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on January 31, 2015
The design and make of the Classic plain notebook are great. But the paper quality is really disappointing. The thin paper quality results in so much bleed through and show through it renders the notebook practically useless with pens - ballpoint, roller, fountain - it doesn't matter. Look at the picture I've included of the bleed through with Moleskine's own roller pen designed for use with their notebooks!

Just search Google for Moleskine paper quality and you will see a moutain of complaints about bleed through and show through. I wish I had before I bought this Moleskine. Will not be buying again.

Oh, and don't buy it into the marketing suggesting connections with Chatwin, Picasso, Van Gough and Hemingway. It's all manufactured by Moleskine.[...]
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on October 22, 2015
I love this little notebook; it is so much easier to maintain than other notebooks; the pages don't easily rip out, it looks professional, fits in my scrubs pocket or purse, and the grid design is easy to keep my notes organized. I am currently on clinical rotations, and this book helps me keep track of my patients, keep track of the preferred treatment methods of my preceptors, and jot down things I learn during the day or think I need to reference and learn more about later. I'm not sure why, there is just something about the Moleskine pocket notebooks that I absolutely love!
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on January 15, 2017
This is a great pocket sized notebook for taking notes. I find it very useful for brainstorming and writing things down. Most of us have smartphones, but I find that it's easier to scribble into a notebook. It's a good way to track things and make calculations, and be able to keep those calculations. I do a lot of inventory work, so I'm always writing things down and crossing them out, and putting numbers next to items. It is a good quality notebook, with a rubber band to keep the book closed. Fits perfectly into my jacket pocket. It is a bit expensive though!
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on April 14, 2012
Perfect size. A man can slip it easily into his pants pocket. I carry it in a small purse. Nice and slim but lots of pages due to thin paper. No prob with bleed thru either with the ballpoint pen I use (a small one I keep in a Taxi wallet which I also carry in my purse). I carry my Moleskine Pocket Journal with me everywhere. I put a small date in the top corner of every page I start in this format: 4/14. Then, if I decide to record something I want to refer to later, I put the date and topic in a table of contents on the first page. Then I start keeping general notes at the other end of the journal to allow for expansion of the topic. I keep my credit cards and business cards in the pocket in the back. Now, about the issue of the spine. It's very sturdy but if you're worried, I recommend the Molecover(tm) made by the company with that name. Google it and have a look. I keep my Moleskine in one and they compliment each other in wonderful ways beyond description. Buttery soft leather, allows intended use of the journal's elastic closure band, thin so it doesn't hinder slipping in and out of a pocket. The Molecover has it's own pocket in which I put a few 3 x 5 index cards in case I want to jot something to be kept separately, e.g., a recipe or formula. I'm so happy with this system.
Update: It's now two years since I started using this lovely little journal and I have to say it's my favorite possession. No kidding, it means a lot to me. Boooo to those naysayers who write reviews saying Moleskines are not sturdy or that the paper is not high quality and bleeds through. Lies! The Moleskine journal wears better than iron and the pages do not bleed through if you use a ball point pen like I do. The paper is very high quality and always accepts the ink, better than Levenger paper which I also use for note cards.
A pocket journal must stand up to a lot of abuse if carried every day like mine is. It goes everywhere with me and I write in it every day. Imagine this - I write in it every day and it took me two years to fill it. It's so thin I didn't expect this. I thought I would fill it in a few months. I ordered a set of 3 and have just started on my second one today. The first one still looks brand new except for the writing inside. The cover is still smooth black, in good shape, the rugged (sewn not glued) spline still perfectly binding the pages. It looks like it would last another 100 years carrying it every day. Honestly this pocket journal is a bargain considering what you get for your money. Buy it, you can't go wrong!
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on December 2, 2016
I love these little notebooks. I keep one on me all the time for notes. I have also gone through several over the last 5 years by grading and recording notes on tobacco and whisky. One notebook lasts several months and stands up to having a cigar band glued inside every other page and still lays relatively flat.These are much more durable than a Field Notes type of notebook. This features a hard cover and more pages but still fits comfortably in a back or cargo pocket.
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on June 5, 2012
Two reviews a fast one and a very detailed one.

