuming you get one!) can be used to store the tiles when not being used, as well as being used to draw from during play.
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on December 28, 2010
Everyone in my family had the same initial reaction, "Looks lame." After all, it's just making rows of shapes or colors. After the first game we all figured out there's more to it. As my daughter said, "Well, checkers looks easy too; it's just moving pieces diagonally to the other side of the board."

On the downside, as another review mentioned, the pieces are cheaply made- low quality wood and paint, non-uniform size. But the most egregious design flaw is the selection of colors. For me, the red and orange are so close that even in good light I find myself holding them up at different angles just to make sure I don't confuse them.

I must compliment the author of the instructions. As you would expect on a game that appears simple on the surface but ultimately has many nuances, communicating those to the game player is essential. The directions walk through a hypothetical series of moves that pretty much cover any scoring or strategy intricacy that you might run into.

Bottom line: As long as you have decent color vision and are not a stickler for perfection in construction then put this game in your cart and check out right now. Your family will thank you.
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on August 16, 2009
Buy it! Great game, family fun. Creative, but be warned: it is "addictive." My wife insists on playing it daily! Mindware (the creator of this game) also provide excellent service. They sent us 3 pieces we lost at no charge! Buy it and will give you hours of fun, you'll never get tired of playing it.
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on November 15, 2008
Our family loves this game. It's completely different each time you play and is challenging for all ages. I feel bad for the reviewer with poor quality game pieces -- ours has very nice, wooden pieces with a carrying bag for them all.
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on September 26, 2007
This game uses tiles in a manner similar to dominoes, with placement suggestive of Scrabble with its possibilities of blocking or making way, and like Set, it demands recognition of patterns and colors.

Great inter-generational game as well as one that can be fiercely competitive among peers.
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on June 11, 2008
We bought Qwirkle a few months ago and love it. We're able to play it with our 4 & 7 yr old which has been great. It's nice to be able to play at your own pace and not have to feel like you have to 'dumb down' the game to play with your kids. It fits most age levels which is great. The kids love that fact as well - it's not like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladder which rely on luck. It relies on choices and thinking ahead similar to domino's in my opinion. It's been a good game for our family.
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on November 27, 2010
We love this game! We've been playing with our 3 kids for a few years (ages 11,9,7), and always introduce it to our gatherings of college students when they come over (we host game nights most Fridays, and Qwirkle is always out and being played a number of times). It takes about 30 minutes for a game, and we've been able to "customize" the rules for more players. This is one of 2 games that I always have to TRY to win at against my son (11), so it actually is challenging and satisfying even with kids (or a group of college kids!). If you're looking for a 6 hour brain-burner, try Twilight Imperium 3 (I love this one too!). If you're looking for an hour between turns, try Risk or Axis & Allies. BUT if you're looking for a quick, fun, immediately accessible, all-aged, interactive game with many levels of play with replay-ability, Qwirkle is the game for you.
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