Fast review:
Nice amount of pages, sleek and resistant cover, good quality paper, useful internal pouch.

Very detailed one:
So, let's truly examine this notebook. First of all, this is not my first time having a moleskine, therefore, some things I could truly test since some time. Let's begin with the paper.

A thing that many complain is about the paper quality, and truly, it's not bad. Maybe a little thin for some persons, but definitely not bad. The paper has also a kind of light yellowish hue to itself, so if you are writing, or even reading something you wrote down and you're under a strong sun, it isn't a problem.

The second thing that some complain is that the paper doesn't hold ink very well and it smears a lot. Truth is, depends. I already tried a good sort of pens, nib pens and fountain pens on this one. I had problems just with one specific pen that had liquid ink, but I had problems with this pen on every notebook I had, therefore, I don't think this aplies.
Seriously, if you buy one, take the first page to test it and find the pen - or pencil; a 4B will do very nice to draw in this kind of paper - you're more comfortable and go with it.

Now for the cover. It is very resistant and it surely can take and especially, give, a beating. When a doofus - that you have the misfortune of calling a friend - destroys - on purpose - not only the drawing you spent hours to make and was in the middle of inking with a nib pen, but also, almost twenty pages of your notebook, it will be nice to hear the loud sound of the full cover hitting his face. Seriously, not only you'll be sure that it hurt, but as well that your cover is intact.

Still on the cover, it's also pretty simple, but nice enough to call attention - if you're looking for it or not - and pass as a book if you put it into your bookshelf. The rubberband that holds the cover is also one of the best qualities I ever saw. You can leave it in the sun for hours and multiple times and it will still hold the cover. On a last note, the page mark ribbon is smooth to the touch.

To end this babbling, it's an excelent notebook. Sure thing it's just a notebook, but it's a good quality one that can endure many probations. Ah! One more thing. I know it's pretty but it is still a notebook, write in it.
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on June 21, 2017
Good field notebook for jotting down field observations, bigger than shirt pocket size but that makes it better for more extensive note taking than a pocket sized notebook. If you wear cargo shorts this fits nicely in your leg pocket. Nice quality.
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on February 11, 2013
I purchased the ruled pocket notebook and I must say, this notebook is the perfect size for a busy mom like me. Small enough to keep it in my purse, yet large enough to use it at the office. ALL of my notes, ideas, shopping lists and reminders go in this thing. Whether it's personal or work related, I jot it down in here. I like to keep it simple and not have different places to look for information when I need it.

At night, I keep itn on my nightstand. Any important reminders or ideas that come to mind once my head hits the pillow gets jotted down. It's amazing how doing that before I go to bed helps my stress level. I also like having it with me at all times - I feel like I am staying on top of things and can honestly say that I am so much more organized because of it. I have tried other pocket-sized notebooks and they do not stand the test of time like these do! The construction of this notebook is fabulous. It is built to last. The little pocket inside serves as the temporary home for coupons, receipts and checkstubs until I can file them away permanently or trash them.

If you are struggling with jumbled thoughts and forgotten ideas, and general disorganization, this thing is the perfect first step. We need to stop relying so much on electronic devices and go back to good old pen and paper!
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on December 29, 2016
I used to get similar books from one of my professional groups years ago and I missed them as I transitioned into a smart phone, but I missed the ability to sketch and take quick notes. Last year one came in the mail...rather then hope for this to happen again, I simply bought a Moleskine and how I'm ready for notes and sketches for another year! Best of all, by writing things down, no batteries are required nor finding older software to open the files...
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on January 8, 2017
The build and quality are great--true to reputation.

I thought this was a medium-sized notebook (smaller than full letter size, but larger than a wallet...which is this one); turns out I should have spent a little longer looking at the dimensions. I bought the larger version at a local bookstore and should have realized the price was too good to be true for an exact replacement. Oh well, this will turn into a portable travel journal.
